The scripture enjoins us in Eph. 4:27, to “Never give place to the devil”. (KJV).
            The amplified Bible states it thus; “Leave no (such) room or foothold for the devil (give no opportunity to him).
The space we give is often an empty space. An empty passive mind can be easily filled with all kinds of thoughts.
A passive- minded believer may not resist these thoughts, he rather assumes they are his own. He does not realize that the devil has injected them into his mind because there was empty space to fill.

In social laws of contract, the only space that can be rented or leased is an empty space, but in this aspect, the devil being so subtle, is not just looking for empty space, but also for opportunity to evict, displace, evade and take over possession of any space already occupied but not secured.
To further illustrate this, any land you acquire (bought or inherited) which you did not survey, legally register with the relevant authorities with documented evidence or proof of ownership can be lost to fraudsters or even the government. Even where these precautions have been taken, sometimes, it is still required that such a property be further secured by erecting a fence around it. At other times, the government may further direct all owners of such prosperities to develop them or they be conceded to the government. In other words, a fenced undeveloped property, can be lost.  
What have you been doing with your salvation rights? Are they just fenced but undeveloped?
Some other ways of creating opportunity for the devil to come in and occupy your life include:-
1.         Wrong company       – who do you share your time with?
2.         Wrong place – when you are supposed to be in a church service/ fellowship but you fail to, anywhere you are (including your house) at that time is a wrong place.                
3.         Neglected spiritual life- A life that does not receive adequate spiritual nourishment is likely to flirt around and eventually fall into the devil’s possession.
4.         loose/unstable character- this is comparable to a building without fitted doors or windows. Such is always the hide-out for  criminals, hemp smokers, home for mad men and women etc.  
5.         Irregularity in fellowshipping – effective medication requires strict compliance with the prescription order; (taking the drugs etc, as directed by the doctor) anything short of this amounts to drug –abuse. Irregular fellowship is spirit- abuse.
6.         Ignorance of the word and ways of God. We continue to emphasize that “the enemy you don’t understand, you cannot stand”. We need comprehensive  knowledge to stop the devil. Do you value spiritual information? What is your reading habit?
7.         Prayerlessness – The truth remains that many of us can’t pray for 20 minutes on our own. Most times you come home exhausted form your office or you come home to face more work. At such state, your body needs rest, but your spiritual atmosphere is under siege. Remember, the devil is not too tired to attack, but you are too tired to pray.
8.         Sin- Someone defined sin as “success in nothing”. Sin does not only open the doors of our lives without our consent to the devil, but also sends away the security man over our lives. The easiest way to give accommodation to the devil is through sin. Sin gives the devil incontestable Certificates of Occupancy.
Don’t forget that it is always a Herculean task to evict the devil, once he has taken possession of a place – Lk 11:24-26.
Any room for the devil through illuminati?
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