Saving all Gmail Attachment on Email Files to Google Drive

Saving gmail attachments to google drive automatically on Gmail attachments to Drive is made easy for you- Saving email attachment from your Gmail inbox to your Google drive account is very easy; the problem here is that the step by step tutorial will be very long for you to read. Thank God for Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration for the Video tutorial n Youtube on how to Save Gmail email attachments to your Google drive account.

You can as well learn how to download the video from Youtube to any device you’re using here. So since I suggested you shouldn’t waste your time reading the long steps which in turn, will waste your time and I know you don’t joke with your time, I have recommended here you watch the Video tutorial from Amit on how to save email attachment from your Gmail to Google drive.

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Watch the video How to Save Gmail Email and  attachment files to Google Drive available on Youtube

According to Labnol, “All you have to do is visually create a rule in your account, similar to how you create filters in Gmail account then specify a folder in your Google drive as well. The add-on runs in the background and will automatically download the matching emails to the corresponding Drive folder. Now, you can choose to save the email message(s) only, the included attachments or both of them.”

To save files attached to an email to your Google Drive account right from the message in Gmail:
  • Position the mouse cursor over the attachment you want to save to Google Drive.
  • Click the Save to Drive icon. ...
  • Optionally, to move (or label) the saved file: ...
  • If you have not filed the document:

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To make things faster, you can start the download manually if you don’t want to leave it at default where the add-on runs for every hour.  Once you’re logged in (Google sheet), kindly go to Adorns, then save emails and attachments and do choose manage Rules. Then pick any of available Google sheet rules that you have created previously and click the “Run” button to instantly download the matching emails messages and files to your Google Drive.

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