Good day every one, by name is (name here) from Holy Rosary collage Okposi, I am here to taught about why female politics is not good in the community or country. With the following point of mine.

            Firstly, lack of respect to their husbands and others in general, in lack of respect to their husband is that women who are in politics will now regard herself as the head of the family in the sense that, she have no time for the family activities like washing plate, or cloth, cleaning the house, and other activities, she will only base on pedicure and Medicare for her self, and it is so bad. The worst is that she will expect her husband to do the domestic work and also make her husband a houseman and this is as a result of lack of respect to her husband and dishonest. Since, that women should become the politics in Nigeria there will be disrespectful in the society and again spend our money uselessly in making their self up and this will lead to disrespectful to the people in government en-counting all the words giving to the community or society. In term of voting this may lead to low population of those who want to vote because none of the citizen will be able to vote because of the roles they play in the society which is not good.
            Secondly, it leads to waywardness, in term of waywardness, every women who are into politics will find it difficult to entertain her family because of the role she play in the society and she will be lifting her self up in the public, it is not good, for a women to be a politic her way of life will change, of she is a catholic she will now stop attending church as usual and start going to different parties, no longer sleep at home with her husband, return any time she want, her way to ward her family will no longer be the same. This lead to waywardness and it is bad in the society and this will also lead to diversion of the husband and wife whose wife is in politics, none of them is seen or known been responsible in the family and the society. In term of this waywardness a woman who is a politician have no time for the family, her duties in the family will no longer be need, leaving it for the maid and her husband to take care of and it is bad in the community and society as well.
            Thirdly, the children will lack the moral upbringing in the long absence of their mother in this upbringing of the children they will always learn the bad behaviour of their mother been waywardness in the society and disrespectful to their elderly ones and people in the society claming for their respect which their other taught them and the female child of theirs will start learning the bad role her mother played in their society because of been disrespectful in the society, waywardness in the family. In terms of lack of long absence of their mother, their mother will lead them in her bad way leaving them at home for the maid to take care of her responsibilities of taking care of her children in the family. Leaving them with out mother. You can see that any of the female politician in Nigeria, their children will not recognize them due to her activities toward her children.
            Fourthly, weak to handle sensitive issues that concerns the public, women in politics does not have something for the mothers that concern the public especially if it is from the people for their bad legalic in the community, and for the people in the citizen will not allow this because it bring or it give bad name to the country. For this women who is not doing her duties as the law implies will be punish by the people and the government, in term of handling issues that concern the public there will be lazy and tired to attend the concern of the people as she treat her family no concern of the individual they are only concern of their self and it is too bad, “have you ever seen a female politician who is able to take care of her family, if she is you know that she consider under her condition toward her husband there by making decision in the family so bad”. A woman who is in politician if her attitude change you know that she is now in court or some is because of money.
            Lastly, mostly, some of them use it to create wealth instead of touching the life of the public, this women of politics is more than wicked than male politician, this female politic will not create job for the people who are graduate, she will make wealth for them self which is not good, you will see them drive different types of cars, but to employ youth will be so difficult for them, and they may even insult you.
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