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Slot Nigeria –  If you are looking for a good online dealer on electronics in Nigeria, you are sure on the right place which is naija slot. I will surely tell you  how you can get any kind of electronic device you want at your door step. Eg, Samsung phones, blackbery phones Techno phones etc.

Do you want to buy your next phone from SLOT limited? Here is the price of all the smartphones model on Slot Nigeria stores online. In addition to these price list, I will also be sharing top online mobile store where to compare prices and whichever store offers the lowest phone price, you can order and pay on delivery.

Please note that all the mobile phones listed here comes with full warranty from manufacturers.

No doubt, Slot Nigeria is one of the fastest growing online shops in Nigeria. It offers one of the best range of prices for top quality phones, laptops and a host of other mobile devices and accessories. Most customers who have bought mobile gadgets from any of the stores nationwide can confirm the top notch, enjoyable customer services offered. 

So, if you are interested in buying from the site, you will definitely find this price list helpful. Pls note that, Slot Nigeria reserves the right to change any of their product prices. This list is only meant to serve as a guide, even though it reflects the current prices as at the time of compiling the list. 

For that of the blackberry, it ranges from blackberry curve, to blackberry bold and the newly released brand of blackberry like the blackberry passport, blackberry Z10, Z30, Blackberry Q5, and blackberry porch.

The actual purpose for this publication is to give you an idea of how much a blackberry, Samsung or even Tecno phones would cost at slot Nigeria. as the latest Samsung phones, Tecno mobile phones are also available on slot Nigeria.

Slot Nigeria Price List For Blackberry

Also available at slot naija, are Samsung smart phones that ranges from the galaxy tabs, samsung notes and samsung  core. This  makes  up the list of phone devices we will be looking at on this article and surely we will also be looking at  their prices too.

The one reason we advice that customers to purchase their phone devices from a licenced dealer, is bcause at the rate of fake phones in Nigeria, you are not guaranteed satisfaction on your mobile device. Now, at slot Nigeria, you are guaranteed atleast a 3 months warranty. So one place to get a sure device in Nigeria such as original Nokia , Samsung, Lg Blackberry, iPhone , Tecno phones and computers (PC  systems, laptops) slot Nigeria.

Another advantage you will get from my article here, is that it will save you a lot of stress which you would have encountered by trying to locate slot Nigeria offices all over the country to buy phones any electronics when all you need is to make orders and in less than four days, you will get what you order for.

This does not mean that you too cannot shop in their various offices across the nation. But it will be lot easier to just make your orders through their official website.
Well for me, though we have lots of licensed dealers in phones and other electronic devices, I would say slot Nigeria still stand out.

Slot Nigeria Blackberry Price List Checker.

We also have a scenario where customers can conveniently compare prices of phone devices which they want at slot Nigeria with the amount of money they have. All they need do is visit the official website of slot nigeria at www.slotlimited.com and confirm the actual price of all the phones they want be it  blackberry devices or Samsung or Tecno. Etc
Enough of long talk. Let’s get started.

Slot Nigeria Blackberry 10 phone price list
Balckberry Q5 price at slote nigeria =N32.00
Blackberry Q10 prices at slot nigeria=42.00
Blackberry Q10 Gold price at slot nigeria=N70.00
BalckberryZ3  price at slot nigeriaN35.00
Blackberry Z10 price  at slot nigeria=N37.00
Blackberry z30 price  at slot nigeria =N62.00

Now if you desire check the slot nigeria blackberry phone price list page,all you need do is  simply log on to www.slot.ng/ to confirm blackberry to check and confirm all the prices of blackberry phones in the online webpage called store.

Slot Nigeria Samsung phone price list:

Now on this publication, I have arranged samsung phones and prices on a tabular form for easy understanding. Remember that samsung phone devices are one of the best android devices you can think about. So at slot Nigeria, you can get them.

Samsung phones price list at www.slot.ng/Samsung

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 price     = N83.000
2Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price     = N125.000
3. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini price   = N125.000
4. Samsung Galaxy Grand2 price  =N45.00
5. Samsung Galaxy Core 2 price    =N27.000
6. Samsung Galaxy S4 price            =N60.00
7. Samsung Galaxy Note3 price    =N92.000
8. Samsung Galaxy Core price      =N28.000
9. Samsung Galaxy S3 price          =N54.000
10. Samsung Galaxy Star price      =N10.00
11. Samsung Galaxy young dolos  =N19.00
12. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom         =N54.00
13. Samsung Galaxy Star price      =N25.000
14. Samsung Galaxy Kzoom price  =N75.00
15. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo    =N65.00
16. Samsung Galaxy Core Ace        =N17.00
17. Samsung Galaxy Gear price    = N50.00

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Slot Nigeria Techno phone price list:

Now we will be looking at the price list of tecno phone on slot Nigeria.
Well it is no longer new to us that Tecno phones are on the rise and surely one of the best phone devices in the world. Possibly because it’s a cheap alternative to some of the smart phones. I have put together the price list of techno phone in slot Nigeria. You can visit slot.ng/Techno for the accurate  price of techno phones.

Slot Nigeria Tecno Phone Price List:

Tecno F5  =N18.00
Tecno F6 =N27.000
Tecno H7 =N25.000
Tecno Phantom A3 =N45.000
Tecno Phantom Pad( GG) =N32.00
Tecno phantom Zt T340 =N55.00

For those costumers who want to buy or purchase any of the aforementioned without doing it online, then you can walk into any of the offices of slot Nigeria and purchase any. I have been able to get together some of the offices of slot Nigeria across the nation, Slot Nigeria apapa lagos this is located at N95 kofo, Abayomi street opp coster castle lagos, Slot Nigeria Kano is situated at no2 Zaria road, gyadigy gtadi. You can check Slot Nigeria warri: this is located at No 7 airport road. We also have Slot Nigeria Ikeja office is at no15/18 ola ayeni road lagos.

All phones comes are sourced directly from manufacturers and comes with warranty.

SLOT BlackBerry Phones and Price List

BlackBerry 9320: ₦19,000.00
BlackBerry 9720: ₦33,000.00
Blackberry 9983 Porshe 3: ₦450,000.00
BlackBerry Passport: ₦130,000.00
BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9982: ₦302,000.00
BLACKBERRY PORSCHE P'9981: ₦270,000.00
Blackberry Q10: ₦46,000.00
BlackBerry Q5: ₦36,000.00
BLACKBERRY Z10: ₦44,000.00
Blackberry Z3: ₦42,000.00
BlackBerry Z30: ₦69,000.00

SLOT Samsung Phone Price List

Samsung E2222: ₦7,000.00
Samsung Galaxy A5: ₦68,500.00
Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite (G313): ₦23,000.00
Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850 + Free Wrist watch, Power Bank and T-shirt (Limited Offer): ₦110,000.00
Samsung Galaxy Core: ₦26,500.00
Samsung Galaxy Core II (G355): ₦25,000.00
Samsung Galaxy Gear Two: ₦50,000.00
Samsung Galaxy Grand 2: ₦45,500.00
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo: ₦35,500.00
Samsung Galaxy K zoom ₦74,000.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (16GB) ₦95,000.00
SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 2014 EDITION 32GB ₦108,000.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ₦136,000.00
Samsung Galaxy Note3 ₦91,000.00

SLOT Tecno Phone Price List

TECNO F5 ₦18,000.00
TECNO F6 ₦29,500.00
TECNO H3 ₦12,500.00
Tecno H5 ₦14,500.00
Tecno H7 ₦29,500.00
Tecno M3 ₦12,000.00
TECNO M7 ₦23,500.00
Tecno P5 ₦17,500.00
Tecno Phantom A III (Three) ₦45,500.00
Tecno Phantom PAD mini (P9) ₦29,000.00
TECNO Phantom PAD Ⅱ (G9) ₦35,000.00
TECNO Phantom Z ₦59,000.00
TECNO R7 ₦41,000.00
Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini ₦38,000.00

SLOT HTC Phone Price

HTC One M7 Gold ₦73,000.00
HTC One M7 Single SIM Blk & Slv ₦70,000.00
HTC One Gold (32GB) ₦79,000.00
HTC One M7 -Dual SIM ₦73,000.00
HTC One E8 Single ₦80,000.00
HTC One E8 Dual ₦82,000.00
HTC One (M8) Gold ₦103,600.00
HTC Desire 816 Dual ₦58,000.00
HTC Desire 616 ₦42,500.00
HTC Desire 610 ₦45,000.00
HTC Desire 600 Dual ₦56,000.00
HTC Desire 300 ₦29,000.00
HTC Desire 500 Dual ₦40,500.00

SLOT Nokia Lumia Phone Price

Nokia Lumia 1020 ₦82,000.00
Nokia Lumia 1320 ₦50,000.00
Nokia Lumia 1520 ₦87,000.00
NOKIA LUMIA 2520 Plus Keyboard ₦133,000.00
NOKIA LUMIA 520 ₦20,000.00
Nokia Lumia 930 ₦89,500.00
Nokia Lumia 830 ₦69,000.00
Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM ₦46,000.00
NOKIA LUMIA 630 ₦27,500.00

SLOT Apple Phone Price List

Apple iPhone 5c All Colour (16GB) ₦100,000.00
Apple iPhone 5s Grey, Silver, Gold (16GB) ₦128,500.00
APPLE IPHONE 6 (128GB) ₦200,000.00
APPLE IPHONE 6 PLUS (128GB) ₦230,000.00

SLOT Sony Xperia Phone Price

Sony Xperia U ₦22,800.00
Sony Xperia Z ₦60,000.00
Sony Xperia Z1 ₦73,000.00
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact ₦67,000.00
Sony Xperia M2 Aqua ₦49,000.00
Sony Xperia T2 Ultra ₦60,000.00

SLOT Infinix Phone Price

Infinix Alpha Marvel X502 ₦38,200.00
Infinix Alpha X570 ₦37,500.00
Infinix Bolt X450 Dual ₦23,000.00
Infinix HOT (LIMITED OFFER) ₦15,500.00
Infinix Joy pad (X1000) ₦46,300.00
Infinix Race Jet X501 ₦19,600.00
Infinix Zero X506 (16GB) Dual SIM ₦27,500.00

SLOT LG Phone Price

LG 686 ₦33,500.00
LG D380 ₦33,000.00
LG D410 Dual Sim ₦33,000.00
LG G FLEX (D958) ₦100,000.00
LG G Pad 8.0 LTE (V490) ₦50,000.00
LG G PRO E988 ₦51,500.00
LG G Pro Lite Dual (D686) ₦43,000.00

SLOT Lenovo Phone Price

Lenovo Vibe X2 ₦72,000.00
Lenovo A3000 ₦31,500.00
Lenovo A3300 TAB ₦19,000.00
Lenovo MIIX 2 (8Inch) ₦70,000.00
Lenovo A606 ₦27,000.00

Slot Blackberry Phones Prices 

Blackberry phones are no doubt a "black beauty" to behold. If you are among the trendy ones who seek sleek design high tech phones, a high tech Blackberry device may come handy. With the remarkable pinging system, By has changed the way we communicate. Here is a range of prices you can get a Blackberry phone at slot:

BLACKBERRY 9320 - ₦25,000.00

BLACKBERRY 9720 - ₦33,000.00

BLACKBERRY 9790 - ₦43,500.00 (Used to sell for ₦51,000.00 )

BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9982 - ₦380,000.00 (Used to sell for ₦420,000.00)

Blackberry Q10 - ₦58,000.00

Blackberry Q10 Gold - ₦75,000.00 (Used to sell for ₦85,000.00)

BlackBerry Q5 - ₦35,000.00 (Used to sell for ₦58,000.00)

BLACKBERRY Z10 - ₦38,000.00 (Used to sell for ₦76,000.00)

BlackBerry Z30 - ₦83,000.00

To compare prices with Blackberry Phones on Konga, Click Here!

Slot Nigeria Price List for Tecno Phones:

Gone are the days when Tecno phones were looked down upon. Now, don't be surprised that one in every 3 Nigerians now use Tecno products. Till date, there is yet no other sophisticated technology that comes cheap like Tecno devices. In addition, there is an array of high quality durable devices you can get at affordable prices. Take a look at some of the Tecno Phone prices below:

Tecno D1 sells for ₦13,000

Tecno D9 is sold for ₦24,800

Tecno H3 is sold for ₦14,000.00
Tecno H5 sold @ ₦14,200.00

Tecno M3 sold @ ₦14,000.00
Tecno M5 sold @₦24,000.00 (hot price!)

Tecno M7 sold @₦27,500.00

Tecno P5 sold @ ₦16,100.00

Tecno Phantom A3 sold @₦49,800.00

Tecno Phantom A+ plus sold @₦36,800.00

Tecno Phantom Pad Mini (P9) sold @₦28,500.00

Tecno Q1 sold @₦15,000.00 (hot price!)

Tecno R7 sold @ ₦43,000.00

Tecno S3 sold @₦12,000.00 (hot price!)

Tecno S5 sold at ₦21,500.00 (hot price! ) 

Tecno S7 sold at ₦25,000.00 

Nokia Phones Price List at Slot Nigeria

With Nokia Phones, connecting people will become your next hobby. Nokia devices are best known for their strong durable & long-lasting features. Here is a breakdown of some of the nokia prices from Slot:

Nokia 100 sold at ₦3,700.00

Nokia 101 sold at ₦4,800.00
Nokia 105 sold at ₦2,600.00

Nokia 106 sold at ₦3,600.00
Nokia 107 sold at ₦4,000.00

Nokia 108 sold at ₦5,400.00
Nokia 110 sold at ₦6,200.00

Nokia 220 sold at ₦7,500.00
Nokia 301 sold at ₦12,800.00

Nokia 305 sold at ₦11,000.00
Nokia 515 sold at ₦22,800.00

Nokia Asha 210 sold at ₦11,000.00
Nokia Asha 230 sold at ₦10,000.00 

Nokia Asha 300 sold at ₦14,300.00
Nokia Asha 308 sold at ₦13,700.00
( Used to sell for ₦16,500.00!) 

Nokia Asha 309 sold at ₦13,200.00
NOKIA ASHA 310 sold at ₦15,700.00

Nokia Asha 311 sold at ₦15,000.00
Nokia Asha 500 sold at ₦11,500.00

Nokia Asha 501 sold at ₦12,500.00
Nokia Asha 502 sold at ₦14,500.00

Nokia Asha 503 sold at ₦15,800.00
Nokia Lumia 1020 sold at ₦83,000.00

Nokia Lumia 1320 sold at ₦55,800.00
Nokia Lumia 1520 sold at ₦103,000.00

NOKIA LUMIA 520 sold at ₦20,500.00 
(Used to sell for ₦29,000.00!) 

Nokia Lumia 620 sold at ₦35,500.00
(Used to sell for ₦38,000.00!) 

NOKIA LUMIA 625 sold at ₦37,000.00
NOKIA LUMIA 630 sold at ₦27,000.00

NOKIA LUMIA 720 sold at ₦45,000.00
( Used to sell for ₦49,000.00) 

NOKIA LUMIA 920 sold at ₦58,800.00
(Used to sell for ₦60,000.00 )

Nokia Lumia 925 sold at ₦61,000.00
Nokia X sold at ₦19,110.00 
(Used to sell for ₦19,500.00!) 

NOKIA XL ₦30,000.00
( Used to sell for ₦31,000.00) 

About Slot Nigeria - www.slot.ng

SLOT Systems Limited is a household name for affordable and durable mobile phones for all levels/classes of people. They consider it necessary to fill up this need in the global information technology with emphasis in Nigeria market. As an indigenous company, they don't just sell phones, they provide first class after sales support that is incomparable in any Western African information technology sector. Over the years, they have been the first to announce new phones, new functions, features, and upgrades in the Nigerian society. Incorporated since 1998 and started importation of computer accessories the same year. Slot Systems made a priceless contribution in providing personal computer (PCs) in virtually every house and office in the late 90s. With the ability of their dynamic leadership in 2001 they switched over to mobile telecommunication services and since then they have kept the flag flying high.

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