About the system of voluntary health insurance in the United States can be talked a long, analyzing all aspects. But Americans themselves, and not until the end understood medical opportunities and facilities undergoing permanent change.

Summarizing said, it must be noted that the voluntary medical insurance-American heritage, it could be called the American know-how (know how).

Regarding the voluntary health insurance, the very notion of "voluntary" - a purely American. Europe is developing a different type of insurance, namely compulsory or national (state) medicine, and leaving a niche for the voluntary, but very small.

Even with America neighboring Canada from that point of view closer to Europe. In Canada, there is a mandatory health insurance.

Of course, one can not oppose America to other countries, especially in the home and that the uncle Sam, not all health insurance voluntarily. "Medicare" and "Medicaid" is a government program of state (national) medicine, "sprouts" health care system, different from the voluntary forms of insurance. But this is hardly a new completely displace the old. Healthy competition, animating and improves medical service, the creation of the market of medical services, is the task of health insurance in the United States. Mandatory (or public), his form can be introduced without detriment to volunteer. Indeed, America considers itself free country, and the notion of "freedom of choice" suggests, alternative. No monopoly should not become the ideal form of operation, especially in such an important for every area of medicine.

In countries with compulsory health insurance the recent emergence of voluntary insurance is welcome. And as otherwise evaluate every opportunity to choose the clinic, professionals? Health is so delicate that everyone wants their decision to entrust only highly professional doctor razbirayuschemusya in matters of ethics. If the doctor poorly absorbed vrach-patsient science of the relationship, the latter will always have the opportunity to meet with another specialist.
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