Best Way to Survive NYSC 3 Weeks Orientation Camp

Best Way to Survive NYSC 3 Weeks Orientation Camp 

This article is aimed at showing you How To Survive The 3-Weeks NYSC Orientation Camp. Just like everywhere that has lots of people huddled up with soldiers, NYSC camp is not particularly rosy. But it's not also as difficult as people might make it seem.

Follow these tips and you'll be alright to be honest.

1. Have money.

Look, everything is easier in camp when you have money. You can vex and decide not to eat camp food if you have money. And please don't just have money in the bank. Get cash. Take enough cash as you go into camp. Saves you a lot of stress and trouble.

Cash is bae. And don't forget, everything is expensive in camp.

2. Have a powerbank.

There will be times when you'll be out of the hostel for long hours at a time, and these phones only last for a few hours. When the lectures get really boring, you'll have to choose between sleep and phone. And if you choose sleep, you just might end up like this; play

3. Make lots of friends.

Don't just make friends, make the right friends, because life is too short to be dulling. Make friends that have money so they can buy you food at Mammy, make friends that soldiers like, so when they're escaping punishment, you can escape with them.

4. Mammy Market is the Love of Your Life.

Mammy market is probably your only link to the outside world. Because it's there you get to live the baby boy/girl that is your true destiny. You probably know this already but Mammy is bae. Once you have mammy, everything will be fine.

5. No matter what you do, don't offend the soldiers.

Now, I know you know your rights and all of that. But look, the chances that nothing will happen if they punish you for offending are very high. The worst part is that you're the one who gets to suffer wearing white. Which brings us to the next one. Obey them even if you don't like the activities. Just obey.

6. No forming - You are who you are.

Nobody cares who your father or mother is abeg? Nobody cares if you went to Uni-Konko or Harvard. Nobody cares if your ancestors are from Cameroon. You're wearing the bloody khaki and the white shorts, just like everybody else.

7. Don't have sex in NYSC camp.

See, I know the conji is catching you. But you need to close your legs. You won't die. If you try it and get caught, you'll end up  like this couple who eventually got booted out of camp.
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