Bible Verse: Numbers 23;20
            Behold, I have received a command to bless, He has blessing, and cannot reverse it in Jesus Name.
            God is not a man, that He should lie Gens. 49:1-28.
            All these are the twelve tribes of Israel. And this is whether father spoke to them. And he blessing them. He blessed each one according to his own blessing. Deut 33:1-29.
            Moses the man of God blessed the children of Israel before his death.

            There is no prayer greater than God bless you. Every door has a key that opens it. You cannot use a different key for a different door, for it will reject it. If you force it to enter, then you will be destroying the whole system, which in turn will lead to the breaking of the door through force. When the actual key is inserted into the key hole of the door, it opens easily. The information you will get from this paper, a winning family, is likened to a key, because with the information you have the key to open the door of a happy family.
            I do not know whether you are aware of the fact that we are living very close to the end of the age. We are at the end time. It is true the every Christian generation has continued to say that Jesus is coming. Only in our generation have all the signs been totally and completely fulfilled. Make forgiveness your life style so that if death comes suddenly it will be sudden glory and met sudden damnation.
            Try to walk daily in the spirit. Gel. 5:16 A family in the Assemblies God church must arise and live the way the God means for us to do. We must go back to our first love.
            We must be like Abraham who saw beyond Sodom and never regretted it. We must not be like Lot who never saw beyond Sodom the things of this world. God has not finished with us yet. The reproach shall be wiped away. Parental blessings are ordained by God and every blessing of God always has conditions attached to it.
            Fulfillment of parental blessings requires the cooperation of the child, parents and God, who give all blessings. It is good for parents to bless a child in the areas of his or her gifting, vision and positive characters.
            For instance, in Gens 49. Jacob blessing his children with prophetic insight into their characters, talents, desires, geopgrpahical location, etc.
            The positive characters include implicit obedience, sincere love for God and others; faithfulness, diligence, moral uprightness, self control and respect, etc.
            Gifts and natural endowments are so many that we cannot mention them in full.

TRUE BLESSING GENS 49:10 MATT. 26:28 GENS 27:26-29 NUMBER 6:24-26
            Parental blessing is also during child’s leading ceremony, by the parents, on their death bed. When grand parents are still alive, it is customary to receive their blessings;
Every culture has way and time when parental blessings are given out to the children.
            Jewish families know the importance of the blessing.

            This is the act of invoking divine care for good life good health and prosperity, specifically on one’s children.
            It is important note that parents blessings on their children is God’s idea because he honours it and also uses it to fulfill His plan of redemption for mankind. Also God.
            Permits curses from parents to take its full course as well.
            Parent and children and children have their specific roles to play to make the blessing work.
            It is good to undaunted parental authority in blessing of children.
1.         Parents should see blessing their children as divine responsibility.
2.         Parental blessing is duty parents over their children
            Parental blessing should be regular and part of parents daily devotional life.
            In blessing a child a Christian parent should be looking forward to seeing every of this child become better than he of she is.
            Parental blessings are regarded as prayer which God will give answer to in future.

Parental blessing are legacies the parent must pass on to their children
            As prayers parental blessings should be patient until they are made manifest.

            To consolidate and continue the promises and material things, there are prophetic blessings the target Holy living, righteousness, faithfulness etc.
2.         In making prophetic blessings and pronouncements, parents should be speaking out or confessing their choice.
            Your mouth is an anointed fountain to bring fresh and living words of blessings that God will honour.
Let your heart be sanctified to produce food treasurers (Matt. 12:33-37)
·        Quard what dominates your thoughts Prov. 4:23.
·        Open your heart to noble thoughts (Phil. 4:8-9)
·        Believe that what you are saying will come to pass (2Cor. 4:13) remove every bias of special have and preference for a particular child (1Tm 5:21).

            We will not be balancing our study if we don’t remind ourselves that there are children of some Christian families lifestyles are like that of the prodigal son.
            They are already in a far country some of these children are in sharp disagreement with their parents, may be on issues like choice of marriage partner, membership of different church denomination, difference line of business or professions etc.
            When a father pronounces a blessing upon his son from his heart, the son must succeed. Blessing can determine a great future. Gen. 49:1 when Jacob was about to die in Egypt, he summoned all his children and blessing some and cursed some for their future.
            What are you doing to provoke the blessing of your biological father as well as your spiritual father?
            According to Gen. 27:13 -40 lost the double portion blessing of the first born, escaped with a residual blessing. (Gen. 32:3-6). The blessing became to Jacob so wealthy and powerful he needed 400 body guards to safeguard his property.
            Another thing about a father’s heart felt blessing is that it is irrevocable even by your father, the one who pronounced it. Once released, it may not be reversed.
            This season, every blessing you provoke shall be irrevocable in Jesus Name. Blessing is a very precious thing. It is something highly desirable, capable of charting the course of one’s destiny.
            No wonder Esau bust out in tears when told he has lost his blessing to his young brother.
            There is no prayer greater than God bless you. When these three powerful words are released from the heart your spiritual father, the world’s fraternity of witches and wizards cannot stop or reverse it.
            Even though Jacob deceived to get the blessing, he paid a price for it.
            Some blessings are mere greetings, but the blessing a father pronounces on his son on his death bed is different from merely saying good morning, God bless you. When you touch your father’s heart and make his joy full and he pronounces a blessing from his heart, you are made.

PRAYERS HEADS                
1.         Restoration of parental love for children
2.         Restoration of every strained relationship between parents and children 
3.         Repent of any curse you placed on your child
4.         Repent of all disobedience and dishonour to parents
5.         Release every blessing that you have stored up for your children
6.         Renew every blessing that you have poured out on your children.
7.         Break off existing satanic influences in your family
8.         Create a new order of family life if the existing patter is not acceptable. 
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