Martin Luther King, the late human rights activists posited that “if a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say “Here lived a great streets sweeper who did his job will”. 

 When chief Ogbuefi. Enekwachi Akpa was called upon to salvaged the deplorable condition of Ohaozara local government council after the days of locust, he met Ohaozara with tears in his eye and promised to placed the council in the global reckoning in a shortest period.
As a man of courage and determination, he roll his sleeves and decided to confront every factor that kept Ohaozara in its present state starting from agriculture, heath, education, infrastructure and general administration. He focuses his mind on posterity, when history will finally judge him as a great leader who did his job well.
Ogbuefi Enekwachi Akpa was born to the family of Chief David Akpa (Ochiekananbo) and Mrs. Hannah Akpa of Ogwu Uburu in Ohaozara Local Government Area on November 4th, 1974. He started his Elementary Education at Community Primary School, Enuokwe/Ogwu and passed his School Leaving Certificate in 1984. He proceeded to Union Secondary School Awkunanaw in Enugu where he got his west Africa School Certificate in 1990. He got admitted to Enugu state University of Science and Technology and rounded it up with a B.Sc. (Statistics) in 1997. He was posted to Kaduna in 1998 (Positive essence Nig. Lit.) for his Mandatory National youth Service.
His work experience started immediately as he was employed by Allborts network Ltd Kaduna as  the Client relations manger. He was at Allborts from 1999 to 20003. Having garnered the much needed expertise, he set off to Abuja in 2003, where he established Agelink Network LTD as the managing director. He manages this enterprise and make it a household name within Abuja and its adjoining states till 2010, when being inundated by public outcry in Ohaozara, decided to come and salvage his people.
The Ebonyi State community Service Development agency, (EB-CSDA) the state replica of Millemium development goals (MDG) recently gave Chief Enekwadi Akpa a merit award in recognition of replicating CDD in community Service delivery.
His hobbies include, reading and sporting
He is happily married with children.

1          -           Procurement and distribution of 600 bags of fertilizer to farmers
in 2011.
2.         -           procurement and distribution of 600 bags of fertilizer to farmers
in 2012
3-        -           Prompt payment of counterpart funds to FADAMA and EB-
4.         -           Empowered 20 women during the Agricultural Enhancement
5          -           Sponsor farmers to Agric exhibition and trade fares

1          -           Construction of six classroom block at Umunaga Uburu
2          -           Construction of 4 classroom block at Amene Primary School
3.         -           Construction of 4 classroom block at Ufuezeraku primary
School Ugwulangwu.
4.         -           Construction of 4 classroom block at Isiokposi Girls Junior
Secondary School, Okposi
5.         -           Construction of 4 classroom block at Ndiagu Junior Secondary
School Okposi Okwu.
6.         -           Construction of 4 classroom block at and completion of two
additional 4 classroom blocks built by the community at Obuagu Mgbmo/Achara Okposi
7.         -           Regular payment of Bursary to law school students.
8.         -           Renovation of Local government education Authority block

1.         -           Construction of health center at Obioha Okposi
2.         -           Construction of health center at Ugbogologo Ugwulangwu.
3.         -           Construction of health center at Mgbom Ugwulangwu.
4.         -           January 2011 IPDs flag-off and implementation.
5.         -           June material newborn child health week and flag –off and
6          -           Solar freezer installation for safe keep of drugs.
7.         -           November 2011 maternal new born child health week flag off
and implementation.
8.         -           February 2012 IPDS flag-off and Implementation.
9.         -           May 2012 IPDS material new born child health week flag-off
and implementation.
10.       -           Provision of hospital beds and foams.
11.       -           Provision of  generator for immunization.
12.       -           Distribution of LLIN
13.       -           Training of independent monitors for supervision of activities.
14.       -           Payment of hospital bills for indigent patients.
15.       -           Sponsors all workshops and seminars for retraining of health

1.         -           Construction of magistrate court at Enu-Faith Uburu.
2.         -           Fencing of Magistrate court at Enu-Faith Uburu.
3.         -           Renovation of political block I at Obiozara LG Headquarter.
4.         -           Renovation of political block II at Obiozara LG Headquarters.
5.         -           Fencing of L.G Headquarters front view for the 1st time since
6.         -           Supply and installation of HT/LT materials Reticulation of 500
KVA/33KV from Eke-AJa to Egu-Ugwu Uburu.
7.         -           Bulldozing, grading and lateriting of Obiozara Road Uburu.
8.         -           Construction of Enyuru Uneke.
9.         -           Bulldozing, grading and lateriting of central school road Uburu.
10.       -           Building, grading and lateriting of Umuka road Okposi.
11.       -           Building, grading and lateriting of Ohafia junction Ugwulangwu.
12.       -           Building, grading and lateritingof Eke-Aja to Onu-esu road,
Umuchima road, Ekwesu/Ezeukwu road Uburu and extention of electricity to Umuchima Uburu.
13.       -           Rehabilitation of HT/LT Network at Uburu to Okposi via
14.       -           Purchase and installation of 500KVA/33KV Transformer at
Onu-Ofukuru Egu-Ugwu Uburu.
15.       -           Bulldozing, grading and lateriting of Urobo Road  Uburu .
16-              Furnishing of magistrate court Uburu.
17        -         Renovation/furnishing of judges quarters at Obiozara Uburu
18        -           Extension of electricity to Mebiowa Okposi
19        -           Construction of culvert at Ezuku Ekwe Agwu Uburu
20        -           Purchase of mowing machine
21        -           Bulldozing, grading and lateriting of Umuobuna  Uburu.
22        -           Drilling of 3 Nos motorized Borehole at Mebiowa Okposi
23        -           Construction of RC Drain, culverts and Asphalting of 3km of                                     road from Brass function to Obiozara and secretariat road.
24        -           Surveying/Design of Ata Bridge across Esu-River at Mebiowa                                   Okposi
25        -           Construction of Mini Bridge, bulldozing, grading and lateriting of                 Amaji Obodoma Road Okposi Okwu.
26        -           Construction of one bedroom flat for a widow at Umuobuna                          Uburu.
27        -           Purchase of brand new Toyota corolla I. 8 GVI
28        -           Purchase of 4 brand new Nissan sunny cars
29        -           Purchase of 20 Nos motorcycles.
30        -           Bulldozing, grading and laterting of Ugwu – Ome road                                                 Umuobuna
31        -           Bulldozing, grading and lateriting of Eziwuzo Road.
32.       -           Bulldozing, grading and lateriting of Enugwu-Egba Road.
33.       -           Drilled 15 Nos Boreholes across the various wards.
34.       -           Extension of electricity from MPU Aninri Local Government
                        Area Enugu State to Uburu Ohaozara Local Government Area.
35.       -           Repair of KIA and HIACE bus.

1.         -           Okposi Okwu ring roads 10 km
2.         -           Enu-faith-Ihenu – enuebo Umuchima Egugwu Road 10km
3.         -           Ezuku Anegu – Umuobuna – Uhuabaa road 10 km
4.         -           Onu Aganga Ufuezeraku Ugwulangwu 1o km
4.         -           Achi Amabaga Akpamaka mediowa Ata Road 1o km.

1.         -           Sponsors and monitors monthly sanitation exercise
2.         -           Paid all staff claims as of date
3.         -           Prompt payment of salaries and benefits
4.         -           Sponsored a football team to state challenge cup and Ochudo
5.         -           provision of financial assistance to students, youths, women
and various stakeholders.
6.         -           Sustenance of vigilante group in all the communities within the
7.         -           Provision of welfare packages of various security agencies in
the council.
8.         -           Support every programme of the party.
9.         -           Supports every programme of the state and federal
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