With unchecked, unbridled, and uncontrolled, power, humans become corrupt. According to Thomas hobbes, “life becomes solitary, nasty, brutish and short” our previous colonial background has been identified by scholars our colonial heritage has altered our  values and perception of amorality, some of the causes of  corruption are:

1.Trade Restriction: This government induced source of rent a seeking / corruption. The restriction on importation of foreign automobiles are examples of how government officials and politicians can make quick money  via rent Seeking/  corruption 

2.Government Subsidies: When government allocates scarce recourses to individuals and firms using legal criteria other than the ability or willingness to pay.  Corruption is likely to be the result. Corruption can thrive under industrial polices that allow poorly  - targeted subsidies to be appropriately by firms for which they are not indented 

3.  Sociological Factors:  multi-ethnic societies may he more likely to fall prey to corruption as a   result  of failure  to manage  ethnic conflict in a way that is fair  to everyone.
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