There are both positive and negative effect of the monetization policy on the Nigeria civil servants. On May 29, 1999 during the inaugural speech, president Olusegun Obasanjo had this to say.

            “The corruption in the public service and the cynical contempt for integrity in the bureaucracy will be stamped out. The public officers must be encouraged to believe once again that integrity pays. His self-respect must be rewarded through better pay and benefits both within service and on retirement”.
            As a step towards sanitizing the public service and over-handling the entire socio-economic sector, the then president approved the monetization of fringe benefits for public servants in October, 2003.
            The journal of needs volumes six page 92 commenting on the effect of monetization policy on workers declared that; monetization policy will encourage public servants to make responsible decisions about the sue of their resources. It went further state that the monetization policy has the challenge of convincing public officers that it is on longer business as usual a far as the enjoyment of the in-kind benefits they were used to.
            Adeyemi (2004) commenting on the effect of monetization on workers he lamented that, the policy will create a big gap between the junior cadre and those at the senior cadre as those at the workshop level were denied of the furniture allowances. He further commented that the policy will throw many public servants out of joy as can be experience now in all the federal ministries.
            Ariole (2003), in his own view holds that the monetization policy will impose heavy taxes on workers. He also viewed the policy as the policy that would create disparity between workers, state and local government workers since not all states, talk less of local governments can implement the policy on their workers.
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