US GCE Timetables | A-level Exam timetable May/June 2017

US GCE Timetables | A-level Exam timetable May/June 2017

This timetable is for A-level, AS, AQA Certificate (Level 3 and other Level 3 Certificates), Applied General and Technical Level Qualifications, Functional Skills, FSMQ (Advanced, including pilot), AQA Baccalaureate and Level 3 Extended Project.

US GCE Timetables notes

1. A-level and AS exams are timetabled in common exam slots agreed by all exam boards under the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

2. Each exam must be taken on the day and at the time shown on the timetable. The published starting time of all exams is either 9.00am or 1.30pm. Students taking more than one exam in a session should
take these consecutively. At the discretion of the school/college a supervised break may be given between the exams taken consecutively.

3. Schools/colleges may start an exam up to 30 minutes before the published starting time without notifying AQA.

4. Schools/colleges may delay the starting time of an exam by up to30 minutes later than the published starting time without notifying AQA.

5. For information on any other timetable variations, please refer to the JCQ Instructions for conducting examinations or contact Customer services.

6. Students must remain under supervision until 10.00am for morning exams and 2.30pm for afternoon exams. For exams of less than one hour’s duration, students must remain under
supervision for a period equal to the duration of the exam after the published starting time shown on the timetable.

7. Some components require the issue of question papers, stimulus material or other information in advance of the normal timetable period. Schools/colleges should check the specification for information on the material required by students.

8. Any reading time allowed for an exam is included in the time specified.

9. Schools/colleges must arrange practical and oral units according to the procedures given on the relevant subject page of our website. Such units are shown only on the ‘Subject and product list’ pages of this document.

Subject/qualification notes

10. The latest dates by which schools/colleges should submit their marks/ assessments or levels to AQA and to the moderator are shown in the table below:

Submission date | Exam Subjects
15 May 2017 | All units and components unless specified below.
31 May 2017 | Art and Design, Dance and Drama and Theatre Studies.
Please note: new specification Drama and Theatre (7261) should be submitted 15 May 2017.

The submission date for AS Physical education will be 2 weeks prior to the centres moderation visit. Moderation visits will take place between 1 March and 31 May 2017.

11. For A-level Mathematics, A-level Statistics and Advanced FSMQ where coursework forms part of a unit, students may carry forward the coursework component mark from a previous series. Please ensure these students are entered on the mark form for carrying forward (CF), as this cannot be done automatically. Further guidance is available on the Carry forward of marks page of our website.

12. The externally set assignment for A-level Art and Design will be dispatched to schools/colleges for issue on or after 1 February 2017.

13. The externally set briefs for A-level Music units 2 and 5 will be dispatched in October 2016. Students’ work for these units must be completed in up to 20 hours of controlled
time between 1 November 2016 and 15 May 2017.

14. A-level Dance units DANC2 and DANC4 must be conducted between 13 February 2017 and 19 May 2017. Question papers and related materials will be dispatched to schools/colleges in October 2016, for DANC2 (re-sit only) live moderation will not be available and recordings must be submitted. The externally set assignment for AS Dance (7236/X) will be published on e-AQA via SKM by 15 September 2016, visits for the practical exam will take place between 1 March 2017 and 30 May 2017.

15. Case Study Source Material for A-level General Studies unit GENA4 should be issued to students on or after 1 March 2017.

16. New Modern Foreign Language speaking tests must be conducted between 10 April 2017 and 12 May 2017. All legacy specification Orals must be conducted between 7 March 2017 and 15 May 2017.

17. Calculators are not permitted in the A-level Mathematics MPC1 exam.

18. Functional Mathematics Level 1 4367 and Level 2 4368 pre-release material can be issued to students on or after 17 April 2017.

19. Functional ICT Level 1 4527 and Level 2 4528 must be conducted between 15 May 2017 and 19 May 2017.

20. Preliminary material for Level 3 Mathematical Studies should be issued to students on 1 March 2017. Please note that preliminary material for Paper 2 is common for all Paper 2 units.

21. Data sheets for Free-Standing Mathematics Qualifications and Use of Mathematics will be issued as follows:

Restricted entry pilot

Unit Date of issue to students
  1. 9993 | Between 24 April 2017 and 8 May 2017
  2. 9994 | Between 26 April 2017 and 10 May 2017
  3. 9995 | Between 26 April 2017 and 10 May 2017
  4. 9996 | Between 3 May 2017 and 17 May 2017
  5. 9997 | Between 25 April 2017 and 9 May 2017
  6. 9998 | Between 28 April 2017 and 12 May 2017
  7. USE1 | Between 1 May 2017 and 15 May 207
  8. USE3 | Between 3 May 2017 and 17 May 2017

22. Results will be dispatched to be received in schools/colleges as follows:
GCE Results publication Date
  • Electronically to schools/colleges Wednesday 16 August 2017
  • Available to students Thursday 17 August 2017

Download GCE Timetable

23. Externally assessed units (ABS3, M/507/6641, H/507/6524, J/507/6614, L/507/6615) should be submitted by 16 June 2017. Internally assessed unit marks should be submitted by 15 May 2017, samples must be dispatched to the AQA moderator within 5 days of receiving the sample request from the moderator. Download Complete US GCE Timetables | A-level Exam timetable May/June 2017
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