UBER Car Taxi Requirements: How to Become a Uber Partner / Owner / Driver in Nigeria

UBER Car Taxi Requirements: How to Become a Uber Partner / Owner / Driver in Nigeria

Want to Join UBER Car Taxi Business? Are you a Car Owners or Drivers who wants to become a partner with Uber Nigeria? if yes, then you must read about the Uber Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos & Portharcourt) Car Requirements to partner with Uber Worldwide because there are several things you need to know about driving an Uber Nigeria Taxi Cab in your local area. Latest Uber Updates is Here

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A simple online search about uber will show you how to register for Uber taxis Lagos, Uber Abuja and make up to ₦250,000 a month depending on your type of car and effort. But first of all, Uber? Simple speaking, Uber is a company the links Cabs with Passengers from one point to another using Google Maps and directions. If you read news online, you will notice that UBER came into Nigeria with the aim of evolving the taxi transportation business by seamlessly connecting riders to drivers and they have done excellently at it.

Did you know that UBER Nigeria Partner Program has also created a lucrative business and employment opportunity for car owners and drivers respectively. With Uber Nigeria, drivers are their own boss. You get to choose your own working hours.

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Register for Uber Taxi Abuja, Lagos & Portharcourt | Uber Driver Car Requirements

However, the requirements for joining uber when it first came into Nigeria was pretty regid, but the good news is that Uber Nigeria has lowered its vehicle requirements for UberX. So in this article, I'll be explaining how UBER Nigeria works, How you can make money through UBER Nigeria by answering some FAQs for Bber Lagos; Uber Abuja; Uber Lagos office contact details; Uber Nigeria/calendar; Uber Nigeria Recruitment; Uber Nairaland; Nber lagos customer care; Uber calendar etc. I promise you that at the end of this post, you will ask me if I Drive With Uber. But the truth is, I don't drive but I ride with Uber and its really cool.

UBER for RIDERs - How You can call an UBER Taxi to Pick You up

UBER has a mobile application that connects drivers and riders from any location in Lagos, Abuja or other states where UBER Nigeria currently operates.
You can call an UBER taxi by using the uber mobile app. The app then matches the customer to the nearest pre-verified taxi and provides a fare estimate.

Steps to Download UBER Mobile App?

This section contains information on how to download Uber App on your Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple Store for iPhone & iPad. into your mobile phone. You can download UBER Nigeria Mobile app for Android or iOS from their respective App stores by simply searching it out in the search box provided on the search stores

How Much is UBER Taxi Fair ?- How do they Charge?

The charging system is easy and straight tho the point because the process is automated and very affordable, the UBER app calculates the price according to the distance and time, in order to determine the fare for a trip. An example of an UBER Rate is - N300 base fare + N90/km + N8/minute. Payments can be made with cash or charges are made to rider card. Its is said that about 50% of UBER rides in Nigeria are paid for in cash and Point of Sale/Service (POS) Machine.

What happens if You Didn't like the Service during the trip?

Uber has provide a feedback option in their mobile app so that any Rider/Passenger will have the ability to rate the service offered by the particular Uber driver. If the trip was poor due to bad driving, poor navigation or poor vehicle condition, Rider can rate the trip at the end using the UBER mobile app and it will be effected in due time.

UBER for Drivers and Car Owners (Partners)

People usually ask about how much they can make as profit while working with UBER Nigeria. either as a car owner (partner) or simply a driver. All I can say here is that UBER taxi is a very lucrative business according to research i have conducted, and it is said that partnering with UBER can earned between N40,000 - N100,000 a week depending on the Car Model and year of Manufacture of your vehicle.

How does UBER Nigeria Taxi Drivers get PAID Salary?

Passengers who board an Uber Taxi pays the driver directly or through your mobile app, because Uber users can pay online. However, you should know that all Uber driver really earn good cash depending on how much effort they put it. The more trips you make, the higher your earnings. It is said that UBER drivers get to keep about 75% of the total fare and this payment is made directly into the Uber drivers accounts weekly.

Do I need Car Insurance before join Uber? Is it compulsory?

It is a compulsory Yes! This is to say that it is compulsory for all UBER Partner/Driver cars to have comprehensive insurance with a registered and reliable insurance company. This is because accidents could happen and put lives at risk. This is covered by the insurance company should anything go wrong. See Approved List of Insurance Companies Here.

Disadvantages of Join Uber as a Partner / Driver / Owner

Believe me when I say that every business has a downside, and in the case of Uber Taxi, it is simple Fuel. Note that you can spend up to N40,000 a week, depending on your trips with riders/passengers. and the type of car or engine size your vehicle uses. However, it is strictly advised that intending owners should make sure that they use vehcile that consumes less fuel such Hyundai Accent, Toyota Corolla or Kia Rio etc. However, there are also luxury Uber Cars Drops and such car requirements includes, Mercediz Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Modern SUVs, etc.

What type of cars can be used for UBER Nigeria Taxi Business?

You can visit the Uber official website to see FULL list of Accepted UBER Cars and Rates or you can also user the search box on this site to find out.

How to register as an UBER Driver in Lagos, Abuja, Nigeria

Uber Registration is very simple with steps provided on the Uber portal. You can follow the guidelines online. If you are among those currently searching for a Job with Uber and want to become an UBER Car Owner / Driver, then subscribe with us for updates and we will send you free UBER registration and requirements updates. You can Sign Up For Uber Now and Start Driving / Riding With Uber Today. Car Ride Request in Abuja and Lagos is at www.ubernigeria.com.  Download Uber App to begin.

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