Studware NOUN Student Login page | Student Login New Portal 2017

Student Login Page is for NOUN course registration portal and student login portal for both new  and returning students in National Open University of Nigeria. You can access it only at the official NOUN website available at

StudWare is a students' information system developed and supported by the Directorate of Management Information System of the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN.

StudWare Students Portal Registration

This Studware portal contains the University Logo in its Homepage that houses the Login and Registeration links that are very useful to students in the Open Distance Learning (ODL) institution.

NOUN Portal Registration

For you to be able to register for NOUN, you must purchase the NOUN registration form at any of the NOUN approved centers only (go there physically before making payments, do not send money to anyone online). You will be given a maltriculation number which will enable you to register and logiin to the NOUN studware portal.

How to Register at NOUN Website

This is a simple guide to register for NOUN programme at an approved center or from home

  1. Programme: Choose the program you are applying for; mistakes are not allowed
  2. Matric Number: Enter your Matriculation Number given to you at your center
  3. Surname: Enter your Surname in the space provided
  4. Other Names: Do you have a third name? I yes, then input the names
  5. Email: Enter your Email Address corrctly; do not make any mistake
  6. Mobile Number: Enter your Telephone or Mobile GSM number
  7. State of Origin: Choose your state from the drop down menu
  8. Password: Choose a password you can easily remember
  9. Verify Password: Re-enter your password for verification
  10. Reset: Did you have any error while typing in your data, click reset to start again.

NOUN Studware student Login Page

How to Login to NOUN Studware Portal

  1. Go to on your browser
  2. Scroll drown to student login
  3. Enter Your MAtric Number
  4. Enter Your Password
  5. Click Submit

  • Check Your RRR at
  • NOUN Staff Login is at
  • Undergraduate Application Forms |
  • Post Graduate Application Form |

NOUN Important Notice: The University schedule has been altered especially with regards to course registration, exam registration, and TMAs. The next five weeks have been reserved for semester and course registrations only. After that there is a 7 week period for examination registration and submission of TMAs. Finally examinations will take place in June. Watchout for details of the new University schedule which will be published here soon!

NOUMIS prepares comprehensive reports to be presented by Deans to the Senate and subsequently captures the approved results and make them available to various end-users in appropriate formats. This way NOUMIS will provide full technical support for the determination of qualified graduating students and preparation of transcripts and testimonials. NOUMIS proudly manages NOUN students’ information system ensuring stability, reliability and consistency!

NOUMIS strategy is to ensure that Study centres across the Nation and even beyond, are in full possession and control of information regarding their students at any point in time.

NOUMIS proudly manages NOUN students’ information system ensuring stability, reliability and consistency!

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