There has been a global drive to make schools conductive for children. The drive has led to efforts geared towards creating a child friendly schooling environment. A child friendly school environment basically is a school where the learning environment is conducive, the health and safety of the children are adequately met. To create a conducive learning environment for effective teaching and learning certain facilities must be provided in schools. One of those basic facilities is the provision of safe water and other sanitation facilities in schools. The absence of those basic facilities in schools according to research findings have led to school being un-conducive for teaching and learning. 

This has resulted to children staying away from schools on frequent occasions and sometimes dropping out of schools completely. It leads to the spread of water borne diseases such as typhoid, guinea worm, dysentery etc as children resort to drinking from any source of water point while in school.

The need to retain children in school through provision of safe water points is obvious. There is a popular adage which states that “water is life”. Therefore, if the above statement is correct, children obviously must drink clean safe water while in school. It is true that some parents sometimes provide their wards with water, while coming to school, but there are still some other parents who cannot afford to provide their children with safe water. 

This is the reason why government has to assist by providing safe water points in schools: this will enable every child to have a secure source of safe water supply in school. It will also check the incidence of children either absenting themselves from school or dropping out of school as a result of absence of safe water supply. It also will help to check the spread of some common water borne diseases. Furthermore, if children drink safe water in schools it will reduce the frequency of their feeling ill caused by drinking of unsafe water.

Moreover, their attendance to school will increase, and there will be reduction in school drop-out. It also will help in reduction of the cost on health by parents. The money that hitherto would be used in treatment will be channeled into other useful and productive venture.

The emphasis on this proposal is on providing water points that are cheap and can easily be maintained. The water harvester does not need electricity or other machines to collect and store water. The state falls within heavy rain region of the country. There is hardly any month in a year that there will not be at least one rainfall. Therefore, when natural water is harvested and filtered, it becomes available and safe for children to use all year round.

Therefore if this proposal is accepted and funded, it will go a long way in helping to make the school conductive for children in order to promote effective teaching and learning.
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