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2go Download 5.4 - 2go Registration, Download Free 2go, New 2go version m:2go:im - Learn more about 2go 4.1 - This app does not need any formal introduction because 95% of people across the world is using the application to send and recieve messages frm their friends, family and business associates. We will take some more serious discussions below so that those who don't know much about 2go can get to know how it works. You can even download all the 2go latest versions here.

What is 2go

2go is a mobile messenger that allows you to communicate for free with your friends. It is a network of millions of people where you can setup your profile, talk to friends, share files and pictures, and meet new people.

Why use 2go?

2go allows you to communicate with your friends easily and for free. 2go does require a network connection which your mobile operator charges you a small amount for, but this costs much less than it would cost to send an SMS.

 Download 2go 5.0

How do I get 2go?

If you have a Blackberry or Java-enabled phone, visit m.2go.im on your mobile phone and download 2go for your phone.

If you have an Android phone, visit the Google Play Store to download 2go.
  • 2go version 4.1 released
  • 2go releases the updated version 4.1 of 2go for feature phones.
  • African mobile social network 2go has launched its latest version of 2go for feature phones.

2go today began rolling out its latest version 4.1 of 2go for J2ME feature phones across various handsets.

Principally, this version marks a dramatic improvement in the speed of the application. Startup time is drastically reduced, rendering is much faster and the user interface is far more responsive, even on low-end handsets.

In addition, due to enhancements in the application's design and development, the messaging experience has been vastly improved. Conversation state is remembered across application restarts, ensuring users don't lose conversation history or context.

Profiles have been enhanced and presence and online states are now indicated.

2go believes that this version will radically improve experience for its users, ensuring that the network retains its relevance in the highly competitive social messaging space.

About 2go

2go is a chat-based mobile social network targeting users in emerging markets, particularly in Africa. The company has over 50 million registered users with more than 11 million active users in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. 2go is the largest social network in Nigeria with over 9 million active users.

2go users message each other for free, meet new people and share updates and photos with friends and family.

2go reaches most phone users in Africa with support for over 1,500 feature phones as well as Blackberry and Android versions. 2go’s Advertising Platform helps brands reach engage with users across the continent.

2go on your PC

Fill in your login details below and you will be able to start chatting on 2go from your computer.

Enter your login details

Enter your mobile number and 2go password in the form below. You must use the cellphone number that you registered on 2go with and the password which was given to you. If you have not registered with 2go, click here for instructions on how to register.

Lost 2go password?

If you can't remember your 2go password, visit the help section to get instructions on how to have your password sent to you.

2go Login, password and profile problems

I have lost my password, how can I get it sent to me?
Visit m.2go.im on your phone, choose your country, click 'Get Help', then select 'I forgot my password/PIN' from the menu. This will provide you with instructions on how to retrieve your password.

I want to change my profile details? How do I do it?
Profile editing is available inside the latest versions of 2go.

I can't login because I was banned, how do I fix this?
2go takes abusive behaviour very seriously so that it may protect all its users and provide a positive chat environment; therefore users are banned if they violate our terms and conditions. If this has happened to you and you feel it was in error, please file a problem report on m.2go.im.

Which mobile phones does 2go run on?
2go runs on Android phones and more than a thousand feature phone models that support Java applications.

2go supports the following manufacturers: Alcatel, Blackberry, HTC, Imate, LG, Mio, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, O2, Palm, Qtek, Sagem, Samsung, Sharp, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, TECNO and Vodafone.

Are there any phones made by these manufacturers that cannot run 2go?
Yes, the Samsung SGH-X660 and the Samsung SGH-M600.

My phone wasn't detected when I registered, can I still use 2go?
If your phone model was not detected, you can select your manufacturer from the list and choose the 'All' model.

Is 2go available in the Nokia Ovi Store?
Yes. Please visit the Nokia Ovi Store to download 2go.

Does 2go run on Android phones?
Yes. Please visit the Google Play Store to download 2go.

Does 2go run on an Apple iPhone?
Not yet.

Where can I download 2go for Android?
2go can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store here.

I receive a 'package file is invalid' error when installing or upgrading 2go for Android. How can I fix this?
This is an error that some Android users get when installing applications for the first time or when upgrading applications in the Google Play Store. The error can happen with any application downloaded from the Play Store and is not specific to 2go.

There is not a single fix to resolve this issue, but rather a series of actions that should be tried until the installation succeeds. The following steps should be tried, in order, until the problem is resolved:

A. Users updating an existing installation should start here

Go to Phone Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications. (On newer phones, go to Phone Settings, press More at the top and select Application manager)
Select 2go
Press "Clear data" and "Clear cache"
Try to install 2go again from Play Store
B. If that doesn't work, or if installing 2go for the first time ...
Go to Application manager (as in step 1)
Select Google Play Store
Press "Clear data" and "Clear cache"
Go back to Application manager
Select Google Play services
Press "Clear data" and "Clear cache"
Try to install or update 2go again from the Play Store
C. If that doesn't work
Go to Application manager (as in step 1)
Select Google Play Store
Press "Uninstall updates"
Try to install/update 2go again from Play Store
D. If that doesn't work or if you have a rooted device
Repeat steps 5-10
Reboot into recovery and go to Advanced -> clear dalvik cache
Reboot and try to install/update 2go from Play Store
E. If none of those work
Factory reset your phone.
WARNING! - this will erase all data on your phone and return it to a state as if you had bought it new. Only do this as a last resort. You can read more about doing this here.

What is 2go's attitude towards safety and privacy?

2go takes the safety and privacy of its users very seriously. We implement numerous features and safeguards to ensure the security of our users and network and implement features to comply with applicable laws.

Where can I find more information on safe chatting on 2go?

Visit the safe chatting and privacy section for more information.

Network / connectivity / GPRS-related problems

My phone gets stuck on the 'Connecting' screen, what do I do?
Please verify that your phone's GPRS (data) settings are correct. These settings can be obtained from your mobile network provider. We have provided settings for some mobile networks on this page.

My Blackberry won't connect to 2go, how do I fix this?

Some Blackberrys need a small change to allow them to work with 2go. Following these instructions on your phone to fix the problem:
Goto Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP/IP
Tick "APN Settings Enabled"
Next to "APN" type "internet"
Press Menu -> Save
Run 2go again and it will work.
I thought 2go was free! Why am I still being charged?
A GPRS (data) connection is required so that you can chat with other people in 2go. A small fee is charged by every mobile network operator to maintain a GPRS connection. Remember that this costs much less than it would normally cost to send an SMS!

I want to work at 2go. How can I apply?

We're on the lookout for smart engineering talent. Click here for more information.

Can I advertise my brand on 2go?

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