This is an integrated rural development. It is also a planned and determined effort of the government and other interested agencies alongside those of rural communities to cooperatively tackle rural development problems so as to improve and increase the per capita income and the welfare of the people. Community development on the other hands is seen as a movement designed to promote better living for the whole community with the active participation and if possible on the initiative of the community.

The developmental strategies of community development programmes can be traced under the following conditions which includes operational principles, and targets of adult education in community development efforts. These two conditions has their sub goals to perform for the development of the community programmes. The sub goals of the above mentioned strategies or principles are as follows:

For the community development to progress, a critical consciousness must be generated about current conditions of underdevelopment, exploitation and human degradation which arise from class divisions and distribution of privileges and wealth. The possibilities of changing this situation through collective as well as individual action must be figured as a central theme in adult education programme.

In the initial stages of organization’s building rural people need outside technical assistance, to develop individual ideas on collective self help. National and international voluntary organizations as well as government agencies, must perceive themselves as facilitation of the initiative of local organizations and association. They must be careful not to perpetuate dependency. They must plan relationships with rural evolving into cooperation, and finally ending in withdrawal when the rural community can stand on its own feet.

vocational or technical education must target enhancing the employ-ability of adults and youths through updating them on new skills in their chosen occupation.
This component of adult education programme is the key to production of skilled manpower that would be able to utilize the resources in the community for community development civil and political education: Adult education should aim at creating civic and political awareness in participants. This ensures grass-root democracy and political stability.  A stable community devoid of various political and leadership disputes will devote more time in attending to community development projects.

Women issues: To achieve community self-sufficient the family must be considered as an economice unit in which women  have a acknowledge status socio-cultural bias notwithstanding. Oppressing them or according to them a third class position in the scheme of things would definitely stifle development efforts. Adult education programme should tackle the roots of the subordination of women in relation to all forms of inequality and oppression.
Recreation and leisure: Adult education should give necessary cultural leisure and recreational education to the adult citizens the retired and retiring. This instills self-confidence, reassuring spirit, required in carrying on the task of leading and directing others.

Community development association:
Community development association vary in their names, modes of operation objectives and achievements. Example of these associations include; town unions, cultural groups, trade unions, women groups, grade and social clubs e.t.c Community development association which are voluntarily formed by individuals from a particular profession, area or rural Community

In conclusion the developmental strategies of the Community development programmes that has been discussed above are the clear evidence of the principles that can aids or helps in the  development of one is Community or society at large. All these principles as were discussed above under adult education can improve the rapid growth and development of any nation or Community as well.
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