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Search and Book Cheap Flights with One way tickets, Return tickets and Multi city, Contact a travel consultant at Tinosomat Travels Ltd 08153514961. Travelstart Nigeria - Search, Compare & Book Cheap Flights | Search Amazing Flight Deals Online - Book With Travelstart Nigeria‎, Bringing you the best fares from all airlines. You will have Expert assistance from booking to departure and Online destination for planning your travels

About TravelStart NG

Every day TravelStart Team wake up in awe of how much adventure still awaits and the more TravelStart Team experience, the more TravelStart Team want to share with you! That’s why TravelStart Team is passionate about providing you with the simplest way to find, compare and book the best travel deals, helping you reach your dream destinations.

When you search for flights with TravelStart, you'll get results from all the major international airlines and low-cost carriers, neatly displayed in one table – lowest prices first of course - so that you can compare costs with ease and find that perfect ticket that works with your schedule and budget. Once you’ve decided on the best flight for you, book and pay online in one seamless transaction – you can do the same to reserve your hotel and rental car too! Taking the hassle of out of your travel planning, TravelStart team of dedicated agents work around the clock to assist you with any changes, queries or concerns you might have, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Conceived in Sweden, Travelstart first opened its doors in 1999, as the brainchild of Travel visionary Stephan Ekbergh. In true start-up fashion, Sweden’s first online travel agency was run from an old coffee roastery in the town of Malmö. Nearly two decades, plenty of learning, growth and one African immigration later, Stephan still heads up Travelstart, which is now based in the Cape Town CBD. Today Travelstart proudly employs a team of more than 200 staff from all walks of life who are passionate about one goal – making your travel simple. With offices across Africa and the Middle East, Travelstart continues to bring travel to your fingertips and using TravelStart success for good.
  • Find, compare and book all with airlines - online and with ease
  • No hidden costs or taxes, completely transparent pricing
  • Expert assistance by TravelStart dedicated team of travel consultants

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How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

Your booking can only be confirmed once the money you transferred has reflected on TravelStart account. Once processed, you will receive an e-ticket email or, for certain low cost carriers, a confirmation email with a reference number.  When you make your booking, we will first send you a booking confirmation e-mail. This contains:
  • Your booking reference number with us
  • Your airline booking reference number
  • Your flight details
  • Your payment details

For non-low cost carriers you will receive an e-ticket email, which contains in addition to the points above:
  • Your e-ticket number
  • A link where you can log in and view real-time information about your flight

For low cost carriers you will receive a confirmation email from the respective airline with the reference number and a confirmation email from TravelStart. Please note that most low cost carriers do not issue tickets.

What is the difference between a direct flight, a non stop flight and a flight with a connection?

  1. Many people think nonstop and direct flights are interchangeable terms, but there are differences between the two. 
  2. A nonstop flight does as its name suggests: flies from one airport to another without stopping. 
  3. A direct flight, on the other hand, makes (so called technical) stops along the way. 
  4. Often, passengers traveling on direct flights make a stop at a midpoint airport and remain seated on the plane while some passengers exit and others board. 
  5. An itinerary with connecting flights requires passengers to change planes at a midpoint airport, which may be in a different terminal or on a different airline. Please watch out for the little 'i' next to the flight number, which will tell you if there is a technical stop on the flight.

Do I have enough connection time between my flights?

The minimum connecting time is the shortest permissible time needed to make a connecting flight at a particular airport. This standard is determined for each airport by the airport authorities together with the respective airlines. The connection times TravelStart Team offer on TravelStart website are in accordance with these standards. In the event that your flight is delayed, causing you to miss your connecting flight, it is the airlines responsibility to rebook you on the next available flight provided that all flights are on one ticket. If no other flights are available then, the airline might offer you accommodation and transport to a hotel. Depending on the waiting period, meals and refreshments could also be offered by the airline.  If you have two separate tickets connecting two flights, the respective airlines will not take any responsibility if you miss your connection.

Can I book a flight with an outbound departure from another country than the one I am presently situated in?

Yes you can.

Can I book a flight with a stopover?

Yes you can! While it is not possible to book a ticket with a stopover on TravelStart website, you can Contact Us.

Can I travel from one destination and return from/to another?

Absolutely. While this is not possible on TravelStart website as it only offers a point to point service, you can Contact TravelStart.

Can you help me with an 'around the world' ticket?

Unfortunately you cannot book an 'around the world' ticket on TravelStart website. Please Contact Us.

Can I make a reservation for more than 9 passengers in the same booking?

No, this is not possible. Please Contact TravelStart.

How do I book an unaccompanied child?

Please contact the airline directly to book a ticket for an unaccompanied child as TravelStart Team are not permitted to make these reservations.

How do I travel with an infant / request a baby basket?

Children under the age of 2 usually do not get their own seat. They will have to sit on an adults lap. Most airlines offer baby baskets for infants up to six months old (depending on length and weight) to be requested on long haul flights. To make this request, you can Contact TravelStart. A service fee will apply to process this request. As the confirmation of the request depends on the airline, TravelStart Team cannot guarantee that this service will be available on your chosen flights.

Can I redeem airmiles when I make a booking with you?

Unfortunately TravelStart Team cannot help you redeem your air miles (for example if you would like to book your flight using your accumulated credit). This must be done directly through the airline. You will also need to contact the airline directly if you want information about the status of your frequent flyer account. However, what TravelStart Team can do is make sure that your frequent flyer number is added to your booking. You can Contact TravelStart for this. A service fee may apply to process this request. As the confirmation of the request depends on the airline, TravelStart Team cannot guarantee that the miles will be credited to your account.

Can I redeem air miles when I make a booking with you?

Unfortunately TravelStart Team cannot help you redeem your air miles (for example if you would like to book your flight using your accumulated credit). This must be done directly through the airline. You will also need to contact the airline directly if you want information about the status of your frequent flyer account. However, what TravelStart Team can do is make sure that your frequent flyer number is added to your booking. You can Contact TravelStart for this. A service fee may apply to process this request. As the confirmation of the request depends on the airline, TravelStart Team cannot guarantee that the miles will be credited to your account.

How do I know that the airline has made schedule changes on my booking?

The airlines have the right to reschedule their flights if necessary. TravelStart Team will try TravelStart best to inform you of a schedule change on your reservation, but at times it is impossible to reach everybody especially at your destination. Please note that it is ultimately your responsibility to reconfirm your flights prior to departure, by either calling the Airline directly or logging onto any of the following websites to check if your flight itinerary has been changed:

What are your Extras and how can I book them?

You have the option to choose services like Travel Insurance, Cancellation and Refund Policy, Accident Aviation Benefit and Airline Liquidation Policy when you make your booking online and pay for it straight away.

Can I book a flight with an outbound departure from another country than the one I am presently situated in?

Yes you can.

How do I request a wheelchair?

Kindly provide us with the information, which passengers will be in need of wheelchair assistance, their age, if they can walk short distances, climb steps and help themselves on board or if they are wheelchair-bound on a permanent bases. Please note that we cannot guarantee this service as the confirmation of your requests depends on the airline.

I am nervous about booking online. Can I make a booking with Travelstart anyway?

With pleasure. TravelStart customer service agents will be happy to assist you with your booking.

Why must I provide Date of Birth, Passport information etc. when making a booking on a certain airline carrier or to/from/via the USA?

Certain airlines and/or governments of the country/ies that you are visiting require/s the further information for security reasons before TravelStart Team can issue your ticket (if departure is in less than 96 hours). If you book well in advance TravelStart Team can issue your ticket with the passengers' full names and date of birth but if the remaining information is not in the booking at least 96 hours before departure, the airline will very likely refuse you to board on the day of your first flight. 

When you make a booking, TravelStart Team will remind you to provide TravelStart with these details via an urgent email with a link that allows you to fill out the necessary information using an online form. TravelStart Team also display information online with the option to fill out a form during the booking process. 

For early departures to/from/via the USA or any destination with certain airlines (Egyptair, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways), TravelStart Team can only guarantee the same price if TravelStart Team receive the required information before midnight (Nigerian time) on the same day the booking was made. Should TravelStart Team not receive your information before midnight, TravelStart Team cannot issue your ticket and therefore cannot guarantee your ticket price. 

The required information TravelStart Team urgently need from you for each passenger is:
  1. Passport number
  2. Country where passport was issued
  3. Date of passport expiry
  4. Nationality
  5. Redress number (if applicable)

(The redress number is only applicable if you are travelling to the USA and have a name similar to or the same as a name on the current terrorist watch list. You might then experience secondary security screenings at airports, which are very time consuming. You can prevent this by providing your Redress Number at the time of booking. A Redress Number is a unique number that helps TSA (Transportation Security Administration) eliminate watch list misidentification. People who this is applicable to can apply for a Redress Number at http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/customer/redress/index.shtm.) If you haven't heard of it before, don't worry about it. You can leave it blank.

If you are not travelling from/via/to the USA or with airlines Egyptair, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways, the additional information is not necessary. 
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Who is Travelstart

  • Travelstart is voted Africa's leading Online Travel Agency
  • TravelStart Team are the largest and fastest growing Online Travel Agency
  • TravelStart flight booking engine allows users to search, compare all airlines and book the cheapest local and international flights.
  • TravelStart Team offer multiple secure payment options.
  • Excellent customer support for individuals or companies that require personal assistance to book their travels.

How Travel Start works

It's simple - As a partner you'll earn money every time a user clicks through to TravelStart site and makes a booking. Recommend TravelStart site to your users by placing TravelStart affiliate banners and links on your website

The perks you get from promoting Travelstart are endless including:
  1. Cheapest fares: Travelstart negotiates directly with suppliers to secure the lowest prices and exclusive rates. As a Travelstart affiliate, you're able to showcase these promotions on your site.
  2. Earn highly competitive commissions from day 1, at no cost to you.
  3. Travelstart supply you with the tools, feeds and support you need to acquire customers
  4. A top-notch CRM programme dedicated to building long-term customer retention and loyalty
  5. Feature dynamic flight information on your site with banners and links, that TravelStart tracking system will record and remunerate you for at the end of every month.

Travelstart Services, Products & Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Insurance by Travelstart

Comprehensive International Travel Insurance for travel to and from Nigeria for ages up to 80 years of age. For ages 70 to 80 years of age and inbound travel cover limits differ – please see detailed information below. Once you have purchased the insurance TravelStart Team will send you an email with links to the following documents for printing.

Travel insurance policy schedule, Insurance T&C's, and Claims procedure.
  • Insurance: Underwritten by: Cornerstone Insurance LTD (REG No: RC 163170) | Administered by: Hepstars Radical Ltd (Company No. 117690, MAU)

What you are not covered for in this travel insurance policy:
  1. any pre-existing medical condition
  2. any heart related condition when a traveller is 70 years or older
  3. pregnancy, childbirth and miscarriage or any pregnancy related conditions
  4. when the age limit is exceeded

Travelstate Ticket Cancellation & Refund Assistance

When unfortunate circumstances get in the way of you boarding your plane, it’s nice to know you’re covered for the cost of your flights. With Travelstart’s Cancellation & Refund assistance you’ll never run the risk of losing the cost of your flight in the event of:
  1. Sudden illness of yourself or close relative leading to hospitalization
  2. Accident or injury to yourself or close relative leading to hospitalization
  3. Death of yourself or close relative

Domestic & International Flights
Receive a full refund of airfare & taxes for hospitalization or death, or a Partial Refund of airfare & taxes for any other reason.

Domestic Bookings: Adult ₦2016 | Child ₦1512 | Infant: Free
International Bookings: Adult ₦6216 | Child ₦4708 | Infant Free

Terms & Conditions Apply
  1. The Cancellation & Refund assistance must be purchased when you book your ticket. It is not possible to add the Cancellation & Refund assistance afterwards.
  2. The Cancellation & Refund assistance is only valid for flights cancelled before outbound travel has commenced.
  3. If you have purchased Travel Insurance through a third party (not Travelstart), and you are able to claim from the third party Insurer TravelStart Team will not refund any money if you choose to cancel a booking.
This service does not cover airline liquidation / suspension, car or hotel reservations.

Travelstart Ticket Guarantee Protection

Selecting the Ticket Guarantee Protection means you get a full refund of airfare & taxes should the airline you’re travelling with be liquidated.
International travel: ₦1344 per adult | ₦1008 per child | free for infants
Domestic travel: ₦672 per adult | ₦504 per child | free for infants
Prices include VAT

How it works
Simply select “Ticket Guarantee Protection” on the flight review page when making your booking. The Ticket Guarantee Protection is valid for customers who have purchased tickets with an airline that has cancelled their flights due to liquidation (according to Nigerian legislation or equivalent processes with other government jurisdictions).

The amount payable in compensation is as follows:
  1. If the airline you are flying with is liquidated before departure, your airfare will be reimbursed in full or…
  2. If the airline you are flying with is liquidated after your journey has begun you will be reimbursed for the cost of the flight home (or for a new ticket equivalent to the original for that part of the journey).

Travelstart will have no liability to pay any benefit in relation to any insured event for which the insured person may be able to seek compensation from an airline. If the insured person proves that he has taken all reasonable and necessary steps for claims from the airline, Travelstart will pay a pro-rata portion of the benefits. Travelstart’s liability will be calculated by reducing the benefits by the amount for which Travelstart considers the airline to be liable.

Travelstart Aviation Accident Benefit

A cash benefit will be payable in the event of the death of the ticketholder, caused by an aviation accident, during a flight purchased online from Travelstart.  Injuries or disabilities resulting from an aviation accident are not covered.

The following cash benefits will apply:
  1. US$ 100-000-00 per ticketholder (this price is quoted in NGN during the booking process)
  2. What does this Policy cost?
  3. US$17.00 (this price is quoted in NGN during the booking process)
  4. A service fee of $3 will be added to the premiums shown above to determine the amount charged.

Amount Charged
The total amount charged is in Naira on the Travelstart website and therefore there may be price differences due to changes in exchange rates. The single premium is journey, not flight-dependent. This means that a single journey which involves more than one independent flight (i.e. separated by a landing and take-off) will require the payment of only one single premium.

More details
  1. What is an aviation accident?
  2. Who are the underwriters?
  3. Under what circumstances is the benefit payable?
  4. Who is covered?
  5. Who receives the benefit?
  6. What happens if the flight is cancelled?
  7. What’s excluded from the policy?
  8. Read the Aviation Accident Benefit Terms & Conditions.

Upgrade to a Rebookable Flight and change your booking for free

Looking to book tickets but worried about how a possible change in plans might affect your flight dates? Perhaps you’ve found a cheap flight for your best friend’s wedding but she hasn’t been able to confirm the venue yet. You want to secure the cheapest fares but you’re worried about how much it’s going to cost you should the big day be moved to another ‘big day’.
Enter Rebookable flight from Travelstart – the answer to your flight booking woes. Upgrading to a rebookable flight allows you to make 1 FREE date change to your booking, subject to same fare class availability and gives you the ability to enjoy greater freedom should something unforeseen happen.

How to change your Travelstart flights for free

When you’re filling out the booking form, please select Rebookable flight.
This exclusive Travelstart product MUST be purchased at time of booking creation and payment. Once you have received your e-ticket and need to change your dates, please contact TravelStart to receive your FREE date change, subject to same fare class availability.

Please note that this is subject to same fare class availability and taxes
  1. Should there be no seats available in the same fare class of your original booking or there has been an increase in taxes, you will be required to pay in the difference between the fare classes only and/or difference in taxes
  2. You can change your travel to any date within the validity of your ticket (can vary between 1 month - 1 year)
  3. All changes must be done PRIOR to original departure date on the ticket

Remember, if you do not select the rebookable flight upgrade you cannot change your ticket for free!

Visa Denied Service

Never worry about a rejected Visa application making you lose the cost of your flight ticket ever again with Travelstart's Visa Denied Service. This unique travel service is exclusive to Travelstart Nigeria and covers you for the cost of your airline ticket should your Visa application be rejected by an Embassy. We’ve cut out all the red tape you’re usually met with and made it easy to purchase. It covers you for airline ticket costs as well as taxes so you can apply for your Schengen, American or whatever other Visa with confidence!

Who’s it for?
The Visa Denied Service covers you if you’ve booked your international airline tickets on Travelstart.com.ng and is for:
  1. Nigerian passport holders.
  2. Those booking return international airline tickets on Travelstart Nigeria.
  3. Those applying for a Tourist Visa (service is not valid for Business Visa applicants, Immigration, Working Holiday etc.).
  4. Who is it not for?
  5. Passengers with a criminal record.
  6. Passengers who have been denied entrance into a country before.

How to get it
It’s easy to purchase the Visa Denied Service when you’re booking international flights on Travelstart. Simply select the service from ‘your optional travel extras’ when you’re making a booking. This is in the third stage of the Travelstart online booking process. Alternatively, you can purchase the Visa Denied Service over the phone when making a booking with Travelstart Nigeria. The Visa Denied Service costs USD50 for adults and USD30 for children.

  • Your Nigerian passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return and have at least 2 adjacent pages for your Visa stamp.
  • Ensure you have enough time to apply for a Visa. For example; you won’t be covered if you apply for a Schengen Visa 1 week before your departure when the recommended application time is at least 4 weeks before you fly.
  • Make sure your Visa application is submitted to the Embassy within the correct time frame as stipulated by them.
  • Always submit correct documentation as per the Embassy/Consulate when applying for your Visa.
  • The Visa Denied Service must be purchased at time of booking/payment and can only be purchased up to 14 days prior to departure.
  • Remember that you must purchase a return ticket in order to qualify.

The Visa Denied claim will not be paid out if the embassy rejects the application due to:
  1. Insufficient time to process the visa
  2. Incorrect, falsified or missing documentation
  3. Funds irregularity
  4. Existence of a criminal record
  5. A history of being deported or being denied entry into a country
  6. Expiry date of passport falling within 6 months after return date
  7. No blank pages available in passport

It is the responsibility of the passenger to make enquiries into the visa regulations for each country and to lodge the visa application with the respective Embassies.
The claim is paid out upon submission of a Visa Denied notification from the Embassy – this notification must be sent to Travelstart within 7 working days of receipt of denied notification.

Travelstart Premium Service Package

Tell TravelStart what you need! If you book the Premium Service Package, you will be able to contact TravelStart with all your requests. Travelstart can help you with the following if you have chosen our Premium Service Package:
  1. Meals: Have you excluded meat from your diet? Or are you perhaps gluten or lactose intolerant? TravelStart Team understand! TravelStart Team will make a request to the airline about a special meal on board that takes your requirements into account. Please note that low cost carriers usually do not offer free meals or special meal requests.
  2. Seats: Do you want to sit nowhere else but by the window? Would you like to sit with friends or your family? Let TravelStart make a request to the airline for your preferred seat on board provided the airline offers a pre-seating service. Charges may apply.
  3. Special luggage: Do you have a large piece of luggage you want to take on your trip? TravelStart Team will be pleased to notify the airline about this and give you further information on what needs to be done. Airline charges will apply.
  4. Sports equipment: Are you on your way to a relaxing golf vacation? Is it time for your annual ski trip? Let TravelStart inform the airline that you will be travelling with your sporting equipment to make sure that you don't come across any complications at check-in. Airline charges will apply.
  5. Travelling with children: Depending on the child's age TravelStart Team can apply for a basinette on board, and/or for a baby or child meal.
  6. Travelers with disabilities: Do you need assistance on your trip? TravelStart Team will be pleased to ask the airline on your behalf.
  7. Travel start Online Check-in: Don't really feel like standing in long queues at the airport? Most airlines now have online check-in facilities which means that you can check-in at home and print your boarding pass. Which leaves you extra time to have a cup of coffee while waiting to board your plane. TravelStart Team will gladly send you all the information required.
  8. Frequent Flyers: For those of you that travel often and belong to any airline loyalty programmes TravelStart Team can assist by updating your booking with your Frequent Flyer details.

Please note that TravelStart Team can only make a request to the airline in question and can not guarantee that they will be confirming your request. Some airlines and low cost carriers might not offer pre-seating and meals, many airlines keep their emergency exit seats for their members or restrict the allocation to check-in only. Airlines often charge extra costs for special luggage and sports equipment, which will be charged by the airline at the airport and is not part of the Premium Service Package. TravelStart Team will advise you accordingly if this is the case.

Rate your Favourite Airlines on Travel Start

Traveled lately and want to voice your opinion?
Complain or complement a carrier of your choice, TravelStart Team would love to hear about your experience. Tell TravelStart whether you were lounging in the lap of luxury or felt like you were being held in custody. Your opinion is important to TravelStart so please be honest in your reviews, it will help TravelStart compile accurate ratings.

Simply select an airline from the list below to rate and review airlines from across the globe on travelstart.

Adria Airways
Aegean Airlines
Aer Lingus
Air Astana
Air Baltic
Air Botswana
Air Canada
Air China
Air France
Air India
Air Malaysia
Air Malta
Air Mauritius
Air Moldova           
Air Namibia
Air Serbia
All Nippon Airways
American Airlines
Arik Air
Asiana Airlines
ASKY Airlines
Atlas Jet Airlines
Austrian Airlines
Azerbaijan Airlines
B&H Airlines
British Airways
British Midlands Int
Brussels Airlines

Camair - Co
Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
China South Airlines
Croatia Airlines 
Czech Airlines

Dana Air
Darwin Airline
Delta Airlines

Egypt Air
Ethiopian Airlines
Etihad Airways

Iberia Airlines

Jet Airways

Kenya Airways
Korean Air

Lam Mozambique
Latam Airlines

Middle East Airlines
Montenegro Airlines


Olympic Air
Oman Air

Philippine Airlines
Precision Air

Qantas Airlines
Qatar Airlines­­­­
Royal Air Maroc
Royal Brunei
Royal Jordanian
RwanadAir Express

SA Airlink
Scandinavian Airlines

Garuda Indonesia 
Gulf Air
Hong Kong Airlines
Singapore Airlines
South African Airways
South African Express
Swiss Airlines

Tap Portugal
Thai Airways 
Turkish Airlines

Ukraine Int Airlines 
United Airlines

Virgin Atlantic

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  1. Flapp The Top travel app for Nigeria Products & Services Mobile Apps
  2. Download the Flapp app for your Android or iOS phone or tablet
  3. Search for and compare all domestic or international flights
  4. Book flights and travel products in minutes and receive confirmation via email
  5. Enter your mobile number and we'll send you a one time SMS to download our app

What is Flapp in Travelstart?

Flapp is the innovative Travelstart flight app that makes booking a flight easier and faster than ever and brings the best travel deals direct to your phone. TravelStart Team set out to be the go-to flight tool for popular commuter routes, but now Flapp travelers’ book tickets from wherever to the world. Find the best fares on domestic and international flights across multiple airlines in seconds and then select any additional services you’d like to buy, like flexi tickets or insurance. Create an account with your passenger information and payment details to speed up the booking process and look out for the flight confirmation email which will land in your inbox shortly. Simple as that!

  1. FAST: Search & book flights at super speed
  2. CONVENIENT: Save passenger details for faster bookings
  3. EASY: Download, Flapp, Fly
  4. CHEAP: Best flight deals direct to your phone

  • http://www.travelstart.com/lp/airline-reviews/global-list
  • http://www.travelstart.com.ng/lp/airlines/list#sthash.KIvPoncq.dpuf
  • http://www.travelstart.com.ng/lp/travellers-guide/holiday-types#sthash.TnNIhCQU.dpuf
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  • http://www.travelstart.com.ng/lp/about-us?language=en#sthash.LqIJXcl2.dpuf
  • http://www.travelstart.com.ng/lp/travellers-guide/how-to-book#sthash.p4VgoVnA.dpuf
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