The following explains the requirements needed to use the UTME Biometrics Registration module.
•    Note that ONLY Digital Persona  Scanner shall be used for Biometrics Fingerprints data capture
•    Java Runtime (at least v1.6) must be Installed (required only for online Biometrics Data capture). Do not have Java ? Click here
•    You need to download the DIGITAL Persona Scanner's driver depending on if your machine is 32 bit or 64 bit. Install the driver before the scanner can be used online.

•    Also note that apart from the above highlights, no further requirement is needed to register candidates online directly including the Biometrics Fingerprints capture. No Licence is required
•    Candidates data also can be captured Offline. To do this, Offline appplication Installer should be downloaded and installed on your system
•    This can be used to capture the candidate's Biometrics and other basic Personal Details offline (without internet connection) and upload later
•    In addition to the candidate's Biometrics and other basic Personal Details data that can be captured offline, you can now capture the full registration details except the Examination Centres - new
•    Note that the data is still local on your system until it is uploaded when internet connection is available
•    Note also that Last year's Offline Software will NOT work for the current Registration
Please read the README.doc document before proceeding with the installation. Select the required installer or files for your specific operating system platform.
If you have the previous year solution installed on your system; you only need to download the JAMB Fingerprints application, uninstall that on your system and install the one you just downloaded.
A fresh installation will require download of the Frameword 2.0, the prerequisites (scanner driver for online registration only) and the JAMB FingerPrintapplication (Offline Registration Only).
Framework 2.0 Download    Download

Details    32-Bit Machine    64-Bit Machine
Prerequisites    PrereQuisites.zip

JAMB Fingerprints Application    JambPassfingerprints.zip updated (15/01/2013)    JambPassfingerprints.zip updated (15/01/2013)
Please find the FAQ below for solutions to likely challenges   
•    F. A.Q.
•    1.      Can I use other scanners apart from DIGITALPersona scanner, and is Licence required?
•    Only DIGITAL Persona scanner is allowed. However, no Licence is required.
•    2.      My Fingerprints Scanner was not detected?
•    Ensure the driver for the scanner has been completely installed as signified in the README with a complete system restart performed
•    3.      Data Transfer Was Not Successful?
•    Ensure internet access is available on the system without any proxy settings affecting some background operation.
•    Also, confirm if the www.jamb.org.ng site can be pinged from the command prompt
•    4.      Finger print is not showing for some candidates?
•    Clean up the surface of the fingerprints scanner. Also, observe the candidate fingerprints and ensure a feasible fingerprints exists. Moisture is not a hinderance
•    5.      The application has stopped working?
•     Ensure your system has no virus and the application has not been affected. Other solution include removing all viruses and installing the application all over again
•    6.  What system types do I need to be able to use the scanner and the application?
•    Open the README.doc document for the specifications
•    7.  After transferring, I can’t find the passport and the finger print on the JAMB site?
•    Confirm the transfer was successful from the output details on the offline application before proceeding to web
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