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www.britishairways.com- Book British Airways | Local & International Flight - The British Airways (BA) is the United Kingdom flag carrier airline and the country’s largest airline based on its international destinations, fleet size and international flights. It is the second largest when measured by passengers and has its main hub at London Heathrow Airport but operates from Lagos and Abuja Airports in Nigeria.The airline has serves more than 160 destinations, including six domestic.

The British Airline Check-In

British Airline has given the opportunity for you to check-in online 24 hours before your flight departure and up. You are been advised to arrive at the airport at least three hours before flight departure. Passengers can also check in on their mobile phones or at the airport check-in kiosk. Do not forget to print out your boarding pass after checking in.

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British Airways Flight Baggage Allowance

Passengers are only allowed to carry at least one bag of up to 23Kg. A checked bag can be up to 90cm x 75cm x 43cm (35.5in x 29.5in x 16in), this includes any bits that stick out, like the handle, pockets and wheels. For passengers with larger items up to 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (75in x 29.5in x 25.5in, it can be carried for an additional over-sized bag charge. An additional baggage will be charged for extra at the airport rate. Flying to and from Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, 2 bags are allowed and maximum 23kg (51lb) each.

British Airline Baggage Restriction

Passengers are restricted to take in the following items when boarding British Airways;
  •  Explosive, fireworks, flares, corrosive substances, such as: acid, alkalis, wet cell       batteries  
  • Strongly magnetic materials
  • lighters
  •  Ammunition 
  •   Containers with flammable liquids such as lighter fuel, paint, varnish, cleaning agents
  •   Items that ignite easily, such as matches
  •   Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances, such as quicksilver, bacteria and virus cultures.
  •  Radioactive materials and items

Passengers In-flight Service 

Passengers are always given excellent services during their flights. During long haul flights, you are offered movies, food, music and the flight seating arrangement is comfortable to make you feel at rest until you get to your destination. High Life Magazine is the airline’s in-flight magazine. It has a lot of features such as entertainment, lifestyles, and offers from the airline, health tips, and many more.

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