Problems and Solutions of an Accountant In an Organization
Accountants of an organization experience several challenges during the discharge of their duties, some of the problems faced by an accountant  of an  organization includes; management interference and opposition, delay in supply of information, lack of confidentiality of information, inadequate working facilities etc.  

(1)      Management Interference and Opposition: one of the problems which an accountant encounters in an organization is the problem interference and opposition. An accountant is not always given the freedom to render a true and fair financial record. Due to position of power being that the accountant are employed under the managers and directors they make it mandatory that accountant must dance to their tone. And if the accountant refuses to manipulate his financial data, they oppose his reports.

(2)      Delay in Supply of Information: As a result of poor arrangement of certain organization circulation of information is delayed, thereby affecting the accountant in rendering his services promptly. Some organization faces a bottle neck i.e. dumping works that is supposed to be done in various departments in one department. An accountant finds it difficult to make his report ready in such organizations.

(3)      Lack of Confidentiality of Information: Most managers or directors fail to have confidence in accountant works believing that their reports are not reliable. Sometimes, they prefer to do the works themselves even when the accountants are there to render the services. In fact, as  a result of this attitude, the accountants find it difficult to accept work in most organization

(4)           Inadequate Work Facilities: When there is availability of facilities in an organization, it makes works easier but when the facilities are not there the works become hard to complete. Accountants are faced with this challenge in most organization. These thereby affect his effectiveness in providing report.

Solutions to the Problems of Accountant in an Organization 
The solution to the problems facing an accountant in an organization includes:
(1)               Non-Management Interference and Opposition: The managers or directors should allow the accountant the freedom to perform their works even though they are part of the management but for the fact that they singled out as an accountant or auditor giving freedom in doing their work will help them to render a true and fair financial report.
(2)              Effective and Efficient in Supply of Information: A well arranged organizations makes an accountant financial report effective and efficient. A well arranged organization makes in formations to circulate properly without a waste of time and met the objective of the organization as at when due.
(3)              Training and Retraining of Accountant: The organization should make it a point of duty to train and retrain their works of accountant to make them more efficient in performance. Some accountants are difficult in their services as a result of the kind of school attended. Such accountant needed to be retrained for a better qualification. Take for instance, training an accountant with a to having professional certificate ICAN upgrade the performance of the accountant.
(4)              Allowing an Accountant to Safeguard their Financial Statement: An accountant should be allowed to safeguard his financial statement account the interference of the manager or director. The financial statement should be left under the custody of an accountant for easy accessibility and avoidance of error. If there should interference, the account and may end up not rendering a perfect or an effect the financial rendering a perfect or an effect the financial report.
(5)       Provision of Working Facilities: When there is availability of facilities it makes work faster, easy and accurate. Working facilities such as computer, a conducive working environment, payment of salary which will make an accountant comfortable should be provided so as to enable him render an effective and efficient service.
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