Swiss Credit Platform - Registeration & Login @ www.swisscredit:org -  SWISS CREDIT PLATFORM - MAKE 50%+FREE 5000 IN 7 days - Are you looking for an investment platform that is very very strong good server good bonus and that will make you recover all you have lost in time past all the years the caterpillar and worm has eaten this is the right place Swiss credit offers you 5000 Naira instant as you register. Swiss Credit is the number 1 World Most Trusted Peer To Peer Donation Platform.

Swiss Credit Platform - Register & Login @ www.swisscredit:org    

The referral bonus of 10% so you can get people if you want  it has two type for 15 days and 30days for15 days its 50% and you might be merged anytime now if you are merged at your 7th day for instance and you get 50% that simply means you have made 50% in 10 days please hurry now and register via this link also the one of 30 days you might be merged to provide help sometimes at the 14th day but is normally from 1st to 14th so if 14th that means you have made 100% in 14 days why stay in other platform accept this life time offer and grab it fast I mean grab it fast it has Naira and BTC for Nigerians  hurry now  please register via this link:
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The SWISS CREDIT Platform is a system that has proven to be the best online to stand the test of time, with no central account all payments are made between members known as the P2P (PEER TO PEER) donation method, which a member who wants to Give Help or Get Help is safe to do so and also get in contact with matched participant for each transaction to be carried out smart and efficiently.

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The SWISS CREDIT Platform is a system that has proven to be the best online to stand the test of time, with no central account all payments are made between members known as the P2P (PEER TO PEER) donation method, which a member who wants to Give Help or Get Help is safe to do so and also get in contact with matched participant for each transaction to be carried out smart and efficiently.


The SWISS CREDIT platform enable members world wide have their money work for them, by giving participants in the system a 50% (Percent) profit in return after 15 days. Having 30 days in a month a member who wishes to double his profit can allow his/her help given to stay a period of 30 days to get a 100% (Percent) of his/her help provided.


If a participant gives help of $1,000, after 15 days he/she gets $1,500 in return as profit


If a participant gives help of $1,000, after 30 days he/she gets $2,000 in return as profit

Any help given (Give Help) will be allowed for it's investment period to be completed before a participant will be allowed to withdraw his/her profit including capital (Get Help)


Our platform uses latest and advanced web technologies to make this idea a success.


Having the best compensation plan our participants gets the following:
  1. 50 percent profit in 15 days
  2. 100 percent profit in 30 days
  3. $20 registration bonus to all members who uses Bitcoin as donation method
  4. ₦5,000 registration bonus to all members who uses Naira as donation method
  5. 10 percent bonus on helps given by your downlines
  6. 10 percent of 5 helps provided within 150 days as a credibility score bonus
  7. $10 bonus for posting a success story
  8. The system shares 10 percent of the global helps given to top 10 members with the highest number of referrals for every month.
  9. Members are matched on time



SWISS CREDIT is completely legal, no laws are broken because nobody is restricted from giving or receiving help. In the process of helping anybody Money can be transferred from Bank Account to Bank Account or Bitcoin Wallet to Bitcoin Wallet at will


Anybody that is above 21 years of age can use the SWISS CREDIT platform

How long will SWISS CREDIT last

SWISS CREDIT is here and it is here to stay

How can I invest in SWISS CREDIT

To invest in SWISS CREDIT, you are required to Give Help to another registered member of your desired amount accepted in the system

How do I withdraw from SWISS CREDIT

To withdraw from SWISS CREDIT, you will Get Help from a member or members who wishes to Give Help, this is your investment capital and profit of the investment period selected

How long does an investment period take

We have the single(15 DAYS) investment period with a 50% profit and the double(30 DAYS) investment period with a 100% profit

How do I register

To register click on the "REGISTER" button and provide the required information and proceed

Can I create more than one account

NO, all members are to create just one account

Account security

We advice you use strong password only you knows, do not share passwords and we will never send you emails asking you to click on any link

How do I login

To login to your account use the "LOGIN" button or login from the home page

I forgot my password, what should I do

Go to the login page, click on the forgot password and follow the steps to recover your password


The SWISS DASHBOARD is the user backend where all transactions are carried out

What is SWISS Balance

SWISS Balance in the dashboard area is your available SWISS CREDIT funds for withdrawal

Can i Request for help before my SIP(SWISS INVESTMENT PERIOD) is completed

NO, all SIP's must be completed before you can request to Get Help

How will I be notified when i am matched to Give Help

When a participant is matched to Give Help, he/she will be notified by email

How will I be notified when I Get Help

When a participant is matched to Get Help, before and after payment he/she will be notified by email
 Register and Login Here

Faked Proof of payment uploaded

in a case of fake proof of payment and other suspicious fraudulent activities by other members contact support for swift response

How do I avoid faked Proof of payment upload

Payment made by bank transfers are manually verified because participants must upload teller or other forms of confirmation received from completed bank to bank transfer, we advice participants to use bitcoins for transfers as automatic payment confirmation is enabled in our system for bitcoins payment, to avoid fake proof of payment

What if a participant refuses to Give Help after he/she has been matched

If a participant fails to Give Help within the specified time frame and the problem is reported, we will investigate the report and if we find that to be true we will disable the account and match you to another participant

My account was disabled after I could not Give Help when I was matched

Contact support to restore your account and fulfill all necessary requirements

Can I update my account details

you can update password and other account details on the dashboard but Name, Bank Account and BTC Wallet ID can be updated with the help of the support team to avoid account being hijacked

Is there a limit to the amount I can donate

There is no limit

Can I cancel a donation

you can cancel a donation if you have not been matched but after you have been matched you cannot cancel a donation, be sure you really want to make a donation before using the Give Help button on the user dashboard

My question not listed here

Contact support to get answers

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Be the first to know, Swiss Credit has launched.


SWISS CREDIT wants you to succeed in all you do on the swiss credit platform and has created processes to help increase your revenue by giving help to other members.

There are many things a user can do on the swiss credit platform to help you raise more revenue, they are:
  1. Registration Bonus: As a registered swiss credit user, you are entitled to $10 for registering on the platform if you use Bitcoin as your donation method and ₦5,000 if you use Naira as your donation method for free.
  2. Referral Bonus: All registered swiss credit users has a personalized referral link they can send to friends or family to register under them as downlines and still earn 10% of the confirmed Help Given by their downline's from this action for free.
  3. Posting Success Stories: All swiss credit users can post success stories after receiving help for the first on the platform and the swiss credit team will reward you with $10 for this action.
  4. Credibility Score: The swiss credibility score is a regular swiss check on every user account that monitor users who keeps providing help in the system within a circle of 75 days (2.5 Months) and rewards them 10% of their 5 consecutive helps provided in the system within the above specified period of time.
  5. Promotion: All swiss users are expected to share/post their referral links on social media and by other means necessary either online or offline to get more downlines and earn more revenue. Using Word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media platforms.
  6. The swiss team wants you to succeed, because success has no deadline, it’s time to be financially free, wake up and make more money, to get started Register Now.
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