Prince James Uche is Dead - Nollywood Actor Passes on 8 March 2017

Prince James Uche is Dead - Nollywood Actor Passes on 8 March 2017 - Breaking News has it few hours ago that the Popular Nollywood actor, Prince James Uche is dead.

Remember that he has been seriously battling diabetics, kidney failure and/or disease, then he finally passed away on Wednesday evening which is a day for celebrating women's day.

According to confirmed news reports, Uche the deceased actor was scheduled to travel out to India in this Friday (barely 2 days) to commence treatment for his protracted illness which comprises of fever, strange blood infections and blisters on his legs.

Actor Dies: James Uche DIED from Kidney Failure & Diabetes - Details

One of the Nollywood movie producer and scriptwriter (Chidi Nwokeabia) said that he got calls from Sunny Mc Don and Torino earlier in the day that he died in the morning few hours after securing a 3 months visa to India to start off his kidney transplant.

Nwokeabia said that “Prince James Uche was to be accompanied on the trip by his son, a medical doctor and the kidney donor.”

Popular Nollywood Movie Actor, Prince James Uche, Passed Away - See how he died

The popular actor, who had been in the hospital for about one year and 7 months, needed about N11 million for kidney transplant and eye surgery in India and about N3 million to pay his hospital bill and before leaving the shores of Nigeria.

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