Shiloh 2016 My Case is Different Starts Today - Watch Shiloh 2016 Online Live

Shiloh 2016 My Case is Different Starts Today: Watch Shiloh 2016 Online Live - The much awaited Shiloh 2016 organised by the Living Faith Church International popularly known as Winners Chapel starts today. The theme of this year's Shiloh was unveiled by the president of the church Bishop David Oyedepo some months ago. In the declaration, he announced that the theme for 2016 year is "My Case is Different". See more details by clicking the 'my case is different'.

People has already started camping in Canaan Land Ota in Ogun State where is is usually held every year. The church members has been trooping to CanaanLand from around the world especially Nigeria and from all the nooks and cranny of the 36 states of Nigeria. The church has provided lots of logistics including transportation for people coming from different church branches in Nigeria.

Shiloh 2016 My Case is Different Starts Today - Watch Shiloh 2016 Online Live

The Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel has provided Live streaming service in every Winners Chapel branch across the world so that people who could not travel to Canaan Land can go to their church branches and Watch the Shiloh 2016 live on TV in the church premises. However, it has been noticed that som many people want to attend but cannot do so because of one reason or the other, this includes; office workers, business owners, hospitalized people etc. The church has also provided an Online Streaming Service for Shiloh 2016

To be able to watch the Shiloh 2016 on your smartphone or computer, you will need a strong internet connection coverage so that it would be very clear and audible. If you have a slow network, it will still open but it may buffer for a long period of time. You can watch the shiloh 2016 live from the Living Faith Church Official Website from the link below;

Watch Shiloh 2016 Online for Free Here

We believed you will be blessed from this shiloh 2016 program if you watch and pray. The sick will be healed, there will be financial freedom and breakthrough, courses will be broken and you will be set free in Jesus Name... Amen. Please share this to your friends and family. 

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