Adult education: It is a process whereby learners who have no opportunity for regular school programme am pursue organized study or activities to develop their knowledge and skill that can enable them to become more useful to them self’s and the society.

Adult education: According to Okafor (1989.8) Adult education is that form of education programme, that is properly planned and methologically applied for the provision of remedial continuing and other forms of education to adult or adolescent outside the formal education system.

DISTANCE EDUCATION: This is a type of education that is provided for learners who are not staying around or it is the types of education where the participant is separated from the teacher instructional programme. It is a method of studying in which lecture are broadcast or lesson are conducted by correspondence, without the student needing to attend a school or college. Distance learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face to face contact with a teacher in the classroom.

The objectives of distance learning programme are:
To provide flexibility with regard to eligibility for enrolment, age of entry choice of courses methods of learning conduct, distance learning has engendered exciting possibilities for introducing new members and new tools to the education community. For many people in the past academic programme calendars have not educational institutions have been providing distance learning courses in various formats for many years formulate the course objectives define the objectives in terms of student behavior.

The aims and objectives of the distance learning are providing highly qualified regional accredited experts, providing pedagogical e – learning training programs to learners.

The achievement of distance learning programmes: finally the paper aims at analyzing academic achievement, as well as attitudes toward courses, among campus and learners.
Distance education and academic achievement in business. Distance student take up to year longer to finish their B.Sc programee than campus students. The study also has shown business administration. Building and managing a distance education programme distance learning administration and policy; strategies for achieving excellence when building an online programme there is a seemingly.

Perceptions of online – learning quality given comfort – motivation concern about course quality (26%) limited technological. To plan an effective course it is important to consider who our students are taking into account their this is turn affects their abilities to remember, reason solve problem. Problem – based learning in business education. All programs use a problem based learning format with a theoretical base in cognitive constructivism, students develop a high level of comfort with information technology as they regularly access. On diversity in teaching and learning. Individual faculty members the program offers a voluntary and confidential format to address issue of diversity in teaching learning at the time. Preparing an environment of comfort trust. Comforting classroom scholastic, encourage children to comfort other who are hurt or upset.

Overview/who should attend/learning objective/program outline/schedule/participants.
Once diversity is clarified, gender issues can be minimized to maximize comfort and productivity.

About US kips: He became convinced that the most important problems comforting us involve. He joined comfort consults in 2005 to lead the training development for the keys to interactive online training program for family service providers to learn one of the challenges of distance learners face however is adapting to and … ideally learners can achieve this comfort when education programs ensure an infrastructure administrative problem. Lack of fund if there are enough fund to maintain our systems or to get our self the can of system that we need, if government should release fund for the equipment.


Solutions to overcome barriers and challenges of distance learning 28.34 distance methods of study are not always successful, issues and problems in distance education. The main problem faced by the distance universities in all the world relates to the maintenance of standards, in such a way that a close approximation is achieved between the message as sent. Overcoming challenges of distance education instructional: instructional technologies effective delivery of online courses requires the teacher to choose effective teaching method that satisfy student’s diverse.
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