NECO Exam Registration Form 2017/2018 - NECO Website Official Center

The NECO Exam Registration form 2017/2018 is a very popular word for students in senior secondary school in Nigeria. The examination is those students who has completed their SS3 classes from any government public school in Nigeria or from a fully registered private school in West Africa.

The NECO examination form is usually provided by the National Examination Council and is always written in the middle of the year (June/July) after the completion of the West African Examination Council Examination which is usually written by May/June every year.

NECO Exam Registration Form 2017/2018 - NECO Website Official Center

The year 2017 has started and it is not a new thing for students in SS2 and SS3 from all looks and cranny of the country to make inquiries about the NECO 2017/2018 examination. Most students are beginning to ask e-learning websites and blogs about the NECO forms especially external candidates who did not pass the examination in the previous year and those who wants to try their hands on the exams from SS2 classes.

Due to this fact, so many online publishers has been writing articles and publications about the NECO Registration forms for 2017/2018 session. For information purposes, please note that as at the time of writing this article in January 2017, the NECO exam forms are not yet out for sale in any school. This is to say the the NECO registration is yet to commence. 

FYI: This post is subject to updates... keep checking back

NECO Result Checker

Some scrupulous individuals has seized the opportunity to deceive and defraud unsuspecting prospective candidates that they can help them buy the NECO exam forms directly from NECO office. Please not that NECO does not sell forms in their office, you will have to visit any Nigerian Government owned Public School or an accredited Private Secondary School to register for the NECO examination. This can only be done when the official NECO offices release the forms to these schools. You are to purchase the forms at any of the accredited schools to be able to partake in the upcoming 2017 NECO examination.

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NECO Exam Expo Malpractice

The Ministry of Education has warned that examination malpractice is an offence and offenders are liable, and will be handed to the security operatives (police) if caught. That being said, you are advised to study very well for this examination using the National Examination Council Secondary School Syllabus to enable you know the most important areas to study before going for the exam. Hard work pays, you will surely come out in flying colours. For those of you still searching for neco expo 2017, forget about your facebook social media and face your book.

NECO Exam Registration Form 2017/2018 - NECO Website Official Center

Keep checking this website for NECO examination updates 2017, so as to get first hand information about when the registration form will be out for sale in approved schools.

NECO Results Checker 2017/2018 with Scratch Cards

The NECO Result checker for this year is yet to be out. However, the procedures for checking the result has remained the same over the years. We have previously written a detailed and very simple steps on How to Check your NECO result with a NECO scratch card. We have also noticed that some students are still looking for methods on How to Check NECO Result without scratch card in the 2017 year and age when the NECO regulating bodies has insisted that students cannot check their results without buying a NECO scratch card. Please go to a Business Center or Cyber cafe new you or the official NECO office to obtain your scratch cards. You can Visit the NECO Official Website to check your result.
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