The West African Examinations Council e-Registration System is a user friendly online registration package for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination. It allows School schools in Nigeria to register their candidates online through the Internet.  

The WAEC e-Registration service makes registration easier for the schools and also eliminates errors in registration information which are hitherto made on paper and only detected while processing the paper forms by WAEC. Such documents as Timetable and Syllabus for the examination could easily be printed or downloaded by the School Authorities. It is our belief in WAEC that this new process will lead to a revolution in Information Technology (IT) development in School education in Nigeria.

This manual provides the step by step procedure and training guide for WAEC personnel and Schools Principals/Examination Officers on the e-Registration System.

This manual covers the following:
Ø  Payment for the examination
Ø  Identification of Principal/Examination Officer
Ø  Registration of Candidates
Ø  Capturing Candidates’ Passport Photographs
Ø  Reviewing/Editing of Candidate’s Information
Ø  Generation of Examination Numbers
Ø  Downloading of Information
Ø  Offline Registration

2.1     Payment for the examination
Schools are expected to collect the approved registration fees from all their candidates and issue one bank draft in favour of The West African Examinations Council (WAEC). This cheque is paid at the WAEC Zonal/Branch Office in charge of their State. The designated WAEC Finance Officer in the Zonal/Branch Office enters information regarding the payment on his computer and issued the school a scratch card or pay voucher containing information to enable the Principal/Examination Officer sign up to the e-Registration Website.

However, to make the online registration trouble-free especially for schools without Internet Service in their locality, we have made provision for offline registration on their standalone PCs or through Business Centers in their locality. The CD-ROM containing this offline registration facility will be distributed to schools during the training program. This also means that schools could start registering their candidates as they collect entry fees from them. Please see details of the offline registration in Section 2.8.

2.2     Identification of School Principal/Examination Officer
Once a school has collected a Scratch Card or Pay Voucher as the case may be, the school could visit the WAEC e-Registration website through an accredited examination officer usually appointed by the school to co-ordinate the registration of candidates for the examination. The School Examination Officer could visit the e-Registration website as follows:

2.2.1   How to Visit the WAEC E-Registration Website
All a school requires is Internet Explorer which comes standard with Microsoft Windows. To get to this website, launch the Windows Internet Explorer on your PC and type the following www.waeconline.org.ng  
While in this website, click on the “May/June Examination” box. This takes you straight to the e-Registration Sign Up page.   
Notes: Your computer must be connected to the Internet to do this.
For schools without Internet connection, they could register at the WAEC Zonal/Branch Office in charge of their State or the nearest Cyber café or use the offline registration facility.

2.2.2   Examination Officer - Sign Up as a New User
For a School Principal/Examination Officer to use the e-Registration Website as a new user, the school must have procured the Online Registration Scratch Card or Pay Voucher from the WAEC Zonal/Branch Office in charge of his/her State. The Examination Officer could then use the PIN (Personal Identification Number) on the Payment Voucher to sign up as a new user. He could do this by;
·        Entering the PIN on the Sign Up page as shown below
·        Clicking on the Sign Up button

The Examination Officer’s Information Page is displayed as follows if the PIN is valid

2.2.3   Entering Examination Officer’s Information Personal Details
Each school has its own Examination Officer, who administers the registration process.
The Examination Officer must enter his personal details as well as his school detailed information on this page.
Note: All the Boxes marked (*) are compulsory fields and must be filled.
·        After all the required entries have been made, click the Sign Up button
·        If the User-Id already exists; the message “User Id already Exists” will be displayed
·        ** To correct this error, change the User-Id and click again on the Sign Up button
·        This action launches the Registration Details Page when the entries are valid

2.2.4   Examination Officer - Login as Existing User
A School Examination Officer who has carried out 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 above will not have to repeat the procedure for him to visit the e-Registration website.

The Examination Officer only needs to go through the following steps to continue registration:
·        Click on the “Login” on the cascade menu
·        Type his/her school  User-Id and password and the click the “Login” button
·        Click on the “Login” on the cascade menu
·        The system displays a Welcome Page.
·        At “Welcome Page”, the examination officer could choose to
ü  Download (Syllabus, Timetable and/or Template Form)
ü  Register More Candidates,
ü  Offline Upload,
ü  List Registered Candidates,
ü  Generate Candidates’ Examination Numbers,
ü  Log out from the site.

2.3     Registration of Candidates
Once a School Examination Officer is properly identified by the system, he/she could register as many candidates as the PIN allocated to the school will allow him. The following are the steps the examination officer will take to register candidates:
·        Sign up/Login to the E-Registration Website as described in Section 2.2 above
·        Click “Register” on the menu option
·        The Center Number, the School Name, and the number of entries remaining for the school with the Registration Form will be displayed
·        Each Candidate’s personal details such as Surname, First Name, Date of Birth, Sex and subjects must be entered. The candidate’s passport photograph and signature must also be captured. See how to capture candidate’s passport photograph and signature in Section 2.8.
Note: All the Boxes marked (*) are compulsory fields and must be filled.

2.3.1   How to Select Subjects for Candidate
·        The approved subjects for the examination are displayed in the Available Subject List Box
·        English Language and General Mathematics have been pre-selected
·        Select the subject in the Available Subject “List Box” and click on “> Icon
·        Clicking on  > icon moves the selected subject from the “List Box” to the corresponding “Text Box” at the right side of Available Subject “List Box”.
Note: that a candidate is expected to register for at least 8 subjects.
To deselect already Selected Subject do the following:
·        Click on ”X” in front of the subject to be deselected.
·        The deselected subject moves back to the bottom of Available Subject “List Box”

2.3.2   Attaching Candidate’s Passport Photograph
To attach a candidate’s passport photograph do the following:
 Outside the Online Form
·        Scan the actual passport photograph of the candidate using a flatbed scanner or Take a passport photograph of the candidate with a digital camera
·        The passport photo should be black and white, 275x314 pixels or 35mm x 40mm in size with contrasting background
·        The passport photograph must be clear and the candidate’s face must NOT be obstructed in any way by items like glasses, sun glasses, head gear, etc
·        Store the picture in JPEG format using candidate’s name

From the Online Form
·        Click the Browse button by the “passport photo box” to locate the candidate’s passport photo
·        Locate the directory where the passport photograph is stored
·        Click on the on the candidate’s  passport photograph
·        Click “Open” to attach the candidate’s passport photograph to the corresponding candidate’s registration.
Notes:  Once Examination Numbers have been generated, the candidate’s passport photograph attached to the registration information CANNOT be changed.
The scanned passport photograph will be on your certificate and all other documents in WAEC
2.3.3   Continuous Assessment Scores (CAS) for SSS I & II
It is compulsory that you enter the Continuous Assessment Scores (CAS) for SSS I and II along with your entry. The SSS III CAS should be added as soon as it is available bet before the examinations begin.
2.3.4   Canddate’s Affirmation
Click on the “Checkbox” by the affirmation statement to affirm that all the entries including the attached passport photograph are correct.
Note: That when the checkbox is clicked, a mark “” sign appears in the checkbox and this affirms that all entries are correct. You WILL NOT be able to submit this entry unless you click the affirmation checkbox.

2.3.5   To Submit Registration
·        Be sure that the all registration information for the candidates are correct
·        Click the Submit Button to register the candidate and save candidate’s registration information.
Note: If the registration process is successful, the “Form Number” is displayed in the Submitted Page.

2.3.6   To Register More Candidates
·        Click on “Register More” to register more candidates

2.4     Reviewing/Editing of Candidates Information
There may be a need to review the candidates that have been registered by a School Examination Officer. There may also be a need to make some changes to the entries of some of the candidates. It is possible to do this as follows:
·        Login as the authorized School Examination Officer as described in section 2.2 above
·        Click on List on the Cascade Menu to list already registered candidates
·        Click View at the extreme left of the record to display Candidate’s Registration Details and passport photograph
·        Make changes to the entries and then click the affirmation checkbox and submit the form
Notes: You can make changes to a candidate’s registration details only 3 times before the close
of entry.
You CANNOT change the passport photograph of the candidate after you have generated examination number please.

2.5     Generating Examination Numbers
Ensure that all candidates’ entries have been submitted before proceeding
A School Examination Officer is allowed to generate examination numbers for candidates in his/her school after he has completed the registration of all the candidates in his/her school by taking the following steps:
·        Login as the authorized school examination officer as described in section 2.2 above
·        Click on Generate Exam No Menu
·        Two options; one for viewing the all already generated examination numbers and secondly, to generate number for the outstanding candidates.  Select the appropriate option and click Continue.
·        Print out entire candidates’ information

2.6     Downloading Information
School Examination Officers could download documents such as Syllabus, Form Template and/or Timetable as follows:
·        Login as the authorized school examination officer as described in section 2.2 above
·        Click Download on the cascade menu. The Download Centre page is displayed

2.6.1   Downloading the Syllabus
·        To download the syllabus, take the following steps:
·        Select subject in the subject list column.
·        The File download Dialog Box appears with options to Save, Open, Cancel, More Info
·        Click Save to save the downloaded file to a specified location.
·        Click Open to open and view/print the syllabus
·        Click Cancel to cancel the downloading Process
·        Click More Info to get more information about Downloading

2.6.2         Downloading the Registration Form Template
·        To download the Form Template, click Form Template
·        The File download Dialog Box appears with options to Save, Open, Cancel, More Info
·        Click Save to save the downloaded file to a specified location.
·        Click Open to open and View/Print the Form Template
·        Click Cancel to cancel the downloading Process
·        Click More Info to get more information about Downloading

2.6.3         Downloading Examination Timetable
·        To download the Timetable, Click on Timetable
·        The File download Dialog Box appears with options to Save, Open, Cancel, More Info
·        Click Save to save the downloaded file to a specified location.
·        Click Open to open and View/Print the Timetable
·        Click Cancel to cancel the downloading Process
·        Click More Info to get more information about Downloading

2.7     Offline Registration
WAEC introduced the Offline Registration option for schools that have PCs but are not on the Internet. This service is also put in place for schools without PCs who could be assisted by Cyber Café or Business Center with computers and scanners/digital camera. This will enable the schools to capture registration details of their candidates and passport photographs, save the information on a CD-ROM or Flash RAM for uploading at WAEC Zonal/Branch Office in charge of their State. Each school will be given a CD-ROM containing the offline registration program, instruction manual and other WAEC Online Registration information during a training program to be organized for school principals and examination officers.
Please refer to the Offline Registration Instruction Manual for full instruction on how to use the Offline Registration Module.

2.7.1   Uploading Data from Offline Registration
For a school examination officer to upload data from the Offline Registration Package to the e-Registration System, the following steps must be followed:
·        Pay the required fees to collect your payment voucher for the number of candidates
·        Sign up following sections 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 as a new user or
·        Login following section 2.2.4 as an existing user
·        Click on Offline Upload
·        To upload your entry with SSS I & II CAS, click on Upload Entries and press Continue
·        Click on Browse to select the location where the ZIP data files (on the Offline backup device)
·        Select the files wbck01, click Upload to upload the file, then select the next and follow the same process until all the ZIP files have been uploaded.  The Uploaded files are listed in the listed box below. You can always check for the outstanding files. Once the files are completed, a Process button appears. Click the button to start processing the entries.  At the completion of the posting, a message confirming the completion of the posting process is displayed.

Uploading SSS III Continuous Assessment Scores (CAS)
·        Click on Upload SSS 3 CAS and press Continue
·        Click on Browse to select the location where the data file (on the Offline backup device) is
·        Select the file named xxxxxxx.xml
·        Click on Upload to validate and load the data.

The CAS SSS III can also the entered individually by selecting the view and enter SSS 3 CAS option of the List menu.

For schools in the rural areas and/or schools without computers and/or Internet facilities, WAEC has installed in all its Zonal/Branch Offices, Computers, Scanners, Printers, and Internet Service. This will enable such schools to register their candidates online or upload the candidates they have registered offline. This will surely make it possible for all schools to get their candidates register on time and with ease.
Schools wishing to use these facilities especially for scanning and printing may be required to pay a token for the facilities. Such additional fees will be communicated to the schools during the training program.
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