Jamb 2017 Updates - Registration Form, Brochure, Syllabus, Past Question/Answers

Jamb 2017 – Registration News Updates

Jamb Career Guide for Faculties

I’m sure you know what a career guide is.

It’s a program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices.
Jamb did make something to help guide you with picking your course of study. it’s arranged by faculties – Law, Administration, Agriculture, Arts etc. Click here to view.

Latest JAMB 2017 Updates

The JAMB registration deadline which was earlier scheduled to be April 19th, 2017 is now May 5th, 2017.
Similarly, the JAMB exam also know as Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME which was earlier scheduled to commence may 6th, 2017 will now start Saturday May 13th, 2017 and end on May 20th, 2017.
Candidates can now make payment for UTME 2017 fees via Remita on jamb.org.ng. Login and click on Sale of Form to proceed
2017 JAMB CBT exam will have a total of 180 questions within 2 hours. Do you prefer this new adjustment? Below is the break-down.
  • Use of English – 60 questions
  • subject 2 – 40 questions
  • subject 3 – 40 questions
  • subject 3 – 40 questions
Just like so…
Prospective candidates are advised to seek the advice of their teachers, parents/guardians or career counselors in their choice of elective subjects for the UTME.

Jamb Admission Quota 2017

Did you know that Admission into all federal Higher institutions of  learning via UTME in Nigeria was based on quota?
Merit – 45%,
Catchment  Area – 45%,
ELD) – 20%.
Click here to read the full ish.

JAMB News from Elsewhere

Jamb to hold mock exams on Saturday – Dailypost
Why we reduced exam duration to 2 hours – Read More

Jamb 2017 Closing Date

Sales of Jamb 2017 form will end on Wednesday, 19th April 2017.
Registration portal closes on Saturday May 5th, 2017.

How Much is JAMB Form

The price of the 2017 Jamb form is N6,200 (Six thousand, two hundred naira)
Jamb PIN + book cost 5,500.
CBT centre will charge N700 for registation.
Total : N6,200.

Jamb 2017 Exam Date

JAMB 2017 begins on Saturday May 13th, 2017.
And will end on the 20th of May, 2017.

“In Dependence”: JAMB 2017 New Book

“In Dependence” written by Sarah Ladipo Manyinka  is the JAMB 2017 New Book For UTME Candidates.
Regardless of the course you are applying to study and the mode of the examination, all candidates will be tested on this new book. See a quick summary of the book here.

Jamb Candidate profile

The first step towards registering for the 2017 JAMB UTME is creating of profile.
Want to know to do that?
Check out Vanguard Nigeria’s guide online

Jamb 2017 Recommended textbooks

Here is the official list of recommended texts from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB.
Have you seen the Literature in English textbook list? Click here to check it out.

Eligibility for JAMB 2017

Those eligible to sit the UTME are holders of the following qualifications or their equivalents:
  1. the West African School Certificate (WASC)
  2. the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE)
  3. the National Technical Certificate or the National Business Certificate (NTC/NBC)
  4. Teachers’ Grade II Certificate
Candidates who have sat or are scheduled to sit for examinations in any of these qualifications in the year of application may also sit for the UTME

Examination Malpractice?

What happens if you’re caught engaging in Examination Malpractice?
Here is what the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board is saying:
Increasingly, candidates, examination officials and other persons are yielding to the temptation to cheat in examinations. Cheating (or aiding or abetting cheating) in examinations is criminal act punishable in law. The Examination, Malpractices Decree 1999 provides penalties for persons convicted of examination malpractice.
Punishment provided include imprisonment for 3-5 years or a fine of N50,000 or more, or both prison sentence and
fine. By provision of the decree, the following are considered criminal acts:

Cheating, use of electronic device, impersonation, collusion with others with the intent to cheat or secure unfair advantage for self or for another, disturbance at examinations, misconduct in the course of an examination, failure to obey lawful orders of  supervisors, proctors or agents of the examination body, forgery of result notification,
breach of duty, conspiracy, aiding, multiple application, etc.

Jamb Registration Centres

Jamb has released the list of approved CBT Registration centres.
I just compiled a mobile friendly 2017 Jamb Registration centres(batch 1 & 2) is out.
it’s arranged by states

Jamb 2017 Mock Exams

  • There will be MOCK Exam before the main exam as earlier stated
  • The MOCK exam is to allow candidates FEEL what the main examination will look like.
  • The mock exam is scheduled to hold on the 8th of April 2017.

Jamb Subject Combo for All Subjects

The is the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB subject combinations for all courses.
Choosing the wrong subject combo for a particular course in Jamb 2017 won’t be nice. The Jamb combo page outlines all courses and their accepted subjection combination options.
Jamb subject combination for Medicine: English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
For LAW: English, Religious Knowledge, Lit. in English and Government.
For Engineering: English, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.
Get the combination for all other courses/discipline using the search box


Jamb UTME FAQ is a list of popular questions often asked about the 2017 JAMB CBT Exam. Candidates and parents alike, are advised to go through this page before dropping questions. Click Here to check the Jamb FAQ
This Jamb Frequently asked questions was published yesterday. Going through it should give you one or two new ideas about Jamb 2017

Jamb 2017 Syllabus

The Jamb 2017 Syllabus is now available for online viewing / downloads.
There’s a pure text version for those using a small mobile phones.
And the original PDF version for smart phones.
Click Here to access the Jamb Syllabus 2017 page.

Jamb CBT Practice for All Subjects

Here is our Jamb Past Questions CBT Practice page for all candidates. 20 questions in each subject for 15 min.
I know a lot of folks would rather practice Jamb Past Questions in a game-like format in their mobile phone.
That’s the whole idea of building this. The Online Jamb CBT Practice provides past questions in a quiz format. Everyone is playing it now. Go check out here.

Jamb CBT Practice Software

A boy scored 399 in a mock JAMB CBT exam. See the Video of boy here.
He only attained that level  of mastery by practicing consistently with this software.  Download the software now
The 2017 Jamb UTME CBT Practice software is now available for download. It’s Free.
Consistent practice with this software will sure boost your performance the 2017 Unified tertiary Matriculation Examination.
Download the Jamb CBT Practice Software at https://awajis.com/jamb/jamb-cbt-software

Recommended Text Books for JAMB 2017

There are a list of books for jambites to read. These books were recommended by the Joint Admission and Matriculation board. See next paragraph.
Update: The new mobile friendly syllabus pages now has all the recommended text books at the end of each subject. Visit the syllabus page, click on the subject of choice. Scroll to the end to see a list of recommended text books for that subjects.
These recommendations were made by Jamb, not me. Just so you know.

Jamb Past Questions

It’s advisable to get the updated Jamb Past Questions and Answers in hard copy.
If you are unable to do so, you can use the softcopy (pdf files) we’ve provided here (English, Math, Govt, CRS, IRS, Chemistry etc).
Feel free to drop any subject you would want us to add to the list. Visit the JAMB Past Questions page

Is Jamb Form Out?

The 2017 Joint Admission and Matriculation board – JAMB Form is out.
Just for the record, Jamb form is same as Jamb Registration. Sells of form is use to refer to commencement of registration in the early days. Back then when Jamb UTME Registration was done by filling a form with biro pen. Then, everything was offline. It’s different now. It’s all digital. But folks still search for things like “Jamb form” everyday. The answer is Yes, The 2017 JAMB Form is Out. Sign up to receive a message once it’s out.

Last Days at Forcados High School…

The novel – Last days at Forcados High school has been compulsory for all those that partook in the previous UTME. We’ve put together a 30 question quiz to simulate the Jamb CBT Experience. Click Here to try out the quiz. It might still be used in the 2017 Jamb CBT.
It is a fairly small book. And there’s a limited number of questions JAMB examiners can churn out of it. Practicing with the Jamb CBT Software pretty much covers everything. get the software here

Jamb Admission Status

The jamb admission status portal is working just fine.
Wait… If you scored up to 180 in the previous Jamb UTME. Just go over and check. Some schools are still churning out new admission lists.

Click here to check you’ve been admitted.

Jamb 2016 Registration Stats

I think Jamb Registration statistics is quite important. Most people take it for granted.
It shows how Jambites registered for UTME in the year being reviewed. Previous Jamb Registration Stats will let you know your competition for a course. Not much will change in 2017 Jamb.
Those highly competitive courses will likely remain so. Know your abilities and chose appropriately.
Personally, I believe if you put in the work. You will do well in any of them.
Jamb 2016 Registration statistics outlines the number of students aspiring for a particular course. 10,970 students are competing for Accounting in Unilorin, 4,338 are competing for Medicine and Surgery in Uniuyo, 4,679 are competing for Civil law in the Ahmadu Bello University. View the Jamb Statistics for All Schools Here

Jamb 2016 Cut Off Mark

You remember that policy implementation meeting JAMB had last year? Te decided that 180 should be the flat rate for all universities. Polytechnics and COEs were to go with 180.
update: Some Institutions have been clamoring for some flexibility in the cut off marks. On the 24th of Nov, 016. Jamb Registrar announced the decision of the ministry of education.See the details on our Jamb Cut Off Mark page here

Jamb Brochure

The Jamb UTME Brochure 2017 will state all the courses offered in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.
Beside each course, the brochure will outline the compulsory O level subjects required to study that course.
You grab? I’m sure you do.
Also, the 2017 Jamb Brochure will be published here. Once it’s released
For now, Check out the most recent brochure from JAMB here

Jamb Result Checker

I did make a page to guide Jambites on how to check their Jamb result for the current. I made the result page last year.
So, you might see some 2016 tags flying around. But I assure you, it’s exactly the same procedure for the 2017 Jamb Result. Visit our Jamb Result checking page here

Jamb 2017 Websites

Here are direct links to all jamb official websites.
official website – http://www.jamb.gov.ng
E-facility – http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/

Jamb Policy Meeting

The 2016 Jamb Policy Meeting happened on the 2nd of June.
The JAMB board released a lot of cool statistics.
These stats can help you decide stuffs.

Stuffs like which course or institutions you’d apply for in Jamb 2017.
BTW, awajis.com will cover everything Jamb 2017 when the time comes.

So, about the 2016 Jamb Meeting.
You will get to see stuffs like;

number of candidates that applied arranged by SOR(State of origin)
number of 2016 Jamb candidates arranged by gender.
Science vs Art statistics, etc.

Click here to view the summary of Jamb 2016 Policy Meeting.

For Direct Entry Applicants

For Direct Entry candidates, Application will be on sale from Sunday 23rd April 2017.
More updates will come when the date is near.
See the Requirements for the jamb 2017 Direct Entry on this page
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