YouWin! 4 COMPETITION WINNERS RESULT | LIST OF NAMES 2015/2016 FIRST STAGE DOWNLOAD - first stage winners result and list of names in 2015/2016 - Download

YouWin was launched in November 17, 2014 Presidential launch and was closed by 30th December 2014 but later extended to 15th March 2015 so as to enable everybody to apply for YouWin.


Stage One Winners

    To Be Confirmed - Training starts for 1st stage winners
    To Be Confirmed - Successful 1st stage winners notified
    March 15, 2015 1st stage applications close

Youwin first stage Winners will be announced as soon as YouWin administrators finish accessing and reviewing the submitted applications. Succesful winners will move to stage 2. The list of the names of Youwin competition will be published using PDF format so that applicants can download and view the result. We will like to keep you informed about the Yowin 4 competition winners result and list of shortlisted candidates that scaled through in the first stage, but for us to be able to do this, you have to Subscribe to our Newsletter by entering your email in the space provided above or below this webpage.

Stage Two Winners

    To Be Confirmed - Second stage winners notified after application review
    To Be Confirmed - Second stage applications close on a specific date
    To Be Confirmed - Second stage applications opens for feasibility study of your business

The second stage will commence immediately the first stage Youwin results is published. Note that Only successful candidates whose names appear on the shortlisted first stage winners are allowed to continue will answering the Youwin questions on Youwin website - After this stage, successfully candidates will move to the final stage.
Final Stage Selection Winners

    To Be Confirmed Presidential award ceremony.

The final stage of Youwin 4 competition is for those whose names will be published as the final winners of the programme. This winners will be given cash and/or machines or equipments to startup their own businesses or trade. This ceremony is usually done by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Abuja.
View the List of YouWin winners Here
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