Over the past decade, there has been a concerted drive towards computerization in Banking Industry due to the rapid advancement information and communication technology (ICT) thus advent in the use of computers has enormously increased the banking capabilities of the banks and they are able to offer better and wide range of services to their customers.
Internet banking, mobile banking, ATMS etc. are all the fruits of computerization of the banking industries. Bank are able to esup and at a great rate and offer services to more customers because of the use of computers. Computerization of the activities banking institutions is therefore the norm of the day, worldwide.

Information Technology (IT) innovations in the last few years have changed the landscape of banks worduide. It is the prime mover of all banking transactions. The areas computerization has affected positively are in the banking industries in Nigeria are:-
            Improved service delivery computerization has enable banking industry to deliver efficient and effective service to its numerous customers, especially offering better delivery channels and customers friendly services. E.g, anywhere banking, automated teller machine (ATMS), credit cards debit cards smart cards, call centres, CRM, data warehousing have totally transformed the banking in Nigeria are offering on line services through the mse of computer
            Improved monitoring in the industry complete computerization in the banking industry has helped to reduce fraud and financial mal-practice through monitoring. This is because computerization of banking industry, has formally integrated the whole bank in Nigeria into the main-stream. It helps the CISN to monitor the activities of commercial bank in terms of business transaction.
            Improved intra/inter bank transactions bank computerization makes it easy for different bank to transact business without bofflenecks. Ghis can be informed of ATM cheque clearing etc.
            Increscent of banks in Nigeria have taken the advantage of computerization to extend their activities to rural areas to increase their customer base. Before the advent of computerization in Banking Industry, banking were afraid to enter the rural communities for businesses due lack of monitoring equipment in the industry. Now, they can monitoring their branches through the use of ICT no matter where it is located.

Cost Reduction
Through the use of ATMS and internet banking and other computerized to generate high volume of business unit low number people who are able to offer better and wide range of services to their customers.
            Quick in service delivery computerized system has helped to attend to large number of customers of bank today with maximum spaced it is obvious today through advertisement has really increased their customer base to unimaginable percent. To attend to such number of customers, computerization of Banking Industries is highly needed.
            Increase in efficiency.
The Msu of computerized system by banks has helped them to reduce processing arrow which is one of the characteristics of manual banking. Financial is a delicate part of business which can should be taken to avoid mistakes. Loss of money through mistakes can terminate the job of a worker in the bank.

The profit of the banks through computerization cannot be overemphasis. Banks all over the would have strive to become computerized due to the benefit inherent it. The productivity profitability efficiency, effectiveness, and speed service delivering   
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