House Building Plans in Nigeria - How to Plan Your Building from Start to Finish

House Building Plans in Nigeria - How to Plan Your Building from Start to Finish - For most people what they consider as building plan is actually not. The most important part of a home is the interior because the ease and comfort you enjoy depends on adequate planning. For a simple bungalow, you represent a plan on paper when you place yourself, looking at a floor plan as if you’re directly up looking down the edges of walls of the building you tends to create.

After deciding on the type of building you want, the first thing to come to mind is the adequate land space you need to accommodate the plan in reality. You have to consider the setbacks from fence, going by town planning regulations is mostly 6m or 20ft from the property line in front to the start of building and 3m or 10ft each by both sides. Also 3m or 10ft is required at the rear as setback before the building line behind. Knowing the minimum setbacks you can now check the area and compare with you really need and if you still find more space that will be left unfilled, then is good for you to have a nice landscaping plan to complement the building this will make your building actually look nicer.

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How to determine room sizes Room sizes actually depends on people that will occupy the rooms and the nature of traffic expected, the furniture is very important and knowing the nature of man and how he behaves will help in giving him the space adequate for him. The average sizes of man contributes to the sizes of furniture and in turn the room spaces. 600mm or 0.6m or 2 feet width is usually seen as a space an average man can fit in that’s why most modules in building are in 600mm or 2 feet, check the sizes of ceiling modules and the division of 600mm is of course 300mm which also serve as minimum circulation allowance after the normal 600mm. Therefore the standard door is put at 900mm to accommodate man and his furniture width. So for a common bedroom what you consider first are the furniture you planned to have inside based on the number of people to use them, then the doors and windows. Consider the bed, the size of wardrobe and other shelves this will help in determining sizes of the room.

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House Building Plans in Nigeria - How To Plan Your Building from Start to Finish

You must have heard 6feet bed as very common statement, the wardrobe width space is around 600mm or 2 feet to 900mm as it may applies. For a minimum size of a room add door space 900mm or 3ft plus bed space 1.8m or 6ft plus circulation space 300mm or 1ft which equals 10ft or 3m now to add the human space of 600mm or 2ft which makes it 3.6m or 12 ft which is the standard/acceptable minimum room size. Living room will require more furniture and expect convergence of more people compare to bedroom so function it should be the biggest space in the house (television,settees e.t.c) There is no set minimum but from experience I will say minimum should be from 4.2m or 14ft by 3.9m or 13ft. Dining requires less space because it requires less furniture and traffic , for this I will put the minimum as 2.4m derived from two seats in opposites of 0.6m each which adds up to 1.2m and table width of 0.9m plus 0.3m as circulation which makes 2.4m . For the longer side of the dining with five seats arrangements which is 5 by 0.6=3m.

Staircase width minimum acceptable is 0.9m or 3ft which is the size of a door, and kitchen designs has changed a lot lately , modern designs now require bigger space with breakfast table, worktops etc.

Considering the arrangements in building plan you are expected to step into the waiting room from entrance porch which can sit two people before moving to the living room or for some cases a corridor that leads to other parts of the house, this type is good if you expect exceptional visitors in your living room any other persons familiar with the house can simply take the corridor and walls straight to the other rooms as shown in pictures below.

From the living room you can connect the dining directly, and from the dining next should be kitchen that has a door leading to the dining and one door leading outside of the building, this door will serve as an inlet for foodstuffs that are to be brought inside and going side by side the store and the laundry.
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