2017/2018 NDLEA Recruitment: Fill Online Form to Register Here

Apply Here for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency - NDLEA Recruitment 2017 is at www.ndlea.gov.ng: Some time ago, the NDLEA recruitment of 15,000 security personal was started and completed online few months ago. During that period, so many Nigerians took advantage of the opportunity by applying for this NDLEA job vacancy. Interested candidates used their documents/credentials to apply for the online application by registering as an applicant and filling the Online Form.

2017/2018 NDLEA Recruitment: Fill Online Form to Register Here

Currently, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is not recruiting new personnel to increase the workforce. It is usual for people to search the internet to find jobs especially to know when the NDLEA application forms will be out online due to the high level of unemployment in the country coupled with the economic recession eating up the economy.

However, you should that as at the time of writing this NDLEA recruitment guideline, the application of 2017/2018 recruitment has not commenced online. All we know is that the NDLEA recruitment will start off whenever the officials of the NDLEA publishes recruitment adverts on local/national daily newspaper, TV or Radio. We will notify you immediately we get confirmed news about the NDLEA registration forms. This post is subject to updates.

WARNING: The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has called on members of the public to be mindful of the activities of fraudsters who pose as recruitment agents of the NDLEA and report promptly to the authority for necessary action. The Agency will arrest and prosecute those involved in the criminal act. if you are among them, you better desist from that evil act or face the wrath when apprehended.

APPLICATION FORM IS FREE: Please be informed that the NDLEA as a reputable government Agency conducts its affairs transparently in line with established procedures and with respect for the rule of law. Besides, applicants do not pay money for employment in the Agency. Do not be fooled.

NDLEA has advised that members of the public should not be deceived as there is nothing like secret recruitment. It is worrisome that despite the presence of NDLEA offices in the thirty-six (36) States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja; some people still prefer to deal with fraudsters when they can easily go to the office closest to them for confirmation. The Agency also encouraged victims to speak out for such cases to be properly investigated and legal action taken against culprits who are found guilty.

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The drug problem is as old as man. No society is insulated from the negative consequences of illicit drugs. Many analysts are of the opinion that apart from the genocide of Second World War, no other phenomenon has had more debilitating consequences on mankind like the pandemic drug scourge. This view is anchored on the fact that even the much dreaded HIV/AIDS which has yet defied any known cure has narcotic drugs as one of its principal causes. Besides, drugs are known to induce social vices, civil upheavals and other forms of criminalities.


The recruitment of new staffs and/or security personnel is necessary because the NDLEA has the vision to become the most proactive and leading Drug Law Enforcement Agency in Nigeria and on the whole African Continent and one of the best in the world through the provision of effective and efficient services to Nigerian citizens by cutting off (completely stopping) the supply of illicit drugs, reducing the demand for illicit drugs and other substances of abuse, tracing and recovering drug -related proceeds and contributing to the creation and maintenance of an enviable image for the Nation throughout the world at large.


After recruitment of new personnel, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency shall deploy all resources at its disposal for the total eradication of illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; suppression of demand for illicit drugs and other substances of abuse; recovery of ill-gotten wealth, acquired from proceeds of illicit drug trade, protection, enhancement and maintenance of the image of Nigeria and Nigerians at home and abroad which will in turn violence of all sorts and increasing the law abiding citizens in the country.

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Due to the rise of illicit drugs in Nigeria, the establishment of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) by the promulgation of Decree Number 48 of 1989, now Act of Parliament, was aimed at exterminating illicit drug trafficking and consumption in the Nigerian society. It is a well-known fact that any involvement in drugs, especially their importation, exportation, sale, transfer, purchase, cultivation, manufacture, extraction and possession is universally unacceptable. The establishment of the NDLEA was Nigeria’s deliberate attempt at joining the rest of the world in getting rid of this canker-worm within the borders of the country


Unlike other Asian countries, the Nigerian drug Act does not endorse Capital Punishment, as did Decree No 20 of 1984, it however, aims at rendering offenders financially incapacitated apart from the long period of incarceration ranging from 15 to 25 years and sometimes, life imprisonment for producers and traffickers. Additionally, any organisation that colludes with offenders to perpetrate a drug offence or to conceal proceeds from the illicit drug trade is also liable on conviction to a term of 25 years imprisonment or two million Naira (N2,000,000) fine or both.
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There are also other important measures adopted in dealing with the drug scourge are contained in National Drug Law Enforcement (Amendment) Decree No 33 of 1990 which prescribes a jail term of five years for persons caught abroad for trafficking in drugs through Nigeria and by so doing bring the name of our great nation into disrepute.

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In pursuance of the objectives as contained in the statute establishing the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, the Agency’s activities are anchored on six functional divisions, namely;

  1. Investigation
  2. Prosecution
  3. Drug Demand Reduction
  4. Training, Research and Development
  5. Assets Laundering and
  6. Intelligence

As stated above, the NDLEA recruitment process has bot started for this year, but we will notify you immediately we get a confirmed information about the recruitment. However, we recommended that you get all your documents/credentials, passport photograph etc ready so that you can apply online once the application commences on the internet. For you too apply for the NDLEA job vacancy online, you need to go to this link: www.ndlea.gov.ng

Declaimer - We are not affiliated to NDLEA neither did we tell you that the form is out for sale. This purpose of this post is to guide you accordingly on information about the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Recruitment 2017/18. Do not call us for anything regarding this to prevent embarrassment. Note that some details were culled from the official NDLEA website/portal.
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