Registering Your Business Names in Nigeria with Cooperate Affair Commission (C.A.C.)

Registering Your Business Names in Nigeria with Cooperate Affair Commission (C.A.C.) - The purpose of this article is to guide business owners and intending entrepreneurs in Nigeria who wish to get their business names registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission without spending more than required in terms of money, time and effort to be guided with these tips. You can read the Advantages & Disadvantages of running a Business as a Company.

For those who are still planning to setup their businesses, it is advised that you prepare a business plan and carry out a feasibility study before you venture in that business of your choice. You can even click this link here to Hire the services of a Business Consultant for professional Business Plan & Feasibility Study.

This is a tip on how you can to register business names in Nigeria without consulting a lawyer - Technology has increased in Nigeria and people are getting wiser by the day. That era of hiring only a solicitor to help register your company name with the Cooperate Affair Commission (C.A.C.) has passed. Yes, its true, that you no longer need a Lawyer To Register Your Business Name.

You can do it yourself if you have the time and actually live in Abuja or Lagos Nigeria. The cooperate Affairs Commission has liaison offices in nearly if not all the states in Nigeria where you can go to and apply for registration.

In the case were you are too busy or have a tight schedule in your daily activities, you can hire a Business Consultant, (an accredited consultant with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission) especially the ones that live in Abuja or Lagos and they can provide the service for you.

Martins Library Team offers This Service

Our team of consultants can help you register your business in Nigeria with the Cooperate Affairs Commission. Using our highly trained staffs with experience, we will ensure you get your business name registered in less than 14 days if you provide all required documentations and fees.

Running a business in Nigeria is easy because people can simply rent a shop or an office space, furnish it and kick start their business without proper registration. However, they cannot do big businesses with major company owners that has Company Laws, neither the with the State Government nor Federal Government of Nigeria because your business name is not recognized by the legal laws of Nigeria. Nigerian Government is now Identifying Registered & Unregistered Businesses in Nigeria.

That being said, if you want to do good business in Nigeria in a professional level by relating with other businesses legally in partnership, collaborations, joint ventures, and do business with government offices and agencies, you certainly need to register your business name to a Limited Liability Company or an Private Business Enterprise.

Please be informed that it is no longer a difficult task to complete the registration process and it does not cost so much in terms of money and time to do so again. Browse here to see the Requirements for Filling the CAC Forms

Martins Library Team will provided this service for you with ease. Steps are:
  1. You need the services of an accredited consultant with CAC who will liaise with CAC and guide you on the filling of the necessary forms – this is because you can not search for name availability and reservation if you don’t have a log-in account with CAC to be able to access its registrations portal.
  2. Get three different names for the intending business to check for availability. If none is available, you have to start afresh with two other names too. So be creative and chose names that would not look like any others names,
  3. Information about the type of business to carry on – The business to register must be an enterprise not any business that should have share capital., 
  4. Get photocopy of  your ID and 2 passport photographs. Photocopy of certificate of incorporation, board resolutions and up-dated annual CAC returns,  is required in cases where incorporated bodies are involve in such registrations,
  5. Proficiency certificates in cases where special knowledge are required,

The cost / fees requirements - Please contact us for this

Categories of Name C.A.C will NOT Register

The following category of names may not be allowed for registrations:
  1. Names similar to existing or reserves names
  2. Names that are deceptive, offensive and misleading,
  3. Names that are contrary to public policy/good,
  4. Names that are similar to names of already registered trademarks.

Please note that the provided names need the Cooperate Affairs Commission’s approval before they can be used:
  1. Names containing National, Government, Municipal, State, Local Government,
  2. Names containing the words – Co-operative, Chambers of Commerce, Building Society, Guarantee, Trust, Investment, Bank, Insurance and the likes.
  3. An existing registered business name can be converted to a limited liability company.

 View the Services of Martins Library Team

In our next article, we will show you how you can register your business name yourself. Keep in mind that the processes of business name registration can lead to company name registration. However, you Read more about Business name Registration Here.

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Don't forget that Martins Library Team (our office headquarter in Abuja) can help you register your business Name in Nigeria. We also have lawyer in our firm that can handle the registration for you, don't hesitate to hire our services.

If you need our services, Contact Us here.
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