BECE ICT Objectives Past Questions & Answer - Download Paper

BECE ICT Objectives Past Questions & Answer - Download Paper - This is the BECE ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Questions and Answers in preparation for your upcoming BECE examination. Download it now.

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BECE 2012 ICT Objectives

1. The device that converts computer output into displayed images is the 
A. hard disk 
B. monitor 
C. printer 
D. processor

2. The least number of input devices that a computer system can have is 
A. 1 
B. 2 
C. 3 
D. 4

3. Which of the following devices has the largest storage capacity 
A. Compact disc 
B. Digital versatile disc 
C. Floppy disk 
D. Hard disk

4. The device used to ensure a constant flow of power supply to a computer system is the 
A. stabilizer 
B. step-down transformer 
C. step-up transformer 
D. uninterruptible power supply

5. The total number of command buttons on the title bar of an opened word processing window is 
A. 2 
B. 3 
C. 5 
D. 6

6. Processed or transformed facts which are meaningful to the user is called 
A. data 
B. information 
C. input 
D. output

7. The following are possible health hazards of prolonged use of the computer system except 
A. back and neck pains 
B. eye strain 
C. tuberculosis 
D. wrist pains

8. Which key on the keyboard is used to erase characters from right to left in word processing application? 
A. Backspace 
B. Delete 
C. Insert 
D. Pause

9. The key on the QWERTY keyboard used to produce alphabetic upper case letters is 
A. Caps Lock 
B. Home 
C. Num Lock 
D. Tab

10. Given sizes and designs of letters, numbers and symbols that are displayed in a word processing document are referred to as 
A. align 
B. bullet 
C. font 
D. indent

11. Which of the following is a tool on the drawing toolbar of a word processing program? 
A. Align 
B. Bold 
C. View 
D. Oval

12. When an image is copied, it first goes to the 
A. clip art 
B. clipboard 
C. my document 
D. recycle bin

13. To press the letter J, which finger is appropriate to use on a QWERTY keyboard? 
A. Left index finger 
B. Left middle finger 
C. Right index finger 
D. Right middle finger

14. The internet is a 
A. global network of computers 
B. government agency that links computers 
C. software for designing programs 
D. special network of computers in an office

15. The computer equivalence of a sheet of paper divided into rows and columns in the office suite is called 
A. database 
B. electronic sheet 
C. spreadsheet 
D. word processor

16. The temporary working memory of a computer system is the 
A. arithmetic logic unit 
B. flash memory 
C. random access memory 
D. read only memory

17. The software responsible for the management of the basic operations of the computer is the 
A. application program 
B. device drivers 
C. operating system 
D. utility program

18. The bar on the desktop which displays opened applications and other icons is referred to as 
A. scroll bar 
B. taskbar 
C. title bar 
D. toolbar

19. The act of pressing a computer mouse button twice quickly without moving the mouse is termed 
A. double clicking 
B. right clicking 
C. single clicking 
D. normal clicking

20. The following are good practices in the computing environment except 
A. copyrighting of software 
B. designing of cards 
C. networking of computers 
D. pirating of software

21. Which of the following software can be used to enhance teaching and learning through the use of pictures, video and sound? 
A. Multimedia software 
B. Network software 
C. Programming software 
D. Utility software

22. The total number of keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard is 
A. 96 
B. 104 
C. 108 
D. 116

23. Which of the following is a valid folder name? 
A. Black/Stars 
B. Black_Stars 
C. Black:Stars 
D. Black*

24. A program on the computer which enables users to type letters to friends is the 
A. browser 
B. spreadsheet 
C. utility 
D. word processor

25. The command that enables the user to save a previously saved document under a new name is 
A. new 
B. rename 
C. save 
D. save as

26. The standard toolbar contains buttons that 
A. close and resize windows 
B. control page margins and tabs 
C. perform the most common tasks 
D. help users to navigate through the document

27. To see exactly how the pages of a current document will appear when printed, the command given is the 
A. page setup command 
B. print command 
C. print preview command 
D. view command

28. A tool for locating information on the internet is the 
A. database engine 
B. internet browser 
C. search engine 
D. web browser

29. An entity in a file system which contains a group of files is called a 
A. cabinet 
B. container 
C. document 
D. folder

30. The creation of a copy of data on a computer system for safe keeping externally is referred to as 
A. data backup 
B. data entry 
C. data filtering 
D. data restoration

31. The letter that normally represents the floppy disk in an operating system is 
A. A 
B. C 
C. D 
D. E

32. Recycle bin or trash bin contains deleted files and folders from the 
A. floppy disk 
B. flash disk 
C. hard disk 
D. zip disk

33. Keys on a computer keyboard which are used to move the cursor in a specified direction are called 
A. arrow keys 
B. function keys 
C. shift keys 
D. special purpose keys

34. To underline a selected text in a word processing program, the keys used are 
A. Ctrl + U 
B. Shift + U 
C. Alt + U 
D. Del + U

35. Double clicking on a word in a word processing program selects the 
A. document 
B. paragraph 
C. sentence 
D. word

36. All of the following are reasons for using ICT in education except 
A. forcing students to learn at others’ pace 
B. increasing learner motivation and engagement 
C. facilitating the acquisition of basic skills in subject areas 
D. enhancing teaching through the use of presentation software

37. In word processing program, lines, block arrows and flow charts are found on which of the following toolbars? 
A. Drawing 
B. Formatting 
C. Picture 
D. Standard

38. Which program icon on the desktop leads to the disk drives 
A. Internet Explorer 
B. My Computer 
C. My Document 
D. My Network Places

39. Which of the following terms refers to unsolicited emails in the form of advertising or chain letters? 
A. Compose 
B. Inbox 
C. Spam 
D. Trash

40. Computer virus is capable of 
A. enhancing the contents of a file 
B. maintaining the computer system 
C. making the work of the computer easy 
D. slowing down the computer system performance

BECE 2011 ICT Objectives

1. The most common means by which data are input into the computer is through the
A. mouse B. keyboard C. microphone D. joystick

2. Computer devices such as mouse, trackpad and joystick are referred to as
A. Output devices B. Pointing devices C. Standard devices D. Internal devices

3. The flat panel screen is also known as

4. Which of the following is a storage medium?
A. Mouse B. Printer C. Keyboard D. Flash memory

5. The two components of the personal computer main memory are
A. RAM and CU B. RAM and ROM C. ROM and CU D. ALU and CU

6. Which of the following devices has the largest storage capacity?
A. Digital versatile disc B. Compact disc C. Floppy disk D. Hard disk

7. The process that starts an operating system when a computer system is turned on is referred to as
A. loading B. start up C. booting D. shut down

8. Which of the following statements is not true?
A. Remove all removable storage media or device from the system unit when switching on a computer. B. Shut down a computer system before removing the electric power supply C. Random access memory is part of main memory D. The application software must be loaded before an operating system can be loaded when a computer system is switched on.

9. GUI stands for 
A. Grand User Interface 
B. General User Interface 
C. Graphic User Interface 
D. Graphical User Interrupt

10. The software that manages the communication between the hardware and the application software of a computer system is called
A. open office B. Microsoft office C. operating system D. internet

11. Windows organizes information on computers using a 
A. directory 
B. folder 
C. subdirectory 
D. disk

12. Which of the following are valid folder names 
I. Black/Stars 
II. Black : Stars 
III. Black_Stars 
IV. Black Stars 
A. I and II only 
B. II and III only 
C. III and IV only 
D. II and IV only

Use the following information to answer question 13. 
I. Processing 
II. Data 
III. Information

13. The sequence of the stages in the information processing cycle is
A. I, II and III B. II, III and I C. II, I and III D. III, I and II

14. Which of the following is not a safety measure to consider in the ICT environment? 
A. Not overloading a socket 
B. Sitting in a correct posture behind the computer 
C. Allowing the battery of a laptop to run-down before charging 
D. Avoid plugging computers in damaged sockets

15. The legal right to control the production and selling of a book, play, film and software is known as 
A. production right 
B. copyright 
C. trade mark 
D. patent

16. Which of the following can bring enhanced learning experience to the classroom through the use of pictures, videos and sound? 
A. Software application 
B. Multimedia software 
C. Learning software 
D. Teaching and learning software

17. Which of the following is an effect of a loud ringing tone of a mobile phone? 
A. Wrist pain 
B. Neck pain 
C. Headache 
D. Hearing impairment

18. To which of the following activities is ICT useful?
I. Education 
II. Farming 
III. Medicine 
A. I and II only 
B. I and III only 
C. II and III only 
D. I, II and III

19. Which of the following keys are frequently used in our daily typing work on a computer system? 
I. Enter key 
II. Space Bar 
III. Print Screen 
IV. Delete Key 
A. I, II, III and IV 
B. I, II and III only 
C. I, II and IV only 
D. II, III and IV only

20. During typing lessons, computer users are supposed to use 
A. 5 fingers 
B. 6 fingers 
C. 8 fingers 
D. 10 fingers

21. The most appropriate finger required to type the letter F on a standard QWERTY computer keyboard is the 
A. left middle finger 
B. right middle finger 
C. left index finger 
D. right index finger

22. In the absence of a mouse, which of the following devices could be used to perform its functions? 
A. Scanner 
B. Webcam 
C. Keyboard 
D. Microphone

23. In typing a class assignment given by a Ghanaian Language teacher using the computer, which of the following application programs will be appropriate to use by the student? 
A. Spread sheet program B. Word processing program 
C. Database program 
D. Graphical program

24. A key on a keyboard of a computer has two symbols on it, top and down. Which of the following procedures will be appropriate to use to get the top key? 
A. Hold down the Shift key and press the identified key 
B. Hold down the Alt key and press the identified key 
C. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the identified key 
D. Hold down the Del key and press the identified key

25. To save a previously saved document under a new name, use the 
A. save command 
B. rename command 
C. resave command 
D. save as command

26. To bold a text in a word processing environment, first select the text, then use the shortcut keys 
A. Ctrl + B 
B. Shift + B 
C. Alt + B 
D. Insert + B

27. The symbols B, I, U are commonly used buttons found on the 
A. standard toolbar 
B. menu bar 
C. formatting toolbar 
D. drawing toolbar

28. Which of the following is not a tool on the drawing toolbar? 
A. Arc B. Oval C. Drop cap D. Lines

29. Which of the following is not a toolbar?
A. Drawing toolbar 
B. Picture toolbar 
C. Word Art toolbar 
D. Word Wrap toolbar

30. Lines, block arrows and flowcharts are located on the
A. drawing toolbar 
B. standard toolbar 
C. formatting toolbar 
D. menu bar

31. The default orientation for a word processing document is 
A. landscape 
B. portrait 
C. legal 
D. A4

32. To preview a document before printing is necessary because 
A. it displays the name of the document 
B. it displays how the document will look like after printing 
C. it displays copy and paste of the document 
D. it formats the document

33. A computer program that enables users to surf the internet is known as 
A. internet surfer 
B. internet browser 
C. web surfer 
D. web navigator

34. A teacher using the internet decided to send an electronic mail to Junior High School Students in Ghana. Which of the following will the teacher use to accomplish his/her mission?
A. Website address 
B. Data file address 
C. E-mail address 
D. Modern address

35. In e-mail context, what does bcc stand for?
A. Blank carbon copy 
B. Bulk carbon copy 
C. Blind carbon copy 
D. Backup carbon copy

36. The world wide network that makes electronic information available to users is also known as
A. site 
B. web 
C. browser 
D. map

37. Transferring data from a remote computer to a local computer is referred to as 
A. downloading 
B. downlinking 
C. uploading 
D. uplinking

38. A tool for locating information on the internet is the
A. universal engine 
B. database engine 
C. search engine 
D. deep web

39. A mathematical calculation in a spreadsheet is called
A. label B. formula C. number D. value

40. Which of the following features in a browser enables users to fetch the latest copy of a web page?
A. Refresh B. Forward C. Backward D. Stop

BECE 2015 ICT Objectives

1. Which of the following computer keyboard keys is used to type upper case letters when the caps lock light is off? 
A. Control key 
B. Enter key 
C. Insert key 
D. Shift key

2. Which of the following devices are used to feed a computer system with data? 
A. Keyboard and monitor 
B. Keyboard and mouse 
C. Mouse and monitor 
D. Mouse and printer

3. A computer accepts data input, processes the data and produces 
A. byte 
B. data 
C. output 
D. storage

4. The component of the computer that houses the motherboard and the power supply unit is called 
A. central processing unit 
B. monitor 
C. printer 
D. system unit

5. Which component of the computer resembles the typewriter? 
A. Keyboard 
B. Monitor 
C. Mouse 
D. Webcam

6. The optical storage media among the following is 
A. compact disc 
B. floppy disk 
C. hard disk 
D. magnetic disk

7. Which of the following media stores data temporarily? 
A. Floppy Disk 
B. Hard Disk 
C. Random Access Memory 
D. Read Only Memory

8. Which of the following devices must be turned on first when booting the computer? 
A. Central Processing Unit 
B. Monitor 
C. Printer 
D. System Unit

9. The part of the central processing unit responsible for performing all logical operations is 
B. CU 

10. When files and folders are deleted from the computer, the go into the 
A. Briefcase 
B. Desktop 
C. Delete bin 
D. Recycle bin

11. Which of the following gives the user a log of all opened programs? 
A. Start button 
B. Start menu 
C. Taskbar 
D. Title bar

12. Which of the following would happen when a user double-clicks on a folder? 
A. A sub-folder would be created 
B. The folder would be closed 
C. The folder would be deleted 
D. The folder would be opened

13. Dragging a folder from one drive to a window on the same drive is equivalent to 
A. copy operation 
B. cut operation 
C. delete operation 
D. move operation

14. The process whereby the computer manipulates data to produce information is known as 
A. capturing 
B. processing 
C. recording 
D. retrieving

15. The stages of information processing cycle under ICT are 
A. input, output, process and distribution 
B. input, process, output and distribution 
C. input, process, distribution and output 
D. input, distribution, output and process

16. Which of the following is a problem to computer users as a result of radiation from the monitor? 
A. Body pains 
B. Dizziness 
C. Eye irritation 
D. Loss of grip strength

17. Which of the following is a reason for copyrighting ICT tools or technologies? 
A. To avoid distribution of viruses 
B. To encourage people to make illegal copies 
C. To protect the intellectual works of the inventors 
D. To ensure poorer people do not have access to ICT tools

18. Which of the following is a bad practice in the usage of ICT tools? 
A. Making or receiving phone calls whilst driving 
B. Not receiving phone calls when charging it 
C. Use of air conditioning to improve dry atmosphere 
D. Use of footstools to adjust leg positioning when working on computers

19. To search for information on various topics, which of the following packages is used? 
A. Database 
B. Encarta 
C. Presentation 
D. Spreadsheet

20. If a user places the mouse cursor at one end of a text, holds down the left button and drags to the other end of the text, the effect will be 
A. copying the text 
B. cutting the text 
C. moving the text 
D. selecting the text

21. To underline selected text(s) under a word processing environment, use the shortcut keys 
A. Ctrl + U 
B. Shift + U 
C. Alt + U 
D. Insert + U

22. A collection of separate windows applications sold as a group is called 
A. command 
B. communication 
C. integrated 
D. suite

23. Adding 3-D effect to an object is done through the 
A. Auto Formatting dialogue box 
B. Drawing Toolbar 
C. Formatting Toolbar 
D. Graphich Styles menu

24. Which of the following options is required to save a document with a different name? 
A. File, New 
B. File, Close 
C. File, Save 
D. File, Save As

25. The process of automatically moving an entire word to start the next line ina word processing program is called 
A. text wrap 
B. text movement 
C. word wrap 
D. word movement

26. In the symbol H2O, the 2 appears as a 
A. number 
B. positive integer 
C. subscript 
D. superscript

27. The shift key on a computer keyboard is used to 
A. erase characters 
B. toggle cases of letters 
C. insert a space into a word document 
D. type a word rather than a character

28. Which of the following document views will enable a user to view a document as it will appear on a printed page? 
A. Normal view 
B. Outline view 
C. Print layout view 
D. Web layout view

29. The print preview button is located on which of the following toolbars? 
A. Drawing toolbar 
B. Formatting toolbar 
C. Header/Footer toolbar 
D. Standard toolbar

30. Which of the following is an icon on the drawing toolbar? 
A. Arrows 
B. Change case 
C. Drop cap 
D. Text direction

31. Transferring data from a local computer to a remote computer is referred to as 
A. downlinking 
B. downloading 
C. uplinking 
D. uploading

32. In computing, an element which links from one document to another or within the same document is called 
A. hyperlink 
B. pointer 
C. web browser 
D. web page

33. Information printed on paper is referred to as 
A. carbon copy 
B. hard copy 
C. print copy 
D. soft copy

34. The button that opens a dialogue box for users to create an email message is 
A. Back 
B. Compose 
C. Create 
D. Refresh

35. Computer virus is capable of 
A. enhancing the contents of a file 
B. maintaining the computer system 
C. making the work of the computer easy 
D. slowing down the computer system performance

36. In an email environment, the acronym BCC refers to 
A. Blank carbon copy 
B. Bulk carbon copy 
C. Blind carbon copy 
D. Backup carbon copy

37. A computer program that enables users to surf the Internet is called 
A. Internet surfer 
B. web browser 
C. web navigation 
D. web surfer

38. Specialized programs that assist a user to locate information on the Internet is called 
A. electronic mail 
B. search engine 
C. web browser 
D. web portal

39. The sign which represents in insertion of a formula in a spreadsheet program is 
A. = or + 
B. = or – 
C. = or * 
D. = or /

40. Which of the following terms in a spreadsheet is identified by a letter and a number? 
A. column 
B. cell 
C. range 
D. row

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