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In this article, you will learn about the possible causes for decreased and reduced earnings and what you can possibly do to rebuild and bring your earnings back up again to normal finalized revenue.

The first step in identifying what caused a decrease in earnings is to take a look at the individual metrics: pageviews, CPC, and CTR. You can view these metrics in the Performance reports tab in your AdSense account. We recommend that you expand the date range to at least the past six months to get a better picture of trends and patterns.


To add metrics for pageviews, CPC and CTR, hover over the metric in the interactive scorecard of your Performance report and click its tab. Now try to evaluate which of your metrics is driving down your revenue the most over your recent history.

Google Adsense support has provided some solutions and insights below.

PROBLEM 1: Declining Page views: - What is the solution?
  • You should Consider the promotions you have running for your site. Did an ad campaign end, causing a drop in traffic? Has a popular site linked to you, causing a spike in page impressions?

  • If your AdSense page impressions have declined, you should determine if traffic to your entire site is declining as well. A web analytics tool such as Google Analytics can provide you with this information. Also check for changes in your referral traffic.

  • Please, Don't miss out on search traffic. Use Webmaster Tools to make sure that Google is properly crawling and indexing your site.

  • It is advised that you Review Google Adsense Tips to Increase Traffic.
PROBLEM 2: Declining CTR - What is the solution?
  • Notice that A drop in CTR can be caused by a site design that's not optimized or by poor targeting. Readers won't click on ads they find irrelevant or don't see.

  • It is necessary that you Check for crawl problems. If we’re unable to crawl your pages, we’ll be unable to match relevant ads to your pages. Also, our crawler is less effective at deriving meaning from images or dynamic content, so we encourage publishers to include text content on their pages. In addition, after you update your site, it can take our crawler up to 48 hours to visit your pages and update your ad targeting.

  • Just as Google informed its users on their support page; If you've implemented or changed your ad server, check that there are no new targeting problems. We recommend using Javascript tags instead of iFrame tags to avoid targeting issues. Please utilize any macros/methods to pass the correct URL information down to our ad tags.

  • Do you have Low mobile CTR? Make sure your site is optimized for mobile ads.

  • Most of the times, a declining CTR is caused by invalid activity. Make sure to follow our best practices for preventing invalid activity. Also, learn why clicks and earnings are removed from your Performance reports.

  • Important check: If your CTR has been in a slow decline, your readers may be experiencing ad blindness. Try testing new ad formats, placements, or colors.

  • The types of ads you display really matters; Did you opt out of enhanced text and displays ads? Keep in mind making this change could lead to lower CTR and CPC.
 PROBLEM 3: Declining CPC - What is the solution?
  • Do you know that CPCs are determined by advertiser bids and are not directly under publisher control? To optimize their ad campaigns, advertisers often experiment with different keywords and ads, and also change the sites they choose to target based on past performance. Advertisers can choose to target specific sites by time of day, and may shift budgets based on their specific advertising goals.

  • It is important to Make sure you’re using our most successful ad sizes.

  • Did you also know this? If you block too many advertisers, ad networks, or general or sensitive categories, or enable the “Hold placement targeted ads for 24 hours so they can be reviewed” setting in your Ad review center, this can decrease CPCs because there are fewer advertisers in the auction bidding on your inventory.

  • See one revealed secret: Seasonality can affect bids - for instance, retail advertisers may increase their bids during specific times of the year when their sales tend to increase. We recommend learning how the ad auction works, and how these types of changes can impact your earnings.

  • The best way to figure out if the recent decline in revenue is due to seasonality is to extend the date range out one year. An alternative is to use the "compare to other dates" feature. CPC can fall at the beginning of each quarter. Think about the site vertical. For example, if your site caters to students, you should expect traffic to fall in the summer.

  • Since not all ads are priced the same, the ads your users choose to click will impact how much you earn. Using URL and custom channels, you can better understand which ad units your users are clicking on most frequently.

  • You can always improve your CPCs by choosing ad formats that support all ad types: text, image, video, flash, and gadget ads. More competition means higher advertiser bids.
After reading this article and did not finding any clues about your declining revenue during your review of these metrics, try taking a look at some more ways of analyzing declining revenue as written below from Google Adesense problems and solutions gotten from different forums.

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