Agricultural Science 2 (Objective & Essay) Questions/Answers

WAEC Agricultural Science 2 (Objective & Essay) Questions/Answers

The date for writing the Agric Science is 28/04/2017 and students have been skimming for where to get direct answers that will enable them to write and pass the WAEC exam scheduled for Friday according to the WAEC Timetable 2017/2018.

West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is an examination written by five (5) countries in West Africa, comprising of Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Liberia and Sierra Lone. This collaboration is to improve education standards and facilitate commerce between the West African Countries.

Since the WAEC exam has been in progress since March 2017, other subjects has been written and so far so good, no bad news has been recorded in any school, this shows that the Ministry of Education and the West Africa Examination Council were prepared for this year's WAEC exam, which is totally a good thing. Look at the next exam date below.

Friday, 28th April, 2017 - Date for Agric Science Exam (Tomorrow / Today)

  1. Agricultural Science 2 (Essay) – 08.30 hrs. – 10.40 hrs.
  2. Agricultural Science 1 (Objective) – 10.40 hrs. – 11.30 hrs.
  3. General Agriculture 2 (Essay) * – 08.30 hrs. – 10.30 hrs.
  4. General Agriculture 1 (Objective) * – 10.30 hrs. – 11.30 hrs.
  5. General Knowledge in Art 3A (Drawing and Painting) * – 08.30 hrs. – 11.30 hrs.
  6. Applied Electricity 2 (Essay) – 14.00 hrs. – 15.00 hrs.
  7. Applied Electricity 1 (Objective) – 15.00 hrs. – 16.00 hrs.
  8. Basic Electricity 2 (Essay) ** – 14.00 hrs. – 15.00 hrs.
  9. Basic Electricity 1 (Objective) ** – 15.00 hrs. – 16.00 hrs.

Remember last week, we wrote about the Agric Science Specimen & Practical 2017 which guided a lot of students to write and pass their examination and today as usual we have released the Guideline to Pass the Agricultural Science Objective and Answers here. Read it and you will see the answers and pass your exams.

For those students still searching for WAEC Expo for Agricultural Science 2 (Objective & Essay) Questions/Answers, you are in luck because we just pasted it Click Here to view it.
WAEC Agric Science Expo - Download Now

We will not stop saying this to all students, Examination Malpractice is a Crime, STOP IT now before it is too late. It is better you write what you know and pass that paying someone to impersonate for you in the exam. If you get A's and B's all through, can you defend it when you are writing Jamb CBT & UTME, organized by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board? You know you can no longer cheat in Jamb exam because it is now computerized.

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