From research and experience, I would say business is not for everyone; it is for serious people. Unfortunately, there are so many un-serious people today, either in business or considering set up one. This is the reason for the high failure rates we witness daily. You cannot get into business lured by the amount of profit you see other people making, without considering the amount of input they make. Am I wrong?

If you have failed in business before, you will surely be one of the following personalities described below. If you are considering starting a business, make sure you are not any of the following personalities. If any of these personalities describe you, it is time to start working on it and making sure you deal with it before starting. Nine personalities that will hardly do well in any business are:

The Mole Personality

Moles are animals with extremely bad eye-sight. Their sense of sight is relatively underdeveloped compared to that for other animals. As I move on the streets and interact with people, I come across many people who fall in this category. They move with their eyes wide open but can’t see anything. Sadly some of them have big dreams of starting a business, hoping that it will soar powerfully.
Business is for visionaries; people who can see far; people who walk with their eyes wide open; people who come across needs and all they see are opportunities; people who have a thorough understanding of their environment and can still see the streets paved with goal. For example, one place where there are opportunities is the internet. But if the internet for you is only a place to socialize and communicate, you are very likely, a Mole. You will hardly do well in business.

The Koala Personality

The koala is an animal that lives in forests and sleeps for 22 hrs/day. For the rest of the 2 hours, it is awake, eating leaves. It is arguably the laziest animal that exists on the planet amongst the sloth that sleeps 15-20 hrs/day, the owl monkey (or night monkey) that sleeps 17 hrs/day and the domestic cat that sleeps an average of 16 hrs/day.

If you are a koala or any of the other above-mentioned animals, you cannot succeed in business. If you eventually got into business, you will fail. Don’t try it. Sit back and eat your leaves. Business is for hard-working people, not for sleepers and eaters. If you must get into business, know that the first business you have to do is dealing with the laziness in you. After that, you could get into business and make sure you hire the best workers to work with you.

The Rat Personality

One of the most cautious animals that exist is the rat. Rats are not curious and adventurous. They are dull and will not readily approach new items in their path until they have had time to get used to it. I just learned that if you wanted a trap to kill a rat easily, you first place the unset trap on its path one or two times. When it gets use to the unset trap, it will freely get into the set trap the third time.

The most successful people in business are people who are curious and not so cautious as rats. They are people who are willing to try new things. They don’t waste too much time being skeptical and pessimistic. They analyze and if there are signs of future success, they get in without fearing failure. Such people fail from time to time but end up huge successes. Are you afraid of taking risks? You may need to consider once more, your business aspirations.

The Closed Personality

Closed people are people who often live in a world of one person. They talk and interact with themselves more than they do with any other person. They cry and die in their silence, easily. Some of them have the problem of trust while others just don’t feel comfortable interacting. They make poor business people.

Business is not for conservatives. It is a world for explorers, a place for people who know how to meet people. Don’t forget that business is all about making profit and making profit is all about making customers who are ready to pay the price for the services you offer. If you are not the ‘people-type’, you will have a real hard time making and keeping your customers. However if you are closed and really love to do business, you need to hire ‘people persons’ to work for you, while you deal with your close personality.

The ‘Solomaniac’ Personality

This is the term I use for Mr. do-it-all-alone. There are many people who don’t have esprit de corps (team spirit) in them. They naturally love to work alone. They love independence and so can’t be a good part of a team, neither can they coordinate one.

Business is not a one-man thing. Even if you started a business alone and maybe you are the only worker currently on the business, you still need this ability if you must succeed. Don’t forget that you will still need to create business partners, alliances, networks and friends, in order to succeed. If you are a person who loves to work all alone, you will most likely fail in business, if you ever start one. Start from dealing with your ability to accommodate others with their differences. Learn to trust in another person’s competencies until proven wrong.

The Lion Personality

Lions are one of the most unfriendly animals on the planet and very difficult to tame, amongst tigers and bears. Imagine being locked in a cage with a lion. While you need the bravery of a lion, you don’t need their wild and frightening tendencies.

Business is not for lions. It is for friendly people. People who value other people and make them feel really important. I visit shops daily and at least each day I visit more than 2 shops, I am sure to meet a scary business owner, sales person, guard, cleaner, or even customer service employee. Unfriendly people contribute seriously to the failure of many businesses, by scaring away customers.

Are you friendly? If you find it difficult to smile and be nice to people you just met for a first time, you need to work on that attitude, else you will make a terrible business owner. It is not only the people of a business that need to be friendly but everything about it, the services, the environment, etc.

The Mismanagement Personality

Building a successful business requires good management skills. Many people can’t manage themselves well. They can’t manage their time, income, knowledge, skills, etc. and won’t be able to manage employees, customers, equipment, materials and money for any business. Poor management is the most implicated reason for business failures. If you intend to start a business and manage it yourself, you need to acquire good management skills and apply them daily. Otherwise, you should consider hiring a competent person to manage your business.

The Coward Personality

In business there is need to dispel fear and embrace courage. In fact, this is the next thing to do, after having a business idea. Cowards will not take any step and very often live on to regret their inactive tendencies. When it is time to act, a good business man knows it and does no less, while a coward keeps playing the game of procrastination. If you don’t deal with fear in you, you will never achieve much in this life. Business is one of the things you will never do and succeed. Deal with your heart and build courage, else, stay off from the business path.

The Impatient Personality

Patience is very important in achieving business success. Very many business owners want to make millions under one or two months of investing thousands and hundreds of thousands. It rarely works like that. It takes time to build a business that will stand the tests of time and brave its way to the top.

People with impatient tendencies hardly make it well in business. They start and sooner than they can begin to reap from their efforts, they get distracted and abandon the business. Are you a patient person? Are you willing to keep working till you get things right?

The nine personalities described above are important to guide you in your decision to start a business. Don’t ignore anyone. Get them all dealt with in you and then move on to start your business. Success!! Comments are needed below.

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