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Air Peace - Book & Fly with Airprace at - Air Peace is a private Nigerian airline with its head office in Lagos State, The airline, which was newly founded in 2013, is openly focused on world-class airline safety and passenger services.  Air Peace is considered a leading low cost air services provider in Nigeria and operates from one main hub; Murtala Muhammad International Airport. Air Peace had been approved as national carrier into the five countries by the Federal Government.

Air Peace Destinations

Air Peace serves the following destinations:
  •    Abuja
  •     Calabar
  •     Enugu
  •     Benin
  •     Lagos
  •     Owerri
  •     Port Harcourt

The History of Air Peace

Air Peace is privately owned by Allen Onyema.  A well-known Barrister in Nigeria,  Allen Onyema has been so successful in business, real estate and law practice since 1992.  Allen’s  main focus has always been on catering to the growing and demanding domestic travel market in Nigeria.  At the same time his vision was to create employment opportunities for Nigerians, thereby contributing to the well being of his people.
Over 2 years that Air Peace has been in operation, the media have circulated controversial articles questioning the true ownership of the airline.  Many has believed that the former First Lady, Her Excellency, Dame Patience Jonathan with Allen as a front, in fact owned Air Peace.  These rumours have since been proven untrue.  In sending their Nigerian pilots to CAE, UK for evaluation and assessment, prior to employment, and a short list of Nigerian Graduate Engineers abroad for aircraft maintenance training, Air Peace has demonstrated its commitment to social and economic upliftment.

The fleet:

Air Peace has comprises a fleet of 7 aircraft that includes three Dornier 328 jets and four Boeing 737-500SPs.  All of the aircraft are equipped with Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS 220), which is geared towards safety by providing: flight tracking, the automated engine data collection for real time trending, fuel management and satellite voice communications.

Air Peace Baggage Allowance and Limitations
Air Peace offers various baggage allowances for passengers.

  • Business class passengers – a maximum of 40kg
  • Economy class passengers – a maximum of 25kg
  • Infants are allowed 10kg
  • Excess baggage at an additional charge per kilo.
  • Maximum cabin baggage weight is 6kg, with pieces not exceeding 45cm x 33cm x 20cm.

Flight Routes

The Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Air Peace is a domestic operator that flies to Abuja, Asaba, Enugu, Kebbi, Lagos, Owerri and Port Harcourt.

Check-in Options and Procedures

All passengers are expected to be at the airport at least 2 hours prior to departure.  All check-in facilities closed at 30 minutes prior to departure.  Those wishing to avoid queues can make use of the online check-in feature, which is available 48 hours prior to departure and closes 2 hours prior to the scheduled flight time.

The in-flight experienc

 Air Peace is focused on safety. Prior to take off, making sure passengers are comfortably seated and presented with the comprehensive safety instructions, with refreshments and beverages on offer once cruising altitude is reached.

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Partnerships/Code Share Agreements

Air Peace airline is currently signed into a maintenance partnership with BCT Aviation Maintenance Company in the UK.  Allen Onyema, the airline Chairman, states that one of the reasons for this partnership is just to prove how serious the Air Peace airline is about safety and the maintenance of its aircrafts. 

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