Five Things to Know Before Applying for Npower Volunteer Program

Five Things to Know Before Applying for Npower Volunteer Program

So the N-Power Application portal is open! Yay! We have listed five things we think you should pay attention to, as you apply. I have carefully used questions asked on social media platform as the frequently asked questions and provided answers and solutions based on research on the official Npower Volunteer Programme website.

Number 1
The programme will run from June 13th- July 13th, 2017. So you basically have a month to register yourself because npower closing date is 13th July.

Number 2.
Some of the issues that 2016 applicants had was with unmatched names and it was the reason some of them were not paid quickly and have still not been paid. To avoid all of this, ensure that your name is written in the same way as it is on your BVN.

Number 3
Follow the N-Power social media channels for information, videos and resources that will aid you on the N-Power journey.

Number 4
Between 8am — 8pm, you can call all the numbers below to ask questions. They are there to provide solutions to your queries.

Number 5
This application season is only open to the Graduate category. Now, you are halfway there.

N-power Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: I want make some changes after registration how possible is it please.
Ans: No you can't but you don't have to be afraid, your name will be shortlisted if you are eligible.

Question: What is the diffent btw this web site pls i want to be clear group, and, so that i will know the link to follow and do my registration please.
Ans: Those links are the N-power homepage which has the application links. However, you can access the npower application form at to begin registration. Do not go to because it is not the correct website.

Question: What if my credentials has three (3) names and BVN number has 2 Names, can I apply for npower with writing 2 names, won't they take a look of my credentials?
Ans: From what I read, its better if you use the names on your bvn and later you can go to a court of law and just swear affidavit that the 2 names on your bvn is thesame as the 3 names on your certificates.

Question: After going to the court to get an affidavit, must I buy any national newspapers page? Of yes, what is the cost and how much in cash?
Ans: No you don't need to buy any space on newspaper, that is for women who have different names because they got married or for someone who change his/her name completely. Anyways, the thing is, if u do not used d name(s) on your bvn, you will have problems with payment on Npower, so help yourself.

Question: I am done with my registration but my name didn't appear on the last page for confirmation. I saw my friend's completed application with names and references number which was indicated. Please hope no problem with my own?
Ans: I have done mine too, and my name appeared, if yours didn't appear, you should contact the cafe that you have registered. If you're not the only one who has this problem, that means there is no problem at all. If otherwise, contact npower support team for help. Note that you must receive Unique Reference Number (URN).

Question: Please help me to get out of confusion, I have registered with another bank name instead of my own bank name, mistakenly i chose first bank instead of ecobank. Please is there solution for rectifying the problem?
Ans: Be patient, the portal will be open for corrections in due time. Don't worry yourself. N-power will ask the shortlisted applicants to update their bank details before payment,this is all what we pass through during the first batch physical screening.just pray to be shortlisted, the error will be amend. Wishing all the new applicants the success. 
Five Things to Know Before Applying for Npower Volunteer Program

Question: I am afraid that my bank details are not correct, the person applying for me made a mistake in the account number. What do I do?
Ans: I am already shortlisted in first batch last year and am collecting my 30k every month, so am telling you what we did and pass through last year after I was shortlisted. Npower will delete all your bank details and ask you to update your bank detail again. Therefore the bank details you provide after you have been shortlisted is the real information they will  accept. But for now don't worry yourself. Best regards.

N/B: These npower Complaints and solutions are for free of charge. I have written another article that has to do with Npower payment issues. You should use these solutions for resolving the npower problems.

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Things you Must Know Before Applying for Npower Volunteer Program

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