As we all know that there are very few things in this world that are as useful as money. There are also very few things that are as misunderstood. All over the world, people conceive money in different ways. It is interesting to find out that most people who have very negative conceptions about money are those who hardly have it. This makes me to conclude that there is a relationship between the way you see money and your ability to attract it. I’m I wrong?

From my own perspective, I believe that many people would be richer if they just saw money differently. Unfortunately people hold to funny notions about money that are unfounded and they continue to remain poor. If we want to be rich, one of the things we must seek to understand is money. When the way we see money changes, the way we seek and handle it will obviously change and we will be richer. Here are ten ways not to see money if you want to become richer (Don’t ever see money from the wrong view).

1.    Money Is Evil – Root of all Evil

This is a usual saying as you are not surprised to read this, are you? I have come across a few people who still think money is evil. The irony is that they use it even though they think and feel that way about it. They only feel that way when they are not in possession of it. Money is meant to solve problems and meet needs. It is to facilitate life. If you still think money is evil, you will see everyone who has it as evil and you will need to be a demon to attract it, since it is evil.

2.    Money Is To Be Worked For

Daily, many people sleep late, wake very early and work all day with the conception that they are working for money. And so they think that the more work they do, the more money they make. You must have come to realize that those who work more don’t necessarily get richer. Money is not worked for. It is attracted by who you choose to be and the things you do. Work for 24 hours a day, but be the wrong person and do the wrong things and you are bound to remain poor.

3.    Money Is Selective

While you may be wrong if you think that money looks at the faces of people to decide who to go to, you will be correct to think that money selects on those who know what to do in order to attract it. Money does not respect people. If it had to, it will probably not choose to be in the hands of that mad man on your streets. But money goes where it is attracted. When you know the things to do that will attract money, money comes to you.

4.    More Money, More Problems

This is because we never seem to have enough money to solve the problems we have, we tend to see money this way. We imagine that if we had more money we will solve all our problems, but when we eventually have more, our problems seemingly double. Money is not the source of your problems; neither does it make them double. Your problems are there, whether you had money or not. What happens is that when we know that we have money, we decide to think about more problems to solve which we would have ignored if we were broke. If I put more money in your account and did not tell you, you will be having more money but keep living normally. But the moment you become aware of it, you will begin to accommodate more issues that need to be solved.

5.    Money Makes People Bad

Every human has the rights to decision making. The decision to be bad is a decision that comes from a person and no one can be bad without making the choice to be so. In the Bible, there are many wealthy people who remained good and faithful people. Even in the world today, some of the billionaires we celebrate are very good people. If money made people bad, everyone who got money will be bad. Money has nothing to do with the way someone chooses to act. There are many bad poor people and good rich people. People, who don’t understand money, get it and decide to become bad. People, who understand money, get it and use it to do many good things.

6.    Money Is Made To Be Spent

From experience, I came to realize that the poor and average people are higher spenders than the rich. They spend because they feel that money is meant to be spent. But this is one reason why they remain broke. Rich people are wise. They work money once and from then, begin to use it to attract more. Money is not just for spending. It is meant to be used to affect the lives of people and make the world a better place for everyone. When you use money to affect the world, you hardly get empty. In the Bible the one who invested his five talents, got more. No doubt Bill Gates donates as much as he does to charity, but never becomes broke.

7.    Money Will Make You Happier

Here is a brief tip from my younger age. When I was young, I was broke, but I was happier than now that I am much richer. It is true that money can facilitate life and make things simpler but if you need money to be happier, you are miserable. And should you become a billionaire, you will still always be miserable. Happiness is a choice that you make, to appreciate the things life has to offer and as well as love yourself the way you are. When you are comfortable with yourself you find out that more people want to gravitate towards you, and you soon become rich.

8.    More Money, Less Debt

Debt is a habit. It has little or nothing to do with how much money we have. In fact, for most people, debt often rises with income. When you cultivate the habit of getting into debt, you find out that you never have enough to keep you from having debts. What keeps you out of debt isn’t a high income or net worth. It’s not borrowing money. And what will make you not to borrow more money is when you plan your finances well and make sure you live within your means. More money will never make you stop borrowing.

9.    More Money, Less Worries

Money doesn’t end anxiety. It gives you something else to be anxious about: losing your money. Granted, those without enough money to eat or keep a roof over their heads have lots to worry about. But when these people eventually make more money, they never stop worrying. Worrying is one of the foolish things we all love to do. We do it forgetting that it does not good to our money problem. We never make more money by being worried. We only inherit all forms of health problems and even spend more money solving the health problems we get from worrying. Just like you need to decide to stay happy, decide to live without being worried. Don’t plan to stop worrying when you have more money; you won’t.

10.    Money Is Never Enough

It is strange that this one made my list. Sure we all think that money is never enough. Yes that is true but this is not how to think when you want to get rich. Such a conception makes you to always see the money in your hands as too little to be used to generate more. People, who think money is never enough, hardly grow in wealth. Whenever they make some money, they spend it all with the excuse that the money was too small to be used to generate more. If the money you have in your hands is too small to be a harvest, make it a seed. Plant it!

I will draw the curtains here for now as I am sure with the above ten misconceptions about money, you are beginning to review the way you see money. This is the first step in your being able to attract money and becoming richer.

Nobody knows it all, you can make your contributions in the comments box below.


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