NOUN E-Course Registration | National Open University of Nigeria

NOUN E-Course Registration | National Open University of Nigeria

The National Open University Nigeria (NOUN) e-Course Registration is now ongoing after completing your fees with no time to waste and start having your lectures, doing your TMA and other assignment giving to you.

How To Make Payment Through Remita

  • Log-on to your NOUN Student Control Center ( Portal Pro + )
  • At the left-hand side, Click on Make Payment on Remita
  • After Clicking on " Make Payment on Remita "
A new page will appear, but please make sure that you read the Instructions so carefully.

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Procedures To Remita Payments with RRR Code Generation

  • Enter The Amount You Want To Pay, Click On Generate Remita Payment Reference
  • Write Down Your Remita Retrieval Reference Number(RRR)
  • Use the RRR To Make Payment From Any Branch of Commercial Banks
  • You Can Also Use The RRR To Pay From Your Internet Banking Platform
  • After Making Payment Allow For About 15 Minutes For The Fund To Reflect On Your Profile E-Wallet.

Please read this important notice,

  • Scroll down to where you'll be told to Enter The Amount You Want To Pay.
  • The Value should be something like 30,000.00

 After typing in The Amount You Want To Pay,

  • Click on " Generate Remita Payment Reference ( RRR ) " to Generate a RRR code that you'll use to Pay your School Fee in any participating bank nearest to you.
  • Then, we move on the second step for noun course registration

Procedures To NOUN Course Registration

  • At the left-hand-side to the Student Control Center ( Portal Pro+ ), Click on Course Registration "is very bold  because this is a time for NOUN Course Registration" then you will be directed to a page on where to select the courses you want to Register
  • Tick on the Courses that you want to Register
  • After ticking on the Courses that you want to Register, Click on " Add Courses
  • Click on " Continue " to-Go into the next page of NOUN COURSE REGISTRATION

Here is your Course Registration Summary,

Click on " Register Courses" to do your register your noun courses or you can equally cancel your registration if you don't want to register your courses any longer so it is very much important, that you check through your courses for registration before Register the courses you need then click button when you click, no more amendment except that you'll visit your study center admin to drop a course that you choose wrongly on your portal.
Then a confirmation message will appear showing noun course registration success

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  • NOUN Course Registration Complete Guide (Instruction with Pictures)
  • NOUN 2017/2018 Returning Students Online Registration Procedures
  • Current NOUN School Fees for 2017 - 2018 Session
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