iCharity Nigeria Review - All about iCharity Club Nigeria Donation Platform

What is iCharity Nigeria

iCharity Club Nigeria is a member to member donation campaign where your donation to become a member of iCharity Nigeria grants you access to our membership site. Now With the ₦7,400 donation you join our club, you will be able to earn money with the power of your donation. You earn money while in different grades of the club. There are 10 Grades, Where At Grade One you will be able to earn ₦37,000 and it continues to grow as you upgrade to a higher level; At grade 3 you earn over ₦3 Million.

How Does it Work?

You register as a free member on iCharity Nigeria, Then you get to donate to an upliner in Grade 1, After You make your first donation of ₦7,400 and request to be upgraded to become a Grade 1 Member. You become a full Grade 1 Member of iCharity Nigeria. As a Grade 1 Member our iCharity Nigeria You will helped by the advertising Team to get downlines. Getting 5 Free Members as downline and they have to pay you to become a Grade 1 Member or if you can get downlines by yourself you archive you Grade 1 Benefit faster.

How Long Has iCharity Been Operating

iCharity was founded in Mumbai, India. Its initial goal was to help in to act as a Charity Organization and sponsor lower class citizen’s education, welfare, women empowerment, skill development, elderly care, etc.

Now, since most of these operations need capital and sponsorship to work and a lot of members being lower class individuals unable to sponsor themselves. The founder Ms. Vaishali Nigam Sinha started a member to member donation campaign in 2015, where low class individuals can make a honest living as part time from their main jobs. So iCharity Club was founded in 2015.

Ever since, it started it has seen huge success in India that even middle class and high society individuals joined the platform and it has since spread to 23 Countries worldwide, With about 6 African Countries included, First Tanzania, Then Kenya and Nigeria.

How to Sign Up On iCharity Nigeria

Use to form below and fill in your details, a support staff or member will get in touch with you shortly
  1. Your Full Name (required)
  2. Your Email (required)
  3. Phone Number (required)
  4. How Soon Are You Ready To Start (required)
  5. Now Very Soon 3 Days 1 Week
  6. Click SEND

NOTE: This offer is for those who wish to start making income by being Members of iCharity Nigeria. After filling the form, Hold on. Your upliner will contact you shortly. P.S. Free Members Accounts on iCharity who do not make their donation in 2 days will be deleted.

What is the ₦7,400 Payment For

Your ₦7,400 is a donation to become a Grade 1 Member, When a new user which to join, they would make a donation to you.

How To Make Money On iCharity

Self Promotion: All you need is five (5) downlines. You can invite your friends, family or co-workers to join

Advertising Team: But if not, we have an Advertising Team that will charge ₦3,000 to run personalized Ads for you.

Spill Over: You benefit when you have a popular upliner growing his/her platform. Just let someone in support assist you with this.

Why is iCharity The Best

When you choose to join iCharity, your only investment would be ₦7,400. As soon as you start earning, you begin to work with your profits. Here is how it works. You donate ₦7,400
  1. As A Free Member, You Will Be Upgraded to a Grade 1 Member And Earn ₦37,000
  2. You move to Grade 2, With ₦14,800 and Earn ₦370,000 As A Grade 2 Member.
  3. You then upgrade to Grade 3 with ₦29,600, Earning a total of ₦3,700,000
  4. Then you upgrade to Grade 4, Where you earn a Grand Total Of ₦27,000,000
  5. After Becoming A Member, What Next

iCharity Nigeria Review - All about iCharity Club Nigeria Donation Platform

You will be added to the Whatsapp/Facebook Group to join other members, interact and start growing your network. You also get assistance when ever you want.
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