DEPT.:                      POLITICAL SCIENCE
Philosophy is Comprehensive, Critically and Analytic, Discuses Showing the Importance of Philosophy to Practical Life and Human Development

Philosophy as a discipline, meaning (Philein and Sophia) in Greek words, which means love of wisdom. Because of it’s wholeness in nature could not have a definite definition.

Philosophy is comprehensive in the sense that it has to do with other discipline or evolves in other disciplines, this means that it deals with the totality of existence, as a discipline it studies the wholeness of reality without restriction to its subject matter. Because of this nature of philosophy it makes a way for the desire to know every thing and to question all things because it deals with all thing with the thought that it should know all thins. There is nothing in the universe that is outside the scope of philosophy. In fact every other discipline was derived form philosophy other fields of study for human knowledge and that shows the comprehensiveness of philosophy as a discipline. It involves every aspect of life. Philosophy as a wide study touches every area of human activities and existence, which has many way of expression as follows;
1.         Pedestrian, ordinary or loose sense
2.         Esoteric or mystic sense
3.         Academic professional or strict sense
            Pedestrian sense referees to the dull or uninspired speeches of the people, referring to rules, guiding principles or the peoples code of conduct, here philosophy is seen as the people way of life, experience, attitude, respond to events and worldview. This is the common way any one can understand philosophy without criticism as it talks of the people’s character and way of life one the existing expressions, events even observed world view.
            In esoteric sense of philosophy or way, it referees to the expression of mysterious act of knowledge by people or group beyond the worldly ordinary affair’s, here philosophy is seen as a mystic knowledge or activities in life to be practiced and actualized by some special gifted of people that has been initiated to this sense of philosophy. In this sense of philosophy the understanding is strange, secret, destructive even mistakenly applied because of its nature.
            Academically philosophy is generally known as a field of study where one enrolls in study to know about human life and it’s existence which has been into search for answers, questions and meaning about life.
            When philosophy is said to be critical, it has to do with idea, understanding, opinion, view etc is being subjected to critical analysis that is to say, in philosophy there is know final answer to any problem in the sense that life has no formula or a particular way of doing things or living a life. Any attempt to give an answer to any thing is life kings another question to the very matter. The search for wisdom has no end and so is philosophy. In philosophy while searching for solution to a particular problem, you are bound to have another problem thereon. Philosophy being open has attracted many questions and arguments which yet has no conclusion or answer to it.
            Philosophy has to do with thinking and meditation of one minds over issues, which is likely not to at the same point form the different view of it. What “A” concludes or arrive at may not be what “B” will point out and as it continues in this way it is likely not to have a definite answer or conclusion about the matter, the idea, view or opinion of today may not be the same tomorrow due to change of environment or something else to have been a reason for that circumstance. One the process of continuous search, questioning and answering on a particular matter there is bound to have a change or better idea about the subject matter.  
            Analytically, philosophy is presuppositionless but rigorously pursues its critical examination of concepts and facts. By means of synthesis and analysis, it gathers the final facts and conclusion of the empirical sciences, making them its subject matter. It attempts to answer the inevitable questions: what are they? What makes them what they are? What do the mean? What purpose do they serve? etc and in so doing gives them a rational explanation of the meaning of concepts, conclusion and assumption in order to arrive at the truth or falsehood  of the data submitted to it by the special science. Philosophy pursues its investigation further back than does with a circumscribed part of the discernible universe. A particular physical science does not explain the very assumption about the nature of validity of the conclusion it makes. In order words, philosophy for its analysis is the science of sciences. From cross section of truth conveyed to it by physics, on principles and mechanism of change, biology on the principle of animation; chemistry on the particulars nature and character of material substances, etc-philosophy endeavours to reconstruct a complete and generalized system of knowledge, a kind of superstructure of a generalized conceptions. It therefore extracts the inner core of all realities from the manifold manifestation of beings as revealed to us by the theories and laws of natural sciences. Philosophy is not a experimental science. Thus it disregards the proximate causes of reality, it does not pretend to offer an explanation on the difference between living and non-living existents and neither does it discuss what red nature is of the living thing it has under observation. As concerned with the first or ultimate cause of reality, the task of philosophy as such is to see, in living animals not the individuals but the universal type. Philosophy explains only the relations of the living thing to reality as a whole, as an integral of the world system of beings. It is by so doing that philosophy offers an answer to the ultimate “whys” of reality, the problems of what the universe is, why it exists, etc.
            When we know what a thing it by nature, why it is such and not otherwise, its purpose, functions, etc that we can claim knowledge of reality. It is then the work of philosophy to discover the answers to such questions. The functional activity of the mind in this aspect is analysis.

            Philosophy is important to life and for the fact that it teaches every aspect of life, it tries to improve each aspect that it touches e.g moral behaviour, conduct etc to bring about a good society philosophy it a worldview that influences the societies to a cite style of change in attitude to the shaping of structure sand society development.
            Philosophy influences men attitude of life all to bring a societal changes. It also taught about corruption, how to avoid corruption in society. Not being selfish in Governing sector and being focus in the betterment of society. It’ speculative idea about life has made a tremendous change in men and the society, because there cannot be society without human existence.
            Human being is a supreme in value to the universe that need to be treated in a special way. For society so be developed it has to do with the  aid  of human being, for the society to have peace, it first begin with human being in peace philosophy a discipline of study talks about the human nature and the society of large with it’s development in general without a selfish interest for  without morality there cannot exist a developed society. Philosophy a discipline talks about, why men exist, the purpose of their existence which makes every one to be anxious of his/her existence end to what benefit it could achieve. In a society where there is no selfish interest in the government, where people sought not to satisfy their appetites alone there will not corruption killing, degradation etc the thought of every individual is for the good of the society at large. Philosophy as a field of study has been a process of change to many life’s (scholars) it has been keeping every one infirmed and shaping one’s behaviour and conduct, every student here is made to know more about life, to have a moral behaviour or conduct and fashioned for a future purpose for the society’s development. It should also be know that with these characters of philosophy, a philosophy if allowed to rule will make a good leadership in the society.    I think any society without fraud, bribe, injustice, selfishness, corruption etc, such society will be a light to other societies.
            And these can be as a result of philosophy as a discipline for the societal change and development.
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