Nigeria, Giant of Africa About to Fall due to Corruption & Recession

NIGERIA, THE GIANT OF AFRICA IS ABOUT TO FALL - It is an indisputable fact in Africa specifically, and in the globe generally that Nigeria has been given the honourific title "The Giant of Africa" and she had continue to withhold this title from time immemorial, unfortunately, Nigeria might be deprived or denied of this title if care is not taken with the present situation in the country.

It takes a lot to be given this title the "giant" of a Continent, I take a lot of time to ask myself and other people these questions that, what does a Continent really means?, and on the other hand what does being a giant of a Continent really takes?, and finally why is Nigeria known as the giant of Africa.

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After observing these questions and their answers, I fear to announce that Nigeria might loose the title of the giant of Africa if the current challenging and problematic situation persists, because in terms of development in Africa today we are far behind, other countries who were known to be poor in terms of development are now doing better than Nigeria "The Giant of Africa", South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, to mention but a few are now stable and balance politically, economically, and "socio-infra-structurally".

The above listed countries were not in the recent years developed as Nigeria even Ghana did share the same power supply with Nigeria but today they enjoy a stable power supply and even celebrated years of uninterrupted power supply while Nigeria " The so called Giant of Africa " still tackles the problem of inadequate power supply even for a week, in this sense, do we really deserve to be called "The Giant of Africa".

More so, Nigerians are been pushed out of their neighbouring countries in Africa today all in the name of corruption and fraudulent, Countries like South Africa, Cameron and the likes send away Nigerians away from their country and the Federal Government of Nigeria did nothing about this even if it is by retaliating, and we claim to be the giant of Africa.

South Africa owns a number of companies in Nigeria today that are at the top of the country's economy, Shoprite and MTN that gain a lot of patronage in Nigeria are products of South Africa, how many of this type of multi national cooperation do Nigeria have abroad and yet we still claim to be " The Giant of Africa". I fear that this honourific title will never be withdrawn from Nigeria but with the present situation, there is tendency Nigeria no longer hold that title.

Nigerians now travel to South Africa, Ghana, Egypt because of the greener pastures they enjoy there unlike the bad environmental condition in Nigeria, so we cannot longer stay in our own so called the giant of Africa country, we rather love to go to our neighbouring countries to enjoy greener pastures.

Nigeria has been so called the giant of Africa because of a number of factors which include natural resources, vast land, population, amongst others but it was in the recent years Nigeria utilised and managed these factors efficiently to be tagged the giant of Africa, In the present days these factors are mismanaged and equally made Nigeria retarded in all ramifications.

In the olden days when Nigeria still worth to hold the title of the giant of Africa, our universities are far better than any other in Africa, and that is the reason behind the fact that international students within Africa come to Nigeria to receive quality education, but nowadays due to the retarding economy and bad leaders, our educational institutions are nothing to write home about, there is strike in most of the Nigerian institutions except few of them, students enjoy free feeding in those days but now there is nothing like that, so this made most of the international students run away from our universities because theirs too are now better, if you argue that they are still present in Nigeria, how many of them?, I fear for the so called the giant of Africa.


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Finally, the honourific title of the giant of Africa given to Nigeria is standing on a very weak foundation and if proper attention is not given by the government to rectify and reconstruct this foundation, then the hypothetical statement will be confirmed, therefore I urge the federal government of Nigeria to give it a thought and stop mismanaging the economy and also ensure a stable and developed to Nigeria and finally do it's best in getting rid of bad and fake public administrators in order not to loose the honourific title, though this has been the focus of the Buhari led government but more efforts should be put in place because NIGERIA, THE GIANT OF AFRICA IS ABOUT TO FALL.

Guest Article was written by Abdulganiy Abdullah O. (Director of Social World) while references were Curled from
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