The firm was established in August 2007 as the consulting unit of Agbo Abel & Co. The founding team was made up of seasoned professionals who had spent close to two decades with KPMG and Deloitte in various responsible positions. The firm's foundation was rooted in the provision of solutions that meets international standards, adds value to our clients business, and is reasonably priced. In pursuit of this, the firm's holding company, Agbo Abel & Co sought membership of Nexia International and was admitted into the network in August 2006 as a Category B member, less than two years after it commenced business.
This was after an international quality review of the firm's procedures and practice. The firm's membership was subsequently upgraded to Category A in June 2013 following a successful mandatory international firm-wide quality review. Thereafter the firm changed the name of its consulting practice from Nexia Business Solutions to NBS Consulting.

They are a member of Nexia International, a leading worldwide network of independent, high quality accounting and consulting firms, which helps to meet the business and financial needs of organizations and individuals with an international outlook.

Nexia International is ranked as a top ten (10) network of accounting and consulting firms, has over 580 offices worldwide and has presence in over 100 countries. The network has about 2,600 partners and a total workforce of over 22,000 in 2013. Nexia was named the "Rising Star Network" of the year at the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) Awards 2013.

The membership of Nexia International offers us the capacity to be able to deliver a truly global resource of professional expertise covering the full range of assurance, tax and advisory services.


NBS Consulting is a multi-skill and multi-discipline professional advisory firm committed to technical and professional excellence in the provision of services that are tailored, innovative, cost effective and accord with professional standards and guidelines issued National and International reputable institutes to which it belongs. We are a Nigerian owned, operated and managed firm. Our firm is incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as a partnership and in the United States of America as a limited liability company (LLC). NBS Consulting, with its proven local expertise, also has an enviable global reach as it is a member of Nexia International, a worldwide network of independent auditors, business advisers and consultants with offices in over one hundred countries.

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