Many Nigerians always complain of unemployment when there are so many businesses we could do to earn money for ourselves. The undergraduates are not left out because most of them always wait for their parents or guardian to send them pocket money for up-keep. Some family women also find themselves in want because they depend on their husbands for money. But here is a great news for everyone because this article is here to solve those problems. I have written several articles on small and large scale businesses which could help any family to foot their bills. Written below this particular are list of business articles which might also help.

I decided to write this particular one because I know Natural Honey is so beneficial to human health. Apart from that the business is very profitable and is still profitable till date. Honey business is a very simple and lucrative business which any one can do and make good income. This business does not require any special skills or training and the demand is always on the high side because the uses of natural honey are so numerous.

Are you aware that Natural Honey is the only food in the entire universe that cannot expire? Yes, natural honey never spoils. It has natural preservatives that can keep it for a life time so you wouldn’t have to bother about the problems of preserving it. The uses of natural honey are so numerous hence the high demand. Written below are some major uses of natural honey which you may already know.

Natural Honey can be put into several uses especially in the field of medicine and health care. It is used as an alternative to sugar by diabetic patients and individuals who would like to avoid sugar. It is also used for general production in the cosmetics industries because it nourishes the skin. It can be applied on patients with fire burns because it helps the wound to heal fast. Natural Honey can be used in the food and beverage industries for making food, drinks and snacks. It can be used as Jam for eating bread and can also be used as a food preservative. Professional singers take honey to smoothen their throats before a musical performance. Natural Honey is also applied to the human hair to make it glow and well-conditioned.  Like I said previously, the uses of honey so numerous, you can decide to do more research from Google on your own. The major reason why the natural honey sellers never run out of business is because the demand is very high.

If you are interested in making money from natural honey business, you must ensure that you are purchasing it from a genuine source (honey collect directly from the hive) because honey can be adulterated using several methods. The quality of the honey you sell becomes a very important factor in determining your patronage. Therefore you have to ensure that the honey you buy is of high quality and is from the right source. Personally, I don’t recommend buying honey from the open market. I recommend buying from bee keepers. You can conduct a research to find out where you can buy honey. You can even do a Google search to help you.

According to the most recent market survey I conducted, 10 liters of honey costs between N7000 and N10,000 while 5 liters cost between N4000 and N5000. These figures may vary depending on your source. You can start Natural Honey business with as low as N10,000 and still make a 100% profit. Assuming you buy 5 liters of honey for N5000, you can get about 6 and half 75Cl Eva water bottles, which you can sell for a minimum of N1500 each to make N9000. If you subtract your initial cost, you will be making a profit of N4000. You see what I mean? Please note that the prices are for original natural honey only but may differ depending on your source.

Due to the problems increase of honey adulteration with sugar and other similar substances, experts in honey business have put up some tests to check if a particular honey is genuine or not. Below are some of the recommended tests.
1.      Dip your finger into the honey then try to drop one or two drops on the ground, if it is pure honey it will go down like a thread without breaking.
2.      Pour some honey into a glass of water, if it is a pure honey, it will go down to the bottom of the cup without mixing up with the water except you stir it.
3.      Dip a match stick into your honey and strike it, if it is a pure honey, the match stick will burn with the honey on it acting as a fuel.
4.      A pure honey doesn't spread out immediately when dropped on sand, it rolls like a ball.

These are some of the recommended tests to check for natural/pure honey. If you have more, don't hesitate to drop some comments below.

In a country like ours, you must also remember that packaging is a very important factor for effective product marketing. For that reason, you must make sure you use proper packaging materials and if possible attach a product label containing your business name and address and phone number to make it more genuine. This will not only increase your sales, but will also make it look more authentic. You can choose to package your honey in bottles or preferably plastic containers. But make sure you paste your product label on it as advised earlier because it is also a good marketing strategy.

Pure Honey can be sold everywhere.  It is advised to sell your pure honey in hospitals because that is where you can really get high patronage. But if you don't really want to stress yourself, you can decide to be a supplier to different business places like supermarkets and grocery stores around you. Below are the lists of places where you can effectively market your honey.
1.      Schools
2.      Hospitals
3.      Supermarkets
4.      Churches and Mosques
5.      Grocery stores
6.      Hostels
7.      Public places
8.      Offices etc
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