This is a very simple step by step process on how to create a hotmail or outlook new account and login successfully. is thesame thing as To sign in or sign up to a Hotmail mail or account, login to and you will be required to enter your Hotmail! ID and password in the boxes made available then hit the “sign in” button. If you do not have your own address, you can sign up for one. To sign up, click the “Sign up now” button on that same page. You can choose to connect your Hotmail to your Facebook or Google account. This ensures that you can login to your account via these channels. There are a variety of things you can do with your Hotmail account, things like chating with your hotmail messenger, sending free emails to your pals and family members anywhere, sharing photos and other file, documents electronically.

Hotmail is a free email service provided by great internet giant company Hotmail but now Microsoft! service was credited as one of the first webmail services provider since the  cradle of the Internet alongside RocketMail followed by  Yahoo! Mail and Gmail that came in latter on.  This single stride by brought to an end ISP based-email, giving email users the privilege of accessing their inbox anywhere in the world.

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Hotmail is a mailing system with the web address and it was set up on 4 July 1996 by an India entrepreneur; Sabeer Bhatia along with his colleague Jack Smith  but  was latter sold to Microsoft for a reported some of $400 million in December 1997 were it was joined with the MSN services. In the year 1999, was reported as the world largest webmail provider with over 30 million active users, a figure that has changed overtime. As at 18th February 2013, was reported to having 420 million active users worldwide.

Hotmail was compromised by hackers in what was largely called the biggest hack in webmail is so many accounts were were tempered. this neccessitated the building and release of another service on November 9, 2006, called  Windows Live Hotmail and also marked the birth of Windows Live Hotmail messenger. was first made public on 31 July 2012 finally launched on 18th February 2013 . The new outlook comes with a virus and spams can and runs on Ajax programming techniques. Outlook come with features like  rich importing and exporting of contacts as CSV files, text formatting, message filters, folder-based organization of messages, auto-completion of contact addresses when composing, contact grouping, rich text signatures,  support for multiple addresses, as well as different language versions for most languages.

The move from Hotmail to was accomplished in just over six weeks, and the migration means that there are now more than 400 million active accounts, 125 million of which access the service on mobile via Exchange ActiveSync. Get along now, don’t be left behind.

All Hotmail users are hereby informed that their account have been integrated and transformed to Your former account and password still remains the same and works without change on the interface. Again, your emails, contacts, saved files, calendar, all your items and your preferred settings still works same way on the platform. with the new outlook, contents and functionality from some other websites and services such as YouTube videos, Flickr,  LinkedIn, and Active Views which include tracking of real time shipping status from US Postal Service  to be viewed straight away from the email message.

All features in and additional once from Outlook are available for your use on the outlook interface. , and new users now have option in choosing from various domain like:,

So many client run into issues in the process of using hotmail service, were they ideally need the help of customer care. To contact the customer care unit  firstly

    Login  to your Hotmail account or any other Hotmail account( any account will serve)
    In the upper right corner of the Hotmail page click on “help”
    When it opens, click on “view other help suggestion or contact us” on the left hand side of the page
    Then select “Other-Contact MSN Hotmail” in the category drop-down list
    A contact form will be opened which you are expected to fill

There is Hotmail hotline which is 1.800.386.5550 as at the time of writing this report, and as well I cannot tell when Hotmail will finally reply email messages depending on the nature of the complain.

Hotmail comes with Instant actions when a user hovers the mouse over a message. Instant actions like  sweep, delete, move, and flag, and they are optionally customizable in options.

Hotmail  has two configurations and they are – the Free and Business version. Free version features include; Email storage capacity, email attachment, your account expires if there are no activities on your email account within a space of 9 months. After the account gets expired, it can get reactivated but all stored information such as emails will be lost. Your Hotmail mail account is also protected from spam and virus like Gmail and Yahoo mail. While using your email account, you get to see advertising displayed on the screen. Also in the free version of your account, you have access to IMAP, DeltaSync, POP3, WebDAV Microsoft Exchange DMARC for maximum security and SMTPs.

How to change password | change your personal information in Hotmail
If you want to change your personal information like removing your last name from

The following steps will explain to you how to remove your last name or other personal information steps:

    Sign in to your and go to your Inbox
    On the top right select “Options” and then More Options

Below Manage Your Account click the button that reads “View and edit your personal information”
On the same right side, under Common Tasks, click “edit your registered information”
You are expected to Change your hotmail information in the form that appears, information like  remove your last name:
Hit the Save button at the bottom of the form the save the edited information

Hotmail  allow users to arrange messages or senders into a particular group or category, and those categories will show under “Quick views” in the sidebar. While Some of the categories are created by default, and some mail is put in those categories by default (e.g. newsletters photos, office docs and office docs ). subscribers can select different categories for each piece of email, have categories applied by default, and create new ones.

Hotmail Push email, contacts, and calendar are some of the great features available for Android users by an Android app that was built by Microsoft. Accounts can also be accessed from the native Android client using the Exchange ActiveSync platform.

Hotmail had almost been translated to all major Languages of the world. Hotmail now has email domains registration for most all the countries of the world.
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