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Shiloh 2016 From Glory to Glory | Winners Chapel of Living Faith Church successfully concluded the Shiloh 2015 with lots of testimonies across the world. It resounded with the slogan "From Glory to Glory" and the response is "That is where I am going to in the year 2016".

We saw on the Living Faith Church TV the years' Shiloh 2015 Thanksgiving Service which was live on air and people recounted their blessings and we pray to see Shiloh 2016 Thanksgiving service in your multiplied state!!! In the name of Jesus!!

Congratulations to Winners Chapel members!!! You are returning to Shiloh 2016 in your multiplied State!!! Minimum 5 times what you are today!!! In the name of Jesus Amen.

We await the President of the Living Faith Church (Bishop David Oyedepo) to announce the date and theme of the Shiloh 2016 so that we can plan for it. As usual the shiloh 2016 venue will be in Canaan Land Ota, Ogun State and the you can be a partaker by going to the venue live or any other the Living Faith Church branches all over the world and watch the programme live on telecast. For those who are not within the reach of the Cannan Land or the church premises, you can watch the programme using the shiloh 2016 live streaming online.

See Prayers of people around the world:
Indeed shiloh is taking from glory to glory and that is were I'm going.Papa preached about having faith and serving God. That's my portion for the 2016. Matthew 6:33.people of this world, let us seek first the kingdom of God everything shall be added to us.for the lord knows our dream and prayer is to go to Shiloh Nigeria physically. God is changing level for me. This year of Shiloh according to our Father in the lord we shall be enjoying unusual manifestation of unlimited glory to glory as it is declared in the name of Jesus amen.

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