Gmail - Wrong Display Name and Picture on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL Account - How To Fix it

This post will help you fix all problems with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail wrong sender name. Just read the post carefully and understand the Wrong Display Name associated with my Gmail account and how to fix it. But first, you should Login To Your Gmail Account. Did you forget your user name or password? Don't panic, you can See the Email Recovery Options Here. Read on...

For some time, many email users has been complaining of wrong email name or image (profile picture) displaying to their friends, family or job clients. Last week, we got several emails from different mail users across the US, UK, Malaysia, China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Netherlands, Germany, India etc complaining that their emails is having issues. Most of the said that they have sent mails to Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft support centers but seem not to get any reply or help. Since we write articles about emails to help users, they decided to ask us to see if we can help give them a helping hand to fix their problems. Before we go any further with the solutions, lets look at the problems, understand the problems before proffering solutions. Written below are a list of complains and review of the problems about wrong sender names displayed on receiver's inbox.

If for example: your name is Sandra Grey and your gmail account is
But when you send an email to your friend or business client, he/she receives it with DHL DELIVERY for example. All your email contacts and people you send emails to are will see DHL DELIVERY<> Now you will wonder what the problem is and definitely you will rush to google search and type "how do I fix it?"

Another mails came with this tag: How to change sender's name in Gmail account?
He said their company has a Gmail account used for business. (e.g When they registered the Gmail Account, they had put the company's name as ST designers. Whenever they are sending out mails to clients, it reaches the receiver with the Sender as WT Designers. After a while, the company name was changed. They needed to edit WT Designers so that the mails reaches them as a mail from GK Fashion. He said that they have tried to edit the profile name but its not responding. 
So he decided to post this; Can any one help them please?

 Gmail Problems and Solutions

WRONG PERSONAL NAME Associated or shown on,,,,

If you have been recently informed by your friends, family or business associates that the your sender name shown on all your e-mails were showing a wrong name. You own name should be shown as the sender (this is supposed to be your real personal name or your companies name) but is now showing a name of a TOTAL STRANGER you don't even know from anywhere or another company name that is not yours... This is kind of very embarrassing can can make you loosing a business contract.

It is possible that you have checked all the SETTINGS in Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft's hotmail, and outlook, and also gmail, they all show all your correct personal or company name.

The e-mail addresses involved are the following;
You could be using a computer with a Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 on one computer but they all have this e-mail problem when you try to send an e-mail using them any of them. You have even tried to send mails from your mobile phones like the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 5, 6, 7, iPads, Tecno, HTC, iTel, Sony xpera, etc but its it sends out wrong names, the just know that your account has been tempered with by either a human and a machine through hacking/phinching means. So any new e-mail account set-up by you on your computer legitimately has inherited the name of a TOTAL STRANGER! 

It might also be possible that you have send a help mail to either Microsoft,  Yahoo,  Gmail Support Center for help, but they didn't reply you. Sorry about that because they are to busy working with some other things.

Now with all these problems of wrong sender name or image, you will really appreciate it if anyone can help you to reset or fix it, because you wouldn't like to abandon the email address due to reasons like; you have registered and used the your email address for online banking purposes, credit cards, investments, government tax reporting, internet stores (such as Amazon, Chapters, eBay, etc), and many other registries of personal interest such as Virtual Dr, Fiverr, Google Adsense, Blogger and so on.

Now your Questions are;
Has my Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo ID been high-jacked? 
How to reset Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo sender name?

This usual happens from SPAM, HACK, PHINCH etc. When you receive all those junk mails from unknown senders with some tempting subjects like; "You have won the draw" (which you never played in the first place) and you decided to open it to see the details of the mail. Very sure you will see an attachment to the mail for you to download and view how you won the proposed draw and possibly how to claim the win. My friend, what you don't know is that there may be viruses and worms embedded in  those links in the attachments. Once you click on it, it will ask you to Login to your account, once you do that, the hacker can hack and have complete access to your account, change your password, change your display name or picture etc. My advise, be careful with the mails you open in your inbox, or spam box and be very careful with opening attachments with links or even downloading files from unsecured websites. Be sure to install a working and updated antivirus into your computer, mobile phone and tablet to help secure your email account.


I will like to make the solution on how to fix wrong sender name in your email account. in a shot explanation, you have to go to the e-mail settings on Gmail for example, click on "Accounts and Import" and then select the "add another e-mail address..." in the "Send Mail As" section. You can even add POP accounts or even other web-mail accounts. These accounts will be shown in the From field when composing a message. See the explanation in steps below;

  • Step 1 - Click on the Cog Wheel icon to the top right to display settings
  • Step 2 - Click on "Accounts & Imports"
  • Step 3 - Click on "Send Email as"
  • Step 4 - Click on "Edit Info"
  • Step 5 - Click the OK/Save

This is what I mean: >>Settings >> Accounts & imports >>Send email as >>Edit info>>OK.

In the window which opens, change the name and press OK and That's it............ Done. You are OK. Try sending a mailto your friend or business associate now, I'm sure it will display you name.

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