A crime has be defined as “an Act punishable by law of that particular state or nation were the Act was to be committed. According to section 10(1)A of the criminal code Act CAP  77 LFN “Law”  includes any  order, rules  of court, regulations or proclamation   made under the authority of such law.  And a breach of such laws will involve punishment   such as death, imprisonment, fine caning etc.
Having the definition of crime and its punishments when breached, Jesus as the all
knowing God “the messiah” as he claimed knowing the real implication of committing a crime went ahead to committee so many crime against the Jewish law. However, not just against the Jewish law, but infringed people Fundamental Human Right which was ordained by God.
First, he allowed his disciples to pluck the head of grain and eat on the Sabbath day which was a crime against Jewish laws and when he was approached by the Pharisees he defended his disciples and encouraged them to carry on their activities.
In order words, he conspired with the disciples to deliberately commit crime. However, according to S.516 of criminal code Act (supra), which   provides as follows:

Any person who conspire with another to conduct a crime or to do any act in any part of the world which if done in Nigeria would be a crime and which is an offence under the law in force in the place where it is proposed to be done, is guilty of a felony and is liable, if no other punishment is provided to imprisonment for seven years.” 

Looking at it from the provision of this code Act it will be seen that Jesus is liable for Conspiring with His disciple to committee a crime which was against Jewish law. To further buttress this point here Jesus himself went ahead to committee that same crime of doing something unlawful on the Sabbath day and that is the healing of the man with a withered hand.  He knew that doing all these things are unlawful yet he want ahead and committed those crimes because he want to do something that will provoke the Jewish authority so that he can be killed.
Secondly, Jesus committed a lot of crime against the state and human person. On the case of human right, Jesus breached the right to private and personal property of the herdsmen who were taking care of their pigs when he command the evil spirit in   a man possessed by demons as was recorded in matt 8:28. There he sent the demons into the pigs and the pigs rushed down to the river and were all drawn in the river and when the herdsmen saw it they were afraid and he never did sometime to compensate them.

Thirdly, is Jesus means of cleaning the temple justifiable? Before answer the above question, we should have in mind that this same temple cleaned by Jesus was the same temple he said that he was going to destroy. And also the same temple were built by the Jews.
According to the Matt, 21:12 which gave the account of the cleansing (i.e.) the mode or method he used in the cleaning we were made to understand that he use unreasonable force in ejecting the people out of the temple and also letting the peoples pigeons to escape. Some of these people earn there living in selling the same pigeons and these people were full citizens of Jew. He went on to say in verse 13
“It is written, my house shall be called a house of prayer but you make it a den of robbers”.
From the above statement he is indirectly calling the Jewish citizen robbers and also he  said “my house” when he said my house he was referring to the temple which he died  not contribute in building and more so He (Jesus)  said that “the son of man has no  place to lay his head, a place be can called his  own…” all this facts here are just pointing  out that he wanted  himself to be killed by the Jews.
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