Ultimate Cycler Relaunched - Register Now with 12500 & Earn N50,000 Instantly

Ultimate Cycler Relaunched - Register Now with 12500 & Earn N50,000 Instantly - This is to notify the general public that the Ultimate Cycler that went down about 1 month ago has been relaunched fully to continue its networking business in Nigeria.

The Ultimate Cycler which was termed a ponzi scheme by many Nigerians who are against any money doubling program or network came back on Saturday 17th December 2016 and since then, millions of Nigerians has been rushing to the website to either Register or Login to their Ultimate Cycler Accounts.

Login to Ultimate Cycler Here

Remember that there has been serious panic in Nigeria since the Ultimate Cycler's website went down and so many media has used the opportunity to castigate the system, terming it a network/pyramid ponzi scheme meant to defraud innocent Nigerians of their hard earned money. Some others has used the social media like Facebook and Twitter to torment people who has registered and put in their N12,500 into the scheme.

Ultimate Cycler Compensation Plan for 2017 - Click Here

We have received thousands of phone calls and emails from participant of the Ultimate Cycler because we published an article about it, but unfortunately, we are not affiliated with them and cannot provide you with any information abut providing and getting help. We also promised to let people know when the website comes back online.

MMM Coming Back Soon... See Proof Here

Since the website came back online, thesame Media has written articles informing people that the website has been relaunched with new features. The ultimate cycler has come out to tell these media houses that they are for real and they have a physical address in New York. See the Ultimate Cycler's Phone Number and Physical Address Here.

Register for Ultimate Cycler Here

For those people who wants to join the program with N12,500, should hurry now and registr so that they can be merged to get N50,000 from four other people. Always remember that we are noot affiliated to Ultimate Cycler, we only publish articles for information purposes only. We wish you the best. Share with friends and family.
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